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  1. Alternatively, if you didn't like what I said, ignore my post, saves you a bit of extra time.
  2. I thought about my choices and i felt that i needed a portable one. Again, if your not here to give me advice and if your here to criticize about me, its a better idea to save your time and not post. Thank You Very Much.
  3. ic, i want a portable one tho
  4. this is for cpus, for gpus its completely different, always put a little more on gpus. However, dont DROWN the die in paste, its gonna end up insulating the heat on the die.
  5. XD, never really used fermi based gpus. Sorry for the misconception.
  6. Is the thermal compound electrically conductive? If so, make sure to not put it on the transistors. But if its not conductive, you should be pretty generous with the paste, the normal dot method doesn't work on gpus because theres already a heat spreader on cpus so it allows for a little bit of surface not in contact with the heatsink. However, for a gpu, the die is directly touching the heatsink, you have to make sure every last bit of the die comes in contact with the thermal paste. I would recommend the line and dot method but keep in mind that use a little bit more than what you would use on a cpu. The finger application method is also adept if you make sure there are no air bubbles.
  7. I've tried the m50xs before, i just havent used the hd 598 and the msr7, all i wanted was which was better, i dont want a lecture about how i dont know anything in the audio industry.
  8. Unfortunately, im unable to get the AD900x, is there an alternative that any of you would recommend?
  9. no no, I fully understand that the m50xs are considerably tuned for bass as it does have a few extra decibel in the bass section, however i put that in there partly because i do like the m50xs even tho they arent the best for vocals.
  10. Not considering price and value, which one of these headphones are better for vocals, personally i like some sparkle in the highs.
  11. U have the exact build that i want, how much was ur board?? and also, did u consider swapping that ram out for 32gbs of ecc ddr3, its dirt cheap, only $83.
  12. they should still be cheaper cus they arent needed and they are old, old cpus are cheap though the supply is short.
  13. I need to buy a x79 motherboard thats less than $200, prices have gone up since 2 years ago, idk y.