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  1. For those OS (except 2000 since thats usually an oddball for compatibility) you could always search for the 200 series from Nvidia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_200_series. I remember using 260 when I has windows XP. 


    NVIDIA has ceased driver support for GeForce 200 series on April 1, 2016.

    • Windows XP 32-bit & Media Center Edition: version 340.52 (WHQL) released on July 29, 2014
    • Windows XP 64-bit: version 340.52 (WHQL) released on July 29, 2014; 
    • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 32-bit: version 342.01 (WHQL) released on December 14, 2016;
    • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 64-bit: version 342.01 (WHQL) released on December 14, 2016; 
    • Windows 10, 32-bit: version 342.01 (WHQL) released on December 14, 2016; 
    • Windows 10, 64-bit: version 342.01 (WHQL) released on December 14, 2016; 

  2. I have seen a few of these scams. Since it looks like their account was in the process of being blocked or the person had a bunch of scams going on at once he messed up talking to you. Normally how it works is ( DO NOT SCAM PEOPLE THIS IS FOR LEARNING):


    1. pay by check.

    2. Send check in a large amount over the items price

    3. Tell seller you either messed up or the extra fees is to pay for shipping.

           A. The "Shipper" is them or their friend.

           B. They pay shipping.

    4. Either way they get the item and the money difference between what the check stated (remember its over the item price listed) and the Item.

    5. Check is fake and bounces now your down the full amount plus you no longer have the item. 


    Always be suspicious of someone wanting to pay by check over the internet. There are many versions of these scams but this is the most Common I see happen. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Anomnomnomaly said:


    I have a rule... I will no longer pay full price for a game that has 50% or more of it's content removed so it can be sold back to you later at ever increasing prices.


    The last game I paid full price for was Civ 5, and I bought the expansions (on sale I think). I won;t buy Civ 6 because it's...

    1: Pretty bad

    2: The base game costs £60 and the DLC costs a further £70.


    So my rule now is wait until the steam sales come along and then pick up games proving these 2 criteria are met.

    1: It must be the full game with all DLC (cosmetic stuff is irrelevant)

    2: It must be 60% or more off.


    So when Civ 6 is on sale inc everything for £30 or less... Only then will I pay for it. Same applies to everything else.

    A bit off topic and I want to totally derail this. But I hate how companies have started this. The sad part is it makes them more money to do this and people keep buying unfinished products where content is taken out so they can keep charging people. 


    I blame everyone who are buying these things your only feeding the reason why its happening. 

  4. Turning 30 this year. My father's best friend purchased him a NES when I was born so he had something to do while he was home with me. I grew up playing NES, SNES, N64 (most years playing N64). After the PS2/Xbox, I got into computers due to a friend being into PC building and my father being a IT and a PC builder. I still play games daily which my wife hates but she has her own hobbies that take time so it works out. 


    Mostly MMO's, FPS, VR games. 

  5. Best way to view chat is either to have a separate monitor as this allows you to have chat and your streaming software up to make sure your not dropping frames, etc. Another way you can do it is with your phone as you can use the twitch app and show only the chat. If you are using steamlabs OBS there is a way to have a pop-out window that shows twitch chat. Since it's local on the machine there is software to force it to the front (example is taskmanager forced to the front) I don't have any software recommendations for this. This isn't the best as it would take up parts of your screen and the game would need to be in windowed mode. 

  6. Quote

    Strange gave the time stone to Thanos and Thanos destroyed it. If Strange had sent it to the future Thanos wouldn't have been able to finish his plan in IW but he could have just waited for it to reappear. You could argue they only needed to get the time stone using the Pym particles, but they didn't know how to use it... only the full gauntlet has direct wish fulfillment powers.

    The issue is that he also destroyed the stones. Since Dr Strange didnt actually use the stone, then yes Thanos destroys the stones. But in a alternate way Dr.Strange could of sent stone to future and pulled it back for the snap then in the new endgame version Thanos would have issues destroying the stones hence a cooler movie instead of having to use a new Thanos from the past which opens even more holes in time. 

