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    i7 8700k
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    MSI Z370 Kirat Gaming
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    Corsair Vengance 16 GB 3200Mhz
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    Aorus RX 5700 XT
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    NZXT H500
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    1.5 M.2 SSD's
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    Steelseries Arctis 7
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  1. Hello there LTT, Not sure if this is the right subforum but I need some advice. I have a system currently that is using an i7 8700k, 5700 XT, 32GB of ram which I use for streaming. I've been happily using x264 @ 6000 bit rate at 863p 60 FPS which was fine, i had good frames and the stream was stable withotu any drops. now recently I've been getting some severe in-game frame drops, down to 40 from 160-190ish in call of duty modern warfare. I'm not sure what is the problem here but I'm settling on two things, weather I should buy a seocnd PC for streaming or buy an Nvidia graphics card which I'll use for streaming. I've been thinking about the RTX 2080 Ti btw. or should I get a new 10th gen intel system and turn my current into a streaming PC. please help me out.
  2. I understand, but I'm looking for a very crisp image. might even bump it to 864p, still thats not the main topic. why is my PC becoming extremely unusable as soon as I start streaming, though it was completely fine before.
  3. Sorry for the very very late reply, I run Streamlabs OBS on these settings Encoder : x264 Rate Control : CBR @ 6000 Bitrate Keyframe Interval : 2 CPU Usage : Veryfast Profile : High Playing on 2K base resolution Output : 720p @ 60 FPS Downscale Filter : Lanczos please let me know if you need any other information.
  4. the 5700 XT out performs the 2060 and is slgihtly lesser than the 2070. its priced at 460$ roughly
  5. I'm going to disagree with you there, the 5700 XT is amazing for the money, I can easily push 130fps on COD warzone at 1440p high settings.
  6. Hello LTT, Question #1 : so I've started streaming about a month ago and I've been growing on twitch, when I started things were very smooth no frame drops great quality, recently my PC started acting up, I've been getting huge frame drops, even my ingame FPS started to get to low 70s in Call of Duty MW, I usually average between 110-130 frames PC specs are CPU : i7 8700k RAM : Corsair 3600 MHz 32 GB Ram GPU : Auros 5700 XT SSD : M.2 and SATA SSDs PSU : 750w PSU looking at system performance while streaming everything is fine, my CPU load gets upto 80-90% and GPU gets up to 70-80% no thermal issues I'm wondering if there's something wrong software wise? Question #2 : for those who know about these kind of stuff, if I get a capture card (avermedia Live 4k 60) will it help on a single PC? for streaming and recording at the same time? thank you in advance
  7. You're 100% right, I had 125% on windows scalign cause everything was so small
  8. in game, I can set it to 1440p but the scaling is always on and if I go below 100% (4K) it becomes super blurry. and its for all games. not just a particular game and I have set everything to default in the Radeon Software, GPU scaling is off, this only happened when I got my second monitor which is a BenQ EX2780Q
  9. Hello LTT, I have a problem with my monitor, when I use it regularly it runs at 2K 144hz but in games, for somereason running the game in windowed broderless runs them at 4K, and the scaling set to 50% to be at 2K, and its blurry. I have an AMD 5700 XT GPU which i don't know if it has anything to do with this issue.
  10. 32" is a little too much for my preference to be honest, I think I'm going to go with the Aorus one since its color gamut is just so much better, I went to my friend's house today to have a look at it actually and it was so beautiful and the response time isn't really that big of a deal to me. thank you all though!
  11. Hello LTT, I'm in to get a new monitor for my setup and putting my current Asus PG258Q as a secondary monitor and I've been in flames chosing between either the ASUS TUF VG27AQ or the Aorus AD27QD both being 1440p though the Asus is 165Hz and Aosrus being 144Hz, now from what I've seen, I know that the colors that the Aorus preduces is so much better than Asus' they're both at almost the same price point, only few bucks off so both are viable options to choose from. Asus https://uae.microless.com/product/asus-tuf-gaming-27-2560x1440-wqhd-2k-resolution-155hz-1ms-2xhdmi-displayport-adaptive-sync-g-sync-compatible-built-in-speakers-widescreen-ips-hdr10-vg27aq/ Aorus https://uae.microless.com/product/aorus-ad27qd-27-144hz-1440p-freesync-gaming-monitor-exclusive-built-in-anc-2560x1440-qhd-display-hdr-1ms-response-time-10-bit-ips-95-dci-p3-with-1x-display-port-1-2-2x-hdmi-2-0-2x-usb-3-0/ I just need your advice on this. thanks!
  12. Price isn't really a big issue, I just need something effecient and reasonable and will handle the work load Any recommendations for a motherboard to go with that 3950x?
  13. Hello LTT, I hope everyone is staying safe! I currently have a 8700k rig which I'm going to give down to my little brother because he doesn't have a PC and I'm going to build a new one, and I was wondering what would be an upgrade from the 8700k both from the intel and ryzen side, note that I'll be using at least 2 m.2 nvme drives, a GPU and a PCI-E capture card so the PCI lanes are going to be pretty busy, I don't want to go over the top but I've been eyeing the 3950x from AMD and also I'm thinking about the 10700K when it drops here. so what are your thoughts? what should I go for?
  14. Hello LTT, I recently switched from headsets to a proper headphones and Mic setup simply because I want better quality, now I owned an Arctis Pro + Gamedac for a while now and when I plug in my ATH-M40x into the PC the audio is fine, but because of the awkward angle of the PC the cables go above my keyboard and mouse and its annoying, I thought of using the gamedac as a way to rout the cable through it and then to the PC through the optical+USB cables and annoyingly the audio became quieter is there any possible way I can make it louder? I maxed out all of my windows audio settings and it still is mediocre