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  1. Game recommendations (please read post!)

    The Last of Us
  2. PS1 price

    It still won't give a 240p/288p signal like a real PS1, instead it outputs 480i/576i.
  3. PS1 price

    Honestly PS1 doesn't make sense for any but the most hardcore old school gamers IMO. The appeal of a real PS1 over PS1 emulation on the PS3 is it'll give a much better picture on a CRT or through an upscaler since it outputs pure 240p (as will the PS2), while the appeal of the PS1 over running on original hardware through the PS2 would be that the PS1 is a hell of a lot easier to hardmod so you can play burned discs. Otherwise the only appeal is aesthetics since the original PS1 is such a good looking system. But I see them all the time at flea markets in the US for $10 to $15.
  4. used gtx 770 selling price

    $150 is easily in used GTX 970 territory.
  5. will red dead redemption 2 be on 4K, HDR 60fps?

    RDR2 will probably come out on PC. RDR1 never will unless you consider emulation with RPCS3.
  6. How's your Nintendo Switch holding up?

    Wow we only get one year in the US.
  7. Nintendo Switch Online Service costs money

  8. Nintendo Switch Online Service costs money

    How does a consumer pay for one of the SOC in the PS4?
  9. Nintendo Switch Online Service costs money

    The initial cost of the PS4 was $381 to get one into a retailer's hands. I have heard the retailer takes a 20% cut on console sales (I think the source was Michael Pachter). So at $399 sale price the retailer would then be taking almost $80 in for its cut, so Sony would be losing almost $62 on each launch PS4.
  10. Nintendo Switch Online Service costs money

    The consoles are often sold at losses when you figure in the retailer's cut of the sale.
  11. Nintendo Switch Online Service costs money

    Isn't Sony dropping Vita from the PS Plus subscription games this year?
  12. Coolest looking game console

    Greatest ad campaign ever
  13. Would like some cheap N64 and Dreamcast game recommendations

    A surprisingly excellent game on Dreamcast is Virtua Tennis, and I see it selling for less than $10 on eBay. It's quite impressive graphically, has good music, and is addicting as hell. God I love Sega.
  14. SSD size for PS4 Pro

    All PS4 games have to be installed to the hard drive. You can't play them off the disc like you could on PS3.