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  1. Thats all i needed to know, thanks!
  2. Hi there, This may sounds stupid, but i wanted to make sure i understand everything correctly. I wanted to upgrade my pc with an nvme ssd since I'm running out of space and they're cheaper than ever. I have an i5-6600k on a GA Z170 D3H motherboard. Because this cpu has 16 pcie lanes support and since i have a gpu in the 16x slot i should get a new cpu and mobo, because pcie nvme gen3 x4 takes 4 lanes right? And if i didnt my gpu would be bottlenecked or would my drive operate at lower speeds? Thanks in advance for clarifying, NFSU
  3. NFSU

    Win 10 RAM usage oddity

    Will try that in the morning, gonna let you know if ur interested
  4. NFSU

    Win 10 RAM usage oddity

    I've tried to, but this particulate series is not supported by the mobo thus making xmp not work. Manual oc also didnt work for some reason even after adjusting the voltage and everything. Oh and did i mention its rated at 3000mhz so its not even technically oc?
  5. NFSU

    Win 10 RAM usage oddity

    Intel, i5-6600k to be exact
  6. NFSU

    Win 10 RAM usage oddity

    Keen eye, yes it is minecraft that's why I was looking at ram usage. Would it use 5 gb? What for?
  7. Hello there, I've encountered something very odd while using my pc&laptop and have no clue why is it happening. Apparently both my pc and laptop seem to use much more ram than the sum of all processes in task manager. For example now, task manager tells me that 77% of memory is being used(around 12,3GB of my 16GB), but all of the processes don't use up more than 7GB. Im uploading clip for reference. Any help/explanation would be greatly appreciated.
  8. hello everyone, I have encountered strange problem. Whenever i launch games my headphones start to buzz. This annoying noise makes playing any games highly unpleasureable. Interestingly, this happens only in some games (CS:GO, DOTA2, PUBG) and the buzzing changes tone whenever i change video settings. Because of that i assume its probably not electromagnetic interference. Maybe its because of game engine? I don't have any other source 2/ unreal 4 games to check this theory. In addition i don't recall dota2 making this kind of annoying sounds previously, i really dont have idea what might be the problem. If, however, it was the case of interferences maybe some kind of DAC far from PC could solve the problem? I'm not an expert in that matter and I've read simillar posts on tomshardware and one here at ltt. Haven't found any working solution(I've seen people talking about removing grounding cables from speakers or turning VSYNC off, didn't help me). Any help will be appreciated. ~NFSU ----- My specs: ATH M-50x Headphones Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case i5-6600k cpu ga 980TI video card GA-Z170-D3H mobo corsair rm 750 psu 16 gb ddr4 3ghz gskill ram windows 10 home
  9. Well I can research more, but the whole point of this post is that i cannot change it to manual, altough i should be able to. I posted this picture only to show you how looks line in which i can change it to manual(flex&boost). Maybe ure not familiar with gas' uefi..
  10. Hello guys I wanted to start some overclocking today because dunno why my performance in games starts to be bottlenecked a bit by processor performace. Therefore i wanted to do a minor overclock simply by changing multiplier from 35 to 40 in uefi. However gigabytes uefi wont allow me to do that and i dont know why. It recognises in system information that im running an unlocked processor. Help would be appreciated