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  1. I was checking out the spec and was like "why are these prices so damn high?" haha then I realized it was Aus. seems legit as far as the spec goes. I'm about to do the same thing but a cheaper build since its only gonna be a media server pretty much.
  2. i can now get it to post and run stable on 3 and 4 but still can't run dual channel
  3. but why would adding another stick cause it not to post? if it was the board wouldn't it just not detect it?
  4. Any ideas? just put a system together(posting on it now), 6700k evga z170 ftw, 16gb gskill 2800ghz ddr4 2x8gb. So the issue is I couldn't get the system to post with both sticks of ram in, the error codes would flash north and south bridge codes and loop, tried all dim slots with a single stick and lucked out with dimm 3 as the magic number. once in the bios I tried to change the clock on the ram from 2133 to 2800 and it brought me back to no post. I cleared cmos and started over. I have the system running stable on one stick but cannot run dual channel or any other single slot. please drop me some ideas.
  5. what fan controler is that? i need one with red LEDs!!!
  6. I need a mouse for my media rig that i use to stream LMG on the tv!
  7. white blue s340 love it! I run mine in the same hole but my card is a lot longer.
  8. double check the 4 pin connector next to the cpu. all i can think of.
  9. does it post? make sure the cpu power is connected.
  10. Red LEDs in the 3500dpi DeathAdder! The swap didn't take very long and is well worth it!
  11. love my red tech tee! can't wait to have both!
  12. a 486 Dx4!! i wonder how many people here had the privilege of using an isa slot haha!
  13. Just picked up a white s340 gonna run the Kraken x61 in it goin for a white and green theme. Love your white on white.