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  1. Ahhh okay i assume this is some weird warranty thing then?
  2. Isn't the g7 a 16:9 monitor not a ultrawide? The g9 being the ultrawide variant?
  3. Hey guys, so im looking to get into the weird wacky world of a duel monitor set up. I'm currently running a Xb271HU(TN edition) and while I love this monitor, them ultrawides be catching my eye. I'm willing to spend at least $1000 AUD(700usd, 607 euro) and up to $1500 AUD(1000usd, 900euro). The main specs at least I've been looking at is a resolution of 3440 x 1440p, 100hz+ and somewhat decent colours. They don't have to be something like the gln850 where it seems its best for gaming and content creation but also something that isn't going to make me look at my current
  4. How would i go about port forwarding the server itself? Like i know how to port forward but what ports etc would i be pointing it to
  5. Hey, so i've got a windows storage spaces server running at home i keep my plex and other assorted files on. I was wondering if theirs a way to grab that drive and view/edit its contents from outside the network on it.
  6. At the moment i'm trying to grab the sound the player can hear and fade it out the further they get away from it but then have a variable that changes to increase their hearing so they can hear further away. Basically i'm trying to have a hearing stat of sorts that affects that fade, would anyone have any suggestions on how to do that?
  7. So to give a quick synopsis, what I want to do is run a computer that either runs windows with two accounts logged in, one for gaming, one as a NAS basically for auto downloads of tv shows, movies etc and will be tied into Plex. Or I want to run something like unraid where I use one cpu and 1/2 gpus that branches off into two systems(like what linus does for say 6 editors 1 cpu concept) Now to answer those pre made questions 1. Budget & Location Okay so this is the easy one, my location is Australia, more specifically south Australia. My normal go to retailers
  8. So what i've found is the tutorial i've been following and modifying doesn't improve itself. My population seems to keep hitting either a local minimum or it outright doesn't improve but the fitness keeps going up. I was wondering if anyone would be able to have a look, point me in a direction for more resources on genetic algorithms or on the project itself. An overview of the project is to simply get the population to move around a map and find an object eventually i want to put this into a neural network so it can predict player movements. Tutorial : https://www.yout
  9. Hey guys, So i'm looking for a test bench for my new case currently i have the corsair 460x and i'm looking for something that i can just get into the components a bit more easy and upgrade a lot easier. That's whats lead me to the test bench route. What are your guys experiences in this sort of situation and have you guys got any suggestions for test beds
  10. I can snag a Strix Scar II with a 1070 and a 256gb ssd, for about 2000(1436.36 usd) -2500(1795.45usd) aud(2000ish dollars from ebay with a discount code or 2500 from a wholesaler ) what are your thoughts on this laptop
  11. out of all those which would have the best colour accuracy. I'm out of that list looking at the two dells here. I was thinking about the 2060 one but i've heard the thermals aren't the best in 2060 laptops. also sorry if your not from the us
  12. Did you need more info Gene or is there something else? Sorry if I'm being a bit needy etc
  13. Hey sorry, so some stores that might include some of the laptops you recommend are msy, pc case gear, mwave, Harvey Norman, good guys, jb hi fi. No quadro is needed, most of the stuff I do is comparable to what a gamer needs but more cores I've heard is better(and I've noticed can be better but a 4 core minimum is good) My budget is ideally 2k Australian and I can go up to 3k but I'd rather not. That roughly translates into 1500-2300k usd. I'll mainly be using the laptop before I go to bed or during uni or whenever I'm out so a nice battery is good, so at le
  14. (Im from australia so if suggestions are made could you please use links from there . Thanks) Hey guys, so I'm in a dilemma. I don't want to spend 3k on a laptop but its looking to be that way. I want a laptop that can do low level vr development, c++ encoding, unity development. And also from time to time play some games(I don't mind play mid low settings and play a lot of games from 2015 and before) Can someone please help me to figure out laptop suggestions?
  15. I have considered some but I don't believe they'd be as capable as what I want plus they end up costing more than this pc I have linked above. If you have any suggestions within the price range I'm more than happy to look over them