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  1. christophercolumbusdog

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    I feel like having this type of power in a nice compact package will make it so I can reclaim space that is normally taken up by a normal tower, especially in applications where I don't need my full, beefy gaming rig.
  2. christophercolumbusdog

    iPhone 6 Specs Leaked?

    You know, I disagree. I'm getting a bit tired of everyone saying that the LG G3's resolution is pointless. I know Linus doesn't really care about it, but if you look at everyone's videos (MKBHD) about it, they all say that you *can* tell the difference side-by-side. I think once they can improve on battery life, QHD will be the new standard for ultra sharp smartphones.
  3. christophercolumbusdog

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    Love the pure power of this beast of a laptop!
  4. christophercolumbusdog

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    The G3 would be WORLDS better than my current S3. DEATH TO TOUCHWIZ!! But seriously, I think the screen will be awesome, and the LG UI actually looks decent.
  5. christophercolumbusdog

    The Faces of the LTT

    Well, it's not exactly a selfie, but I'm the one on the right. :)
  6. christophercolumbusdog

    H100i or H110?

    Anyone know if the H110 would fit in the NZXT Phantom? I guess I'm more leaning towards the H100i based on what you guys are saying, but still not quite sure.
  7. christophercolumbusdog

    H100i or H110?

    Hello, I want to upgrade from my current Air cooler to a pre-done liquid cooling kit. However, I'm not sure which one I should go for. I have an NZXT Phantom case. So, I've been looking at the Corsair H110 and the H100i. I'm not sure if the H110 would be compatible with my case, but if it is, it would be nice. Which one do you think would be better in terms of cooling and compatibility? Any different liquid coolers you would suggest? Thanks!
  8. christophercolumbusdog

    Mixing Different Memory Kits?

    Hello, I wanted to know, is it possible/advisable to mix different desktop memory kits together? For example, right now I have the Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 kit, with 2 4GB dimms at 1600MHz. Now I want to upgrade to a 16GB kit, probably the Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1600C9, with 2 8GB 1600MHz dimms. I also have an Asus P7-P55 DE-PRO motherboard. So, I wanted to know, if I got the new kit, could I possibly install the new dimms along side my old ones to have a 20GB configuration? Or would that be inadvisable? I know typically you want to match kits if you're doubling them up, but if this would work, it would be pretty sweet. Thanks!
  9. Hey, I have a question regarding overclocking and the system memory. Now, I have an i5-750 running at 3.2GHz on a P7-P55 DE-PRO board. Currently, I have 8GB of RAM, using 2 4GB sticks. I've been doing more video editing using after effects and I want to step up to 16GB or 32GB of RAM. However, to do that, I would most likely need to purchase a 4 dimm kit, and thus fully populate the slots on my board. Will the adversely affect my ability to overclock my CPU? I don't really care about OC'ing my RAM (I'll probably buy and use a 1600MHz kit setting), but I still want to be able to overclock my CPU effectively, even past the settings I'm currently running on. So, is it ok to populate all of the slots? Thank you very much! -- Christophercolumbusdog
  10. christophercolumbusdog

    Corsair SP2500 or Add a Home theater Sub-woofer?

    Hey everyone. I have a question about my current audio solution and possible upgrade. Ok, so right now I'm running some Logitech Z623 speakers with an Asus XONAR DX sound card. I'm pretty satisfied with the overall audio quality, but I want something that could deliver some better general mid's and highs, but also give my some more bass power and sound (which would really be the main reason I would upgrade). Now, that being said, if I wanted to upgrade my sound, should I buy something like the Corsair SP2500 (Please don't just recommend a different 2.1 speaker package, because if I was going to buy a new one, I would do this.)? Or should I maybe just buy a home theater sub-woofer, hook it up to my sound card, and either have it run in tandem with or in replacement to my current sub? [h=1][/h] Thanks!!
  11. Hey everyone, So, I've been doing computer stuff for a while now, but I haven't really ventured in to much overclocking beyond the automatic options. So, has anyone had any experience with the P7P55D-E Pro? I know Linus has some videos for overclocking, but I'm still a bit confused as to which voltages to alter and how to fix it/recognize it if I push it too far... Any advice would help! Thanks!
  12. christophercolumbusdog

    Headphones vs. Ear-buds for Bass heavy music?

    Oh, also, in general, what Sennheisers would have good bass? For around $100 to $150
  13. christophercolumbusdog

    Headphones vs. Ear-buds for Bass heavy music?

    Any Sennheiser would deliver good bass? Like I said, I want the best and richest bass I can get, free from the distortion of other noises, for the price.
  14. christophercolumbusdog

    Headphones vs. Ear-buds for Bass heavy music?

    I've no doubt that would give powerful bass, but would it necessarily have balance? (So the bass doesn't overpower everything else)
  15. christophercolumbusdog

    Headphones vs. Ear-buds for Bass heavy music?

    Oh, and ones (headphones) with a mic in-line get a +1, though it is certainly not a deal breaker.