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  1. There are likely no 2nm structures within a 2nm transistor, they'll likely be somewhat larger than that. Q. tunneling may not be a problem, Even if it is, it's just a question of probabilities: the likelihood of tunneling occurring increases quadratically as you get smaller, but it might be manageable at this scale. Even if EUV is implemented, it will be running out of steam as well and require quad patterning IIRC. Costs will skyrocket. Also, you're probably thinking of electron lithography: theoretically it offers near perfect accuracy, but it's serial (one electron at a time).
  2. I'm not really concerned about them getting there, it's just a money problem. That said, I do wonder how many companies have the volume necessary to design a product on this node,
  3. To be honest i first though that 'S' was meant to denote multiple 9900K processors, not the actual model.
  4. Well, I wanted to get into collecting: having an actual "wall of old stuff" seems appealing to me. I actually grew up using an SNES (which my dad had bought 15 years prior), so retro gaming is something that is slightly nostalgic for me. But I do agree with you: emulation does provide the best experience in terms of video and general reliability. But it just isn't the same.
  5. Where's the fun in that? I payed 30 euro for a bad experience. If i wanted convenience and clean video, I'd do that. ?
  6. It is a French NES: fortunately it uses the same connector as the SNES, so i got a spare cable recently. I'll try the contact cleaner, however it's likely that I'll need to remove the entire AV/power unit and shield and check if the actual circuitry looks good (bad caps are a thing after all). Worse case I'll just buy a new connector and solder it . Shouldn't be too difficult (but it will be a pain). Thanks for the suggestion though ?
  7. I live barely 8km away from Notre Dame. I usually don't think much about it. This came out of nowhere..
  8. This probably isn't a very popular opinion, but emulation usually gets you a better experience than the original hardware: the video and audio are usually cleaner, you don't need to worry about up-scaling and conversion on modern TVs and you can usually tweak quite a few settings, which you can't do on a console. What's more, the original hardware isn't always very reliable depending on age. Plus, emulators for popular consoles are now at a point where compatibility and accuracy are near 100% But i also get why people want the original systems. Heck, i own a NES, a SNES and 2 game gears (both of which needed cap replacements btw).The feel of using the old hardware can't be matched by an emulator. There are ways to get the OG controllers connected via USB, but it isn't always the same. So it's up to you, really. Do you value the experience or the authenticity more?
  9. already done. Taken apart twice over. The problem is that the whole video/power assembly isn't easily accessible: it needs to be de-soldered from the main board and is under a shield. I'd rather not do that if i can help it.
  10. Even if this turns out to be true, the article is a quite harsh. This isn't necessarily an easy thing to do given the massive changes in zen 2. Besides, one can ask if it's even worth it, seeing the features you'll probably be losing out on with a 300 series board anyway.
  11. About 2 weeks ago i got my hands on a use NES for basically nothing. Too good to pass up. As expected for hardware this old, there were issues involving the 72 pin connector, general corrosion etc. But i did eventually get it working. However, i haven't been able to get clear, stable video from the console itself. It outputs via SCART through the multi-AV connector, and fortunately we still have an old TV with that on it. Sound comes in fine, but the video is typically noisy/distorted, with color flickering in and out (typically, only part of the screen will be in color). I ordered a new AV cable but the issue remains: the problem seems to come from the console. The signal is actually so bad that my SCART/HDMI converter can't even lock onto a stable enough signal, so i typically get only sound and faint outlines if i use it. AV connector itself looks decent enough, at least physically. I realize this is both suitable for the console and electronics/hobby sections, but has anyone encountered this type of problem before? Any fix possible?
  12. I mean, sure i don't care too much about thickness. But this is just ridiculous. At that point I'd just rather carry a battery bank.
  13. Hey, I learned something today: despite being a POS, the WII/GC's CPU is technically more advance than a PS3/XBOX CPU at an architectural level. Now if only the core count and clock speeds advantages weren't a thing...

  14. Do people actually want foldable phones though? Seems like this is another thing people find cool but don't actually want, like flying cars or 3D television. Out of everything i want from a phone, being able to fold it wasn't on the list.
  15. The point being raised by the petition is that the higher frequency could be harmful... The problem being that unless "big-5G" puts a megawatt transmitter right next to your house, the frequencies involved here mean nothing and are far too low to cause actual damage to living cells.
  16. Doing so is actually better when looking at the EPIC/VLIW philosophy because it can enable better performance. Doing so in hardware isn't very feasible or practical. The problem is that the IA64 compiler never really become good enough.
  17. Not this garbage again...
  18. I have seen frustration. 


    And it's called using an older mac that has no up to date software for it. Try using anything when the latest web browser is 5 years old. 


    And it's not like the hardware is bad. It has a core 2 duo and 4GB of ram. 

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    2. Coaxialgamer


      @Lagercat It's an older Imac from school, about 2008 and it runs 10.6 IIRC. Unfortunately, not amount of alternative browser will fix that. Haven't used it since January, so i forget the details..

    3. WikiForce


      what is wrong with people reviving a more than 3 months old status update -_-

    4. Nicnac
  19. I mean that was my original impression as well. Underwhelming. But after thinking about it, i still have doubts as to the manufacturability of TU104 and TU102. Amd's 7nm vega is literally half the size of those chips. . And when considering what VII brings to the table, Vega went from being a dumpster fire to something i might actually buy.
  20. Dammit.. I found a DEC microcomputer and lk201 keyboard that would be great as a sleeper, but they're too heavy to ship... 

  21. A couple things: The bumpgate incident of the late 2000s put Nvidia on Apple's naughty list. Nvidia didn't want Apple to tinker with their drivers and kept them as a black box CUDA is a proprietary ecosystem while OPENCL is "open" and can work on multiple devices (plus apple has a stake in it.
  22. As far as i can tell, don't expect 5G to be "just faster 4G". It will do that just fine of course, but the architecture of the network is different, and will serve as the backbone for IOT and self driving cars.