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  1. The corners are solid they aint moving
  2. I love this case but can't get it off my iPhone 6s. I've watched the tutorials but nothing works. I want to keep the phone and case intact.
  3. I want the moto z but the Iphone is just cool, and I just can't decide.
  4. Iphone SE or Moto Z Play?
  5. Ok thx everyone I think im going to but the G5.
  6. LG G5 Or Windows Phone I can't decide.
  7. So you are saying I should get what card.
  8. Im thinking the 390 but I will have to wait a bit till I get the money for one and I will see what one to get.
  9. I don't know what one to get the most graphics intense game I play is ark survival evolved what should I go for and what can I play them at. Thanks
  10. Prismo_

    K70 Keycaps

    I did the inside of the plus sign on the keycap is rough
  11. Prismo_

    K70 Keycaps

    I just purchased my k70 rgb and the 1 key cap is getting stuck halfway I figured out it is the keycap so I would like to know where I can replace the 1 keycap with the same font or all the numbers with icons.
  12. How do you mount it on the top?