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Everything posted by potatoproduction

  1. I do know what the bracelet looks like
  2. Who is excited for Pokemon go and what do you plan to do with it? I plan on buying the bracelet and since I like to hike , I'll get rare Pokemon that way
  3. You tested to see if a better CPU gets better performance in a graphics card stress test Really m8
  4. Apple doesn't usually invent anything but they make key inventions such as the usb , PCI express , thunder bolt , tablets and more very popular and mainstream which helps other companies develop them even further
  5. They should do a build with no air or water cooling it has to be exotic with no off the shelves parts
  6. I'm currently in the middle of it It's pretty good so far
  7. Dude I spent like 2 months but I finally hacked league of legends and got it for free
  8. Installing steam. I live on the streets now Dammit lord gaben
  9. What's your favorite indie game and why?
  10. If u can get your hands on purple leds then purple
  11. I think the illuminati will take over the world in 10 years and shut down all technology so the lizard people can decend from the heavens and shrek everyone
  12. I played bl2 for a while 2 I used ever character exept 4 zero cause I didn't have enough time
  13. My favorite indie game is probably to the moon
  14. I'm unranked ;( only need to more matches tho