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    2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4000
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  1. Glad to hear there are others with a sense of ownership for their vehicles, take care of them and repair of the vehicles themselves. Most of my GPU purchases have been via craigslist, meet in person, test the card, inspect the card and buy if everything checks out. 2 or 3 have been ebay. I agree there is an unknown factor and less accountability that requires more checks before cash is exchanged. Also, please forgive my first sentence in the previous post, I was annoyed and I let it affect what I wrote negatively, I was classless and unkind.
  2. You are welcome to your opinion... but proclaiming yourself the smartest person that you know on a given subject is a good way to ensure others have a low opinion of you. As a automotive mechanic of 12 years who has owned nothing but used cars averaging over 100k miles my entire driving and working life and also having handled 80% of the above listed used GPU purchases in person and not online while using due diligence and common sense my personal actual experience is contrary to yours in both matters. Most buying used done online I would propose is done on ebay? which I have also less frequently done, ebay does have buyer protections in place. Nothing is perfect, including new parts, but common sense, due diligence and reasonable protections are all part of the game. I do agree with your opinion on buying the GPU that OP is most comfortable with.
  3. My AOC monitor is Gsync compatable but is not on Nvidia's recommended Monitor list and it works flawlessly. So my experience has been excellent.
  4. Waiting is a valid option. FYI you could be waiting till Q3 or Q4 of this year to get Nvidias new cards. I'm currently very happy with my card and the current RTX cards are not a compelling upgrade for me... lots more price for not much more performance, IMO. If you're willing to wait for the new cards there will be more options: 1. the new cards will be available if you want them and they're not sold out. 2. current RTX used cards will drop in price 3. 1000 series GTX cards will drop even more in price. If you're not willing to wait, get the best single card that you like, that fits your budget and does what you want.
  5. Never buy a used car because you do not know why the person is selling the car. Never buy a used bike because you do not know why the person is selling the bike. Never buy a used xyz because you do not know why the person is selling the xyz. You're free to your own opinion, as am I. I've bought nothing but used GPU's since my last new purchased card a GTX970. so... gtx760(x2), gtx980(x2), gtx980ti(x3), Titan X, gtx1080(x2), gtx1070(x2), gtx1080Ti, gtx1060 6gb(x2), gtx1060 3gb. all of them have performed flawlessly like the GTX1080Ti currently in my system on a 240mm AIO, some are still in my some friends pc's and some were put into systems that I sold at a later date and some were sold to upgrade to a better card. Proper due diligence is necessary when purchasing anything used, but to make an absolute blanket statement like that is an opinion with personal reasons for it (which is fine) but not necessarily rooted in fact and reality. To the OP: 1. buy the card you want for the reasons you want it.(performance in your game choices, brand, styling, RGB, cooler performance, personal preference, ect) 2. A used card can be a great deal, due diligence is best practice. See the card perform in games, check temps under load, visibly inspect the card, ask why they're selling. Used 1080Ti's in my area, Philadelphia/Allentown PA I've seen 1080Ti cards recently sell for as low as $300-350 usd (IMO that's a great price). 3. I like Nvidia cards, I've owned 1 ATI card... a long time ago. I love that AMD pushes the market pricing(nvidia) down into reality with competition. I don't love the seemingly semi common problems: driver, black screen, flickering and quality issues with the 5700/5700xt have been plagued with recently. Edited below for more info: 4. FYI: I've recently been playing mostly AC odyssey, and Overwatch at 1440p with a 144hz freesync/gsync monitor on my 1080Ti clocked at 2ghz with AIO water cooler with a 9900k@5ghz, 3800mhz 2channel ddr4, and NVME ssd. AC odyssey with ultra settings runs primarily in the 60-70fps range, Overwatch at ultra settings will run at 144fps with some drops to 120fps.
  6. Buying a new GPU to troubleshoot is... one way to do it. While playing PUBG: what is your GPU utilization percentage? what is your GPU temperature? what is your GPU boost speed? what is your CPU clock speed and temperature?
  7. There are a few questions that need asking and answering before you condemn the card as the problem. 1: has anything changed recently or since the last time you took notice of the card's performance. 2: temperatures and usage: is the card overheating and as a result thermal throttling? And is the GPU usage at 100% while playing PUBG. A program like MSI afterburner can answer these questions. 3: Is there something else in the system that could be inhibiting performance? The GPU can only work well if it is being properly and fully fed by the cpu, ram, pcie slot ect. 4: How does your cards current performance compare to the same card in another comparable system? 5: has PUBG changed or your settings in PUBG changed? These are some of the basic questions that need answering to better determine what exactly is going on.
  8. You're probably right, it's perfectly fine to discriminate as long as the company approves of it and you're not discriminating against the current crop of preferred ideological individuals. But I digress, Google is unimpeachable they can do no wrong, if they say he is in error he must be in error. Though while I do second the motion that you're there to work, however social interactions that happen inside of the place where we spend most of our day are rather unavoidable, and it is rather absurd to assume that social interactions are not apart of work.
  9. Resistance is futile, You will be assimilated, or you can GTFO. The stories, examples, testimonies seem to trickle out of Google about their internal toxicity towards anyone who does not conform to company standards dictated by the whim and direction of the full time outrage mob made up of some portion of the company workforce. Google is a private company, they are free to hold whatever values they like and face the consequences. What will the consequences be for an ultra-liberal workforce working in a vacuum chamber of their own ideas where the most extreme is rewarded and dissent is silenced, scared and fired? What does that mean for anyone who holds a conservative world view or even a centrist world view? Well as one who does not hold Google's company vision and world view stance I can say that it is disheartening, disappointing and a little frightening given the level of sway, control and power that Google wields in the ability to control and know what I believe, where I am, what I do and what I say. If another company were in the opposite position ideologically, what would the response be to similar actions within the company? So I pose another paper, written by a former google employee that testify's to the internal functioning and the response to what would be considered by many to be a centrist or slight right world view and value system. This topic is profound to me because I find myself very similar in worldview and belief system to the Author, and to have gone through what he did inside a company as prominent as Google would have left me with the same feelings. The paper can be found HERE
  10. That's a tough call with similar performance, on one side: Ray tracing, Much lower power consumption (160w vs 295w? i think), Freesync support (on supported/quality freesync monitors) vs Serious compute advantage(if it helps you at all), full freesync support If you like them both and can't decide/don't have a preference then pick by Price, Price, Price, looks, cooler performance or some other subjective difference.
  11. Aye, it means you lost less fluid before the pump starved and the system overheated. Definitely a fortunate occurance. I guess that would be the one benefit of mounting the radiator below the pump, leaks at the pump will leak less fluid.
  12. I've owned several and never had a leak myself. 1: replace it (I would replace it and then take it apart to attempt to find the source of the leak for my own curiosity) 2: clean the residue up with some alcohol, cotton balls and Q-tips 3: You're very fortunate that the leak did not cause any electrical shorts in the system. 4: just curious, but is your radiator mounted above or below the pump in your system?
  13. I don't custom loop. I do AIO I've done AIO modifications (240mm AIO for GPU) I would do AIO again, it's easy to change parts(i'm somewhat of a GPU swapping regular), provides excellent performance, and is relatively quiet... though not nearly as pretty as a custom loop... but then again who actually wants to marry a princess/supermodel... the money, the work, the drama, it all gets old and busted eventually... but some people enjoy that, kudos to them.
  14. NO, heavens no it's not overkill. If you have the money, desire the exclusivity, would enjoy owning it and don't necessarily care that for the price to capacity decrease/performance increase over other options isn't particularly in it's favor... then why not buy the best performing option? (the buying a 2080Ti is the same argument).