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  1. Hi, I'm looking to convert my existing unRAID with VM for Windows 10 rig into two dedicated Systems in the same case. (one handling NAS duties and another for Win10/Gaming). I came across the problem that I ideally wanted to make fans and waterpump speed dependent on the temperature of the Gaming-CPU but I also don't want the fans to shut off completely when the gaming system is not running, as the NAS-System still needs some minor cooling (especially HDDs and CPU-Water-Loop of course). So do any of you guys know of some way to accomplish this? I thought that with an external fan controller like the NZXT Grid plus V3 or something I could set them to a default speed and power the thing from the NAS-PSU. The USB connection would then go to the gaming system so NZXTs software can tell the Grid to ramp up the fans if it detects excessive heat while the gaming system is running. Would this work? Cheers,
  2. Hey everyone, I'm building a UnRAID / Gaming box with file hosting duties. I will (at one point, not right now) have up to 22 SATA devices which need to be connected to my Asus TUF X299 MoBo. I'd like to buy a (or more than one) HBA card to connect all the HDDs (20) to work with UnRAID but I'm not sure which one. Is there a fairly simple and cheap solution out there? I've heard that RAID cards are not recommended due to the way they handle the raw disk access but that some RAID cards can be flashed to another mode which supports the right type of connectivity. Can anyone provide a little more information on this please? Thx in advance ~eruk2007
  3. Hey, I'm building my first PC and was planing on running UnRAID, virtualising Win 10 and running some servers off of UnRAID. I thought I could use the iGPU for the UnRAID console output. Silly me didn't realise that there is no iGPU on X299 CPUs and so there is none on my 7800X. Now I need a really really basic GPU (preferably with HDMI output) but I don't know which to buy. I was looking into the Nvidia GT 1030, just 'cause of fancy pascal architecture and stuff, but it really has more rendering power than I need. Can you recommend something cheap but functional? Thx in advance! ~SaltyPillow
  4. Isn't it just like this extremely ballen looking projector which they showed off at CES this year (the expensive one) just in a smaller version (and a bit less expensive too)?! That's awesome!
  5. The keyboard looks really nice and stealthy! But I like the look of the headset too. Especially that it has an exclusive thing, such as pinewood on it. Hoping for my wishes.