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  1. I've dropped my phone several times (and crushed it between my ribs and solid rock during a MTB accident). This means, of coruse that my screen is basicly an assmbely of glasshards. However, untill yesterday, the entire screen worked. Now, the top part of the screen is not responding to touch, it still works, as in, It displays stuff, but the toutch is not working. I need to use the notifaction thingy (the menu you see when you pull down on the top part of the screen). So I figure the easiest solution other then getting a new phone would be to flip the screen, as in the top becomes the bottom bla bla bla. How would I go about doing this?
  2. SZEM

    Wall mount HS8

    I dont have enough space for those
  3. SZEM

    Wall mount HS8

    Those arent wall mounts, right?
  4. SZEM

    Wall mount HS8

    Hi, I want to wall mount my speakers to clear some desk space. I need to buy a pair of wall mounts that fit the yamaha hs8 and I dont know what to get. I dont really care about the price but I would love it if the wall mounts are white. Does this kind of product exist for the HS8 or do I haft to build something myself?
  5. 1 RAM module dosen't read Corsair like the other three, is this something I shoulde worry about?
  6. SZEM

    Squad Low FPS

    you are better then sex
  7. SZEM

    Squad Low FPS

    It's only in Squad, I don't have HPET on my motherboard (Asus Deluxe II)
  8. SZEM

    Squad Low FPS

    So update Bios and disable "HPET"?
  9. SZEM

    Squad Low FPS

    90-100 FPS Test map
  10. Hi, I'm getting really low FPS on Squad. I'm getting around 100-120 FPS on the test map, and around 30-60 FPS on a real server (80 players). How do I fix this? Specs 2560x1440, 6900k OCed to 4,2 GHz, 1080 SLI, 32GB Ram, Intel 750 NVME SSD.
  11. SZEM


    Yeah, I want to use PVA as a support material, I have the multi material upgrade.
  12. SZEM


    I'm quite new to 3D printing, I recently got a Prusa i3 MK2 kit. I'm just wondering, can i print PVA with my printer?
  13. He could probably just spam the CEO until he does something