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    intel Centrino
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    1.9 usable ddr2
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    ATI Radeon x1600
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    average cooling 90C
  1. I'm buying a laptop this afternoon. Used of craigslist. HP 8440p vs Acer Aspire v5 171 I need help! Which one?? Specs 8440p Cpu-i5 520m Gpu-integrated GMA HD graphics Ram-8gb 250gb hdd Acer Aspire v5 171 Cpu-i5 3317u Gpu- hd4000 Intel integrated Ram-6gb 250 ssd Which one?!?! Need to know NOW.. PLEASE HELP. I WILL BE DOING A LOT OF programming and some Solidworks and Inventor 3d modeling. I will also playing league of legends, SC2 and other low to medium demanding games. Thanks!!!!
  2. i5 520m vs i5 3317u Which laptop? HP 8440p vs Acer Aspire v5 171 Specs- HP 8440p -i5 520m -8gb ram -300gb HDD -integrated Intel HD graphics Acer Aspire v5 171 -i5 3317u -6gb ram -250gb ssd -Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics I need help. I don't okay much games, but I do play League of Legends, SC2 and some other games on steam. What's better. Also will be doing a lot of Solidworks and Inventor software. Need HELP!
  3. Hello. I just build my used pc. Now I can't get anything to display. The computer lights up and turn on. I tried removing the ram and everything
  4. *Gives a smart ass answer, then doesn't know Power Supply has fuse. Thanks Bud
  5. My desktop keeps dying while it installs windows xp. Every few minutes, it just shuts off. Even when in BIOS and not doing anything. I'm getting a new power supply today because I just blew the fuse in this one. Thanks
  6. Finally the first person tat understands! but you most likely have 980m or somthing.
  7. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-geek-squad-certified-refurbished-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i5-6gb-memory-1tb-hdd-silver/2275079.p?id=1219535313932&skuId=2275079 another option
  8. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-15-6-thinkpad-mobile-workstation-4-gb-memory-500-gb-hard-drive-graphite-black/1312280210.p?id=mp1312280210&skuId=1312280210 Thats a for sure option. You will be able to run nearly any game. On low for sure. Medium gets iffy with some games.
  9. Hey Guys I'm buying a new computer this month. I just got paid 500$, and I get another 500$ in a few weeks. I've been looking on craigslist and can't make up my mind. My currrent Set-up is bad. Centrino 2gb 80g HD its a mobile workstation form 2009 so it has good graphics. Radeon ATI x1600 Anyways THE BIG QUESTION I'm about to be a Senior in High school. I do research at the University though and bring my laptop everywhere. I also enjoy gaming. Nothing to major, just some league of legends. But the occasional battle field and titan fall on medium or low would be
  10. Hey Guys, I broke the screen on a relitivly new toshiba laptop I own. I had it plugged into an external monitor and used it like that for a while. I was setting that same setup up in my brother room this morning and couldn't get any image on both the laptop and the monitor. Anybody know what I could do?
  11. What exactly did yours do? Mine Gets extremely loud and doesnt stop getting louder. Nothing on the moniter at all.
  12. When I get home today, I'll put the pentium back in. I've never used the celeron in that pc before. Thanks