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  1. In case any one was wondering its called USB 3.0 ODD Enlosure case this what you need to out your burner as then you will have external burner. I do hope this helps some also.
  2. Hi I found this " 2nd SATA HD SSD HDD Caddy for ASUS X555L X555LA K555L Q551L R554L X751LB X751LD" But I am need some help what will the burner enclosure be called???? I am not sure what to google for the external burner case did not bring up what i am looking for.
  3. Hi I have this very old asus X751SA-TY06BT and I want to replace the hdd to ssd. I canot seem to find the service manual and I can not seem to find any info on how to open this laptop. Also I want to replace the cd tray with a hhd 2.5 original hard drive will be placed here. I also need to buy enclosure for cd burner but I have no idea which one will work with this model. Any help would be much appreciate.
  4. Thank You for all your answers. You may close this topic.
  5. I was cleaning the cpu cooler and I made a mistake and pushed to much while cleaning and this what happened. Now I bit more careful.
  6. I don't believe they are just pushed in a bit as you can see from the pic i dont believe they are punctured.
  7. Hi i have my heat pip at the top its bit damaged was wondering can this still be used or should i buy another cpu cooler?
  8. Hi I manged to get two screws in place now its not going anywhere thanks you may close this thread
  9. A picture is hard just now its late here. I will take one tomorrow.
  10. i found one product its called 50cm 2 Pin SW PC Power Cable On/Off Push Button ATX Computer Switch.
  11. Hi how do I on motherboard outside the case? Their no button on the motherboards can some tell is possible? Does a product exit like this that i can use to turn on motherboard out side the case??