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    I had dial-up until college. I've been bitter ever since.
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    Intel i7 4790K (de-lid)
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    EVGA Z97 Classified
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    16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400MHz CL 11
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  1. I had an SSD mounted to the floor before, actually, which is why you see a dangling SATA connector, but I've been switching out SSDs for various projects so now I let it dangle. The board will overhang the mount hole by about 1CM so the thickness of the drive might make the difference, but since most of my SSDs are encased in plastic, I don't worry about them contacting the leads on the back of the board. I would NOT mount an HDD in that location.
  2. You're in luck. A DTX measures 200x244mm I shoehorned a MicroATX in, which is 244x244mm. That proves a DTX board would fit. Here's the photo:
  3. If you're going to upgrade anyway, have you considered overclocking that K? I'm still running that chip OC'd and it does great work. Don't forget, 4th Gen Intel uses DDR3, so if you go to Ryzen, you'll need DDR4 as well. If you're using aftermarket cooling, it will also likely require ordering an adapter kit for Ryzen, or it may simply not work.
  4. If that's truly the reason, I don't think it's helping. I ordered on the 18th and it still hasn't shipped.
  5. That has got to be a scam. Call the number listed on the letter, or transcribe the letter here (and don't put your personal information). I'll call them. I'd almost guarantee the number is Skype and it goes out of country.
  6. For sure, and in the long run, over 20 years and with what will happen during that time, the difference is actually insubstantial. The point here is that the OP feels overwhelmed without necessary justification. 1st world problems; polishing brass on the titanic.
  7. If this truly became an issue for Iceland, they would mandate maximum power draws or caps for each house. They're socialist, after all.
  8. It all seems overwhelming in the beginning. Trust me, you'll be fine. The degree will get your foot in the door, the cost of a house and your salary are largely based on the area, you'll jump around between companies and get promoted if you do well... it all works out (In IT these days, if you stick around, you don't tend to get promoted, but this also varies). Doing the math ahead of time without an understanding of exactly how it works is a sure fire way to have a cardiac event early in life. Also don't expect to buy a new house before you're 30 unless you pair up with an equal earner and you have some help with the down payment. The world isn't how it was in the 60's. @AshleyAshes Not all loans are created equally. The OP never mentioned how his loan was aqcuired.
  9. Yes but providing a vehicle for illicit behavior is also a crime. That's how they approach torrent hosting sites. The service wont last if they continue to profit from that type of behavior.
  10. I would NOT SLI a 6-series card. The problem with older cards that weren't 8 series or above is the memory size, which many modern games rely on. If you SLI, you'll increase your FPS but you won't be able to increase texture quality. You'll be limited to 2 GB. Whereas the 1070 provides 8GB of memory. Significant improvement. Even a 1060 gives you 6GB.
  11. And by saying those folks are stupid, you're saying that addiction is not real, or that it is within those people's control, thereby tossing out the last 50 years of pyschological research that says otherwise. Nice. Real nice.