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  1. The term "blockbuster" makes me frown. Age of Empires series isn't a blockbuster. It's not a sparkly graphical effects call of duty xxx420xxx/dawn of war III type of game. That's why I liked the franchise so much. It's relatively simple, and doesn't attack your eyes, ears, or intelligence. I've been playing AoE2 since its launch to this very day.
  2. I dunno. Pricing might tell why once it's disclosed. But it won't happen if this is gonna be the same story as the i3 7350k price wise.
  3. I don't like Razer. Overpriced products, product customization that can't be done by the customer unless subscribing to an online service, and a logo that looks like one of these tattoos that drunk people in Las Vegas / edgy people get. There I said it.
  4. Yup. To me "esports" it is as strange as a noun to use to describe video games as "board sports" would be for chess.
  5. Well no. We just don't like it when the marketing services of hardware companies bullshit us. I also believe this should go beyond fanboyism.
  6. What do you mean ? I find AoE2 HD to be a pretty decent remaster.
  7. That's great news ! Do you think they'll implement that zoom in / zoom out feature in Age of Empires 2 someday too ?
  8. Does anybody thinks Valve will make an appearance to video games conventions or expositions ever again ? It's been a while since they announced any new games so I am sad.
  9. I don't see where it is going. Marketing wise, i can only see "4k is the past, now is the time for 12k !". But on the consumer side of things, I don't get it, is there a practical difference going from 4k ? Even for professionals ? The only thing I can imagine in my weak brains is perhaps for cinemas, or for some these entertainment parks that feature 360° immersion attractions with screens. Otherwise, I don't see it being a commercial success before... at least when HL3 gets released.
  10. Thiback

    MSI GTX1080Ti

    I like how that gaming X cooler was intended to make the card look sleeker. Using this on a very large aluminium heatsink makes it look like yoga pants worn by a fat person. Grotesque
  11. I made an internship in a communications agency a few years back, and they used RSS software to keep track and be alerted of the news regarding their client companies. I don't know if they still use it, so the question would be : with what would they replace RSS feeds, given it's so useful to them ? Also, this thread is definitly in the wrong section.
  12. Hey, i speculate because I am really interested into this VEGA thing. Ending the search would be totally boring for me Let alone the other GPU enthusiast on the lookout for competition in the high end market. Please tell us if you get other info on it. Meanwhile, how come the 1060 and the rx 480 have such similar scores, given AMD "has to be much better in DX12" ? Enable us to get more info on upcoming GPUs ! MORE INFO !! Regarding that speculation addiction we got going on here, read every first letter of each line of the two paragraphs above.
  13. I know this is infuriating, but you are on the Linustechtips forums. Speculation based on almost nothing is a long tradition here.
  14. This seems likely. The 5721 graphics score that the "Generic VGA" has according to that test is very close to that of the Fury X (5597).
  15. Given that according to guru3d, the GTX 1070 is at 6059, having a Vega scoring 5950 only isn't good at all. http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/geforce-gtx-1080-ti-review,30.html