  7. I enjoyed the movie for what it was. I believe they could have done better but had to tone it down for the average viewer who doesnt want to watch the movies or know what the infinity stones actually do. They use Pym particles to travel time. This is silly as Dr. Strange has the timestone. According to their own lore the timestone could move through time using its own power. I was hoping he sent the timestone to the future for that purpose when he and Ironman where first fighting Thanos. Instead we get a mouse releasing Scott Lang setting off the events of the movie. 


    That mouse is the real hero of the MCU without him Scott would have been stuck forever in theory. 


    Also one thing that bugs me is the amount of Pym particle used to transport someone through time. They state there is only so much left and only enough for 1 trip each. (I know Capt takes 3 vials). So 1 vial can send the cast on a round trip once. but max of 2 vials (1 used to send capt america back in time at the end of the movie) can summon Thanos, and his space ship that has prob over 1million people on it? If its because it was 1 thing being sent and thats the space ship then why couldnt the avengers sit in 3 cars saving on pym particles used so they would have more attempts at taking the infinity stones?



    Enough of my mindless rambling. 

  8. I have many Duckys from shine to Shine 5. I Actually tried out the Bloody B945R. Since I was tired of having my mouse hand off to the side (Slim build so shoulders are not very far apart). It can be hard to type on as the keys are Very light and use lasers instead of traditional mechanical switches. But every key has its own stabilizer. Been great so far but the "Gamer" look gets old fast. 


    For common folk you can always buy Corsair mechanical keyboards. (I dont like how they are abnormally large).

    Das Keyboards are great as well. 


    Lots to choose from.

  9. I do enjoy a lot about his attitude as he is very straight forward about everything. But this can cause issues as he is "Burning Bridges" a lot of those contracts could be argued as they are usually just sent out to test the waters. A lot of smaller YouTubers would take the contract at face value but I doubt all contracts are as bad as that or that Vice themselves treat everyone the same. One thing I do not enjoy is him calling out specific people or companies. Example check out his staples tech-dry (or whatever its called). Where he calls the service a "scam". As a business owner he could be held accountable for his words. I believe LMG would know this all to well. Once you have a large audience and people listen to you, its very easy to get into trouble even when you don't mean to. Example being Luke back when he said a company didn't use cherry switches (video was removed long ago). 


  10. As someone who has worked and managed for years in Computer repair shops (not going to say names). I believe he is telling a very poor 1 side of the story without all the conversations. I doubt he was holding the PC hostage because of the charge for ram. He was holding since he was owed the payment for labor. As much as everyone can say "Its a RAM issue its easy fix 1/2 hour max" that's not true. I had special software that we ran that would give us an overview and scan the PC with multiple malware scanners and stuff. This didn't always check if ram was sufficient for what the user is trying to do. We don't know what the whole story was or if the customer asked to check software and see if its a software issue first. This is common place as the customer never wants to be pointed at and they always want an easy fix. he might of paid for software diagnostic, and OP did a hardware test on his own to be nice. 


    Testing diagnostics for many big tech companies have a standard for what to do first. And this inst always go check RAM. Its been a long time since I go "Upgrade Ram" on first inspection. Many prob remember Vista and how every PC came with 2GB and it was never enough for that hungry monster. 


    I believe this story to be not the best telling as it tries to only paint the customer in a bad light. Yes customers can feel entitled, and they are allowed to. They chose you with this property. Something that they hold close to them. Yes its a computer but its this persons first build and he was ignorant in what he had. Instead of saying this is how to fix it. Give the customer options and make him feel as though he is in control. You will get A LOT more return customers and must better service doing this. And always make it seem that they are getting a great deal, let him know you are waiving the labor since you loved him computer build and would love for him to be a return customer. and give him options for RAM. or say here is a discounted labor cost and I would highly recommend an upgrade to Ram and link him a video to watch and let him know that if he buys the ram from you that you will return the labor cost. Also please do not cable manage for someone unless they ask. This is just asking for trouble. There is always a chance you break something by accident. 


