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    Astronomy, electronics, computers and technology in general. I also dabble in calligraphy in my spare time.
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    I'm an astronomer and in my free time I like to play around with electronics and computer related things.


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    GSKILL Trident Z 16GB@3200MHz
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    Asus VG248QE 24"
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  1. If they are in the right format (e.g. mp4 usually), the TV should be happy to play it from an external medium (assuming you have a smart tv that has a USB port). Otherwise something like Plex could be worth a look. Pen drive probably?
  2. The upcoming 2020 Dell XPS 13 might be worth a look. I don't know how good their QC will be, but it ticks the 3:2 screen ratio box, good battery life (in my experience with XPSes) and good trackpad/keyboard. You'll have to throw the upgradability and up to 1000 pound price tag out of the window though, but that might be a general statement, especially if you want a 3:2 screen.
  3. Dear Dell, I'm still giving you a shot with my order, but please get it together... Your website didn't work properly for me on either Firefox or Chrome (it did for 5 minutes on Chrome, then broke), only Edge allowed me to complete my order,

    and for the love of god stop changing your mind about the delivery date. The product page says ready for shipping tomorrow, during checkout I was told will be shipped before the 21st and after ordering I was told it will be shipped before the 27th. No, that is not how that works.




  4. Maybe up the RF for more compression. IIRC one thing about H265 is that it would achieve the same video quality for higher compression compared to H264.
  5. "fixed" by switching to a hardware encoder. I have read about quality sacrifices you make by switching to NVEnc or QuickSync compared to the CPU encoder with the same settings (because the former is designed/required to be fast), but I can't speak out of personal experience for that. You'll have to make that quality comparison yourself
  6. Because H265. I've only dipped my toes in this stuff recently, but from what I've read it's more intensive to encode H265 compared to H264. You're exchanging better / more efficient encoding and smaller output files for longer encode times.
  7. Ah yes, completely forgot these things can come with subs. I have nothing bad to say about Logitech. I've invested in my TV/music setup now, but my gaming rig still has my trusty Logitech Z523 2.1 setup that I bought with my first PC ~5-6 years ago. I even put on a new 3.5mm jack when a connection in there broke or something, causing the left channel to stop working.
  8. Personally would recommend going this route but a soundbar in that price range will probably sound a bit better than the ~20 year old HTIB. Things have definitely changed/improved a bit over the last decades, and to me the sound bars on display in the shops sound quite nice to me really. They'll still struggle with bass, naturally, because of the smaller drivers. It depends on your needs in the end. If musical performace is (more) important to you, I'd say invest in a nice stereo setup first. If you pour a little bit more money in the receiver from the start, you can have a stepping stone towards surround right away and add speakers as you go, plus modern AVRs will deal with modern codecs and Atmos easily (just check the specs). It took me 2 years to get my 5.0.2 setup and I still need a sub also similarly to you I use it to watch a movie once a week or so and the rest it's just on stereo duty.
  9. What were the exact command you ran installing the packages? Did you try "pip install lxml"? [Edit] Anaconda should provide a very easy to set up Python environment under Windows. I've used it a lot and should have lxml by default: https://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/packages/pkg-docs/
  10. Dell's XPS lineup is really something... I'm on the fence deciding between an XPS or something else. Every brand has their issues, but this seems unfortunately bad I've had my 2016 XPS 13's touchpad break twice each within a year after being fixed. As much as I love their design, reading just how often they seem to break with strange issues like yours, I'm tempted to say stay away from it. At least for this lineup. Hopefully the new 2020 model brings better reliability.
  11. I ran my Plex server on Ubuntu for a good while, before switching the machine to Unraid and now running it in a Docker there. 1. I have some pet peeves with it, but for the most part it does what I want. 2. If with globally you mean access content from outside your home network, then yes. 3. It couldn't care less. You tell it where to find stuff, and it will build its library. For UHD material you'll want a Gigabit connection to the server, as the bitrates there can exceed the usual 100 Mbit/s. 4. It all depends on the device(s) you intend to play on. MP4 is probably indeed the most widely supported format, but I keep everything in MKV which works for my TV and PC. Plex can also "optimize" your library itself, which means it converts it to a suitable format. Depending on what the client can handle, transcoding can be light to devastating on your server (see below). Also, MP4 and MKV are just containers. 5. As said, tools like MakeMKV and HandBrake do what you want. 6. Once you have an MP4 or MKV file, it's all the same. You give it a video file, Plex will play it according to what the client is capable of. Plex basically has three modes of playback: - Direct Play: the client is capable of dealing with everything (i.e. the container and the audio and video streams) natively. This takes pretty much no toll on the CPU or GPU, as everything is passed directly to the device. - Direct Stream: the client cannot handle the container, video stream or audio stream, so Plex converts it on the fly to something it can understand. Audio conversion is probably not a big deal nor is switching containers (e.g. MKV to MP4 if the video stream is supported, but not the container it's in). Transcoding video can be very taxing however, and in the case of UHD material will probaby murder just about every machine out there (buffering every 30 seconds, waiting etc.) - Transcode: if it cannot Direct Play or Stream, Plex will transcode everything into a suitable format.
  12. If your graphic design work needs colour accuracy, you may want to choose the IPS monitor, as they have better colour accuracy in general, compared to TN panels. Looks like they are both new, so I couldn't find much on it so far, but apparently the XG270 has the same panel as this one: https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/acer_nitro_xv273x.htm#lag which seems pretty good in terms of input lag. Additionally, the XG270 has G-Sync support, wherease the Dell only has Freesync support, which may influence your decision based on wheter you are rocking the green team or the red team (I'm don't know if the Dell is "G-Sync compatible" for Nvidia).
  13. There used to be (not sure if it's still around / updated) something called VorpX, which would do what you are asking. To me it just feels weird though, because you sort of expect the game to respond to your head movements, but it doesn't since it's not a VR game, which breaks the immersion for me a little.
  14. If the player doesn't upscale, your TV is doing the upscaling. Maybe the player is slightly better at it, as its sole purpose is to provide this type of content, but maybe they're about equal. I haven't had the chance to do a side by side comparison. Yes, a normal Blu-Ray player cannot read UHD Blu-Ray discs, from what I know.
  15. This. Did you print e.g. a calibration cube? That'll at least give a sort of quality baseline you can expect. Also check the preview in cura by switching to "Layer view" using the drop down menu in the top right corner of the viewport. You'll at least see if your settings are even capable of reaching the detail in the model. You can try lowering the layer height as well, that may give it some more room to keep details.