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    WoW, Planetside 2, Starcraft 2, any game really
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    hello im Mike from MN. new to PC gaming but know a lot about hardware and system building. always online on either steam or battle net.


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    i5 4690k oc 4.8Ghz
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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    4x 4GB crucial sport
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    EVGA GTX 980ti superclocked
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    Corsair 760t
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    1TB Western Digital HDD
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    750w Corsair
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    Toshiba 39 inch HDTV
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    Razer Anansi mmo keyboard and Razer Orbweaver
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    Razer Mamba TE
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    Soundblaster Z
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    windows 7 64 bit

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  1. Okay I'm totally stuck on this right now. I'm getting a pretty big tax return and I don't know what I should do with it. I need a new monitor as I game on a tv right now. The one I want is the 35 inch acer predator 144hz. I also see that Nvidia is rumored to be releasing the pascal line of gpus this june. I want the new pascal gpu and the price I've seen rumored is 600$ for the "basic" and 900$ for the main flagship. I could buy the top tier one but the monitor I want is 1099$ I'm so torn as to what to do. Any input will help!
  2. Title says it all, I'm wondering if I should use my tax return on getting another 980ti or if I should wait and buy the pascal when it's released. I'll have enough money to buy the top tier card when it's released. I'm just not sure if I should wait it out or SLI 980ti and buy a new monitor.
  3. Okay Im currently taking an A+ hardware support class to get the basics for the comptia test. The book we have is covering thinges that I really feel are so outdated that it really isn't needed to know it. For cpus it's most recent intel covered is the 3rd Gen Sandy bridge. Yes I know the average user doesn't have gaming rigs. But how relevant is learning things about ivy and Sandy bridge and older ones when the current generation is at haswell and skylake? I mean it's still talking about agp slots on a mb. Do they even make mbs with those anymore? I'm just worried I wasted my money on the cla
  4. Wasn't sure if hyperthreading effected oc as its simulating more cores instead of having actual real cores.
  5. Question do I want to turn hyperthreading off when I do my oc? I know how to overclock on the i5 4690k but not sure if hyperthreading changes anything? Also why does my setting change when I turn dynamic clock on or fixed clock? Like with dynamic on each core sits at I think 800hz with it off it goes back to what it should be with the multiplier. Like x44 it's at 4400.
  6. Under load my gpu a 980ti is creeping close to the 80c throttle limit. I have a AIO on my cpu so it's not bad. Full load at 65c.
  7. Okay so Ive noticed in the summer if I have the ac on my pc runs cooler. Problem is now it's winter and I can't exactly have my apartment at 65f all the time. Is there a way to keep my pc cooler and my apartment warmer or is the nature of air cooling such that the coolest temp you can get is what the outside air is? Would I need to go to watercooling to have a warmer apartment and a cooler pc?
  8. It's suppose to be out this week or early next week. It's going to be round 700$ I think. I thought the TN panel is worse then the ips one
  9. To what???? I have a 980ti, only thing better is a titan X and I don't have that kinda money at this time:(
  10. Okay I've been waiting for black Friday to upgrade my pc. I'm in a bit of a bind now as I'm not going to have as much money as I'd like seeing as I have to pay for a college class. I wanted, originally I wanted to buy: i7 4790k, change my cooling system to all water, upgrade my monitor from the current 1080p tv I use to the new ROG Swift PG279Q, and maybe buy a new mouse and keyboard. I'm NOT going to be able to buy all of that. At best I'm probably gonna be able to get one item. My question is what would give me the biggest change in my gaming? I'll also point out that I will most likely buy
  11. What's your cooling set up??? I have my 4690k OC to 4.6ghz but it will do 4.8ghz without breaking a sweat. My settings in bio are X46 multiplier, core clock 100, cpu volts 1.25 and ring ratio set to 3900 I think. I'm running an H110i water cooling unit. Under game stress I see no higher the 40 to 45c temps. Under full load I'm getting 60ish temps.
  12. Okay why does intel skip the even numbers when they label a processor? Like you have core i3 i5 and i7 but no i4 i6 and i8s what's the deal??? Is there any specific reason or is it just how they decided to do it? Like does the 5 in the i5 represent something?
  13. Okay I'm noticing that quite a few of the new titles coming out in November are having the i7 4790 as there recommend cpu. Is the i5 starting to show its age or has that always been the case? I've been putting off buying the 4790k for some time and I'm wondering if I'm kinda getting to the point where no matter how much I over clock my i5 I'd be getting a better gaming experience with the i7?
  14. I still am confused as to how it would only be a small margin of increase. With high end cards running a very demanding task wouldn't the heat given off by multiple cards effect the water temp and ability to cool the cpu? Yes the water isn't staying and being heated like in a pot. But wouldn't it be heated by the first card, then heated more by any card after that. Then go from the gpu into the cpu carrying what ever heat it's picked up off the gpus, the having to pick up the heat from the cpu on top of what it already got. From the other cards before. So like say both cards add 20c of heat ea