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Everything posted by Latislapaloie

  2. Would using a registry cleaner like the one in CCelaner damage a ssd?
  3. ever since i started watching ncix videos i wanted to work there and build custom computers
  4. never again will i cheap out on a psu again
  5. yea thanks learned my lesson! it was my first pc build and i didn't know as much as i do now, going to go with a good quality corsair or seasonic psu now
  6. should i use windows defender and malwarebyes? or get something like avast
  7. i thought MSE IS windows defender? :[]
  8. should i get avast or just stick with mse and malwarebytes pro?
  9. is MSE the "windows defender" in the control panel in windows 8?
  10. sorry for late response i missed your message, how do i check if it's installed on my ssd? my os is windows 8.1.
  11. i'm running on 1680x1050 on medium with 60+ frames its okay
  12. thanks! i wanted a bit of headroom for when i get a 700 series or later
  13. what are your thoughts on the corsair rm 650w psu? i can get it 89$ off the corsair website because of the promo code. is it a good quality psu? gtx 560 i5 3570k and i'll be gaming on bf4 and other heavy games most of the time http://www.corsair.com/us/power-supply-units/rm-series-power-supply-units/rm-series-rm650-80-plus-gold-certified-power-supply.html
  14. Hi! i have windows 8.1 and i was wondering if there is a program or something that adds the clock and running tasks to the right side of the second monitor's task bar?
  15. i'm 18 and i also like computers and stuff
  16. my 560 has no problems with any of the newer drivers edit: even the beta ones
  17. i love cold weather i live in Ontario and i wish it would get even colderrrrrrrr