    I'm not saying I agree with OP or say he was the wrong one. I think there would need to be a lot of clarification on the post. It really sounds like someone new to this field who lost a sale since he wasn't wanting to budge on Ram/Labor. But this could be since the story isn't fleshed out.  



  11. If you are not 100% sure please use the included "q-connector" it allows you to connect your case headers to the motherboard easier. 



    With the error message If you have yet to add any software it might be easier to reimage from scratch. (Note only do this is you want everything erased and to start over again in Windows.


    When you see your HDD to install windows you can delete the partition to make sure it is all unallocated space.


    For Ram installation on your motherboard:




    I dont know what LTT forum memeber feel about this website but I used https://ninite.com/ to install everything you need to get going fast. you will still need to download Drivers for:

    Intel: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/

    Nvidia: https://www.geforce.com/drivers

    motherboard drivers: https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Motherboards/PRIME-Z370-A/HelpDesk/ -> select Drivers&Tools

    **Note that you do not NEED to update the bios as this can be scary for alot of new builders**




  12. This looks to be typical ghosting that most monitors have. If it distorts color/blacks most companies will allow RMA. When I used to send in named brands for a Company some brands where nicer than others. Acer from what I remember allowed under 10% of screen ghosting. For their higher priced monitors they could be more lenient. I would definitely check with them by chat/call. If recently purchased I would contact Newegg and get them to replace it. 

  13. Temperature is dependent on ambient temperature. If your room is 20°C (Sorry Canadian here) a computer running at 40°C is pretty good (10° difference in temperature) . You really only have trouble when the CPU is starting to hit 100°C (212°F). If you chassis doesn't have room for anymore fans and your still at 35°C you still have alot of room to play with in terms of temperature. 


    Just now, inteli7.Ti said:

    Thats what I was thinking. Juiecey, are you sure its in fahrenheit? Because, if its that low, your cooling is really good!

    The screenshot says its in Fahrenheit. But alot of times software temps for CPU are never 100% accurate. 

  14. If you looking to get into IT. A+ is a great place to start as many Service Desks love A+ and ITIL. you could always buy the textbooks for the course they are sold in many book stores and amazon. 




    I work in IT and oversee people who do hiring and A+ does stand out for entry level positions. The exam itself isnt "Difficult" if you have lots of experience fixing and looking at software for computers. But there will be alot of legacy stuff you will need to know. Alot of companies will have old hardware and you cannot just ignore usable technology. 


    Note that if your looking to go into IT, where are you looking to go into with your career? Networking? Server administration? IT companies that I communicate with usually want someone that will evolve and grow with the company. 

    Edit **Not relavent for poster**

  15. Alienware/Dell support is usually very kind and knowledgeable about strange requests like this and will try their best to assist with some of the answers. What you would need to know is if the Motherboard is standard sizing and that its using standard power connectors. If they are using proprietary power connectors I would be wary about upgrades to a cpu Since the power connector would be built to hold only that power draw. 


    If anything there are cheap power supply's out there that could replace theirs. 


    Next you would need to know the socket its using for the CPU as only cpus with the same socket would be compatible. Once you confirm its able to be replaced and have the socket type and name someone here would love to assist with recommendations. 


    If you are currently using a gtx 980 that gpu is still pretty powerful, if you wish to upgrade I would recommend buying 2nd hand as the new market is priced very high atm due to the RTX FEATURES, and the 10 series no longer being made. 


    TL;DR gpu looks ok for gaming until next generation (or buy 2nd hand). For CPU ask Dell a few questions to confim what can be used/upgraded and if the mobo can support the new cpu. 

  16. Do you have any bench-marking software? Try running software and have a monitoring software open to see if the gpu is being utilized. Also note that with games like gtaV there are big differences in performance depending on what is being rendered at the moment. Alot of reviews/benchmarks are done at specific spots. You could also try reseating the card and the power connectors.