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  1. I have a Am2 am2+ pc i got recently and it wont start when i plug in the 4 pin cpu power pin in,but if i just have the motherboard power connector in it starts up,any clue whats wrong with it. I tried resetting cmos,i used just one ram stick in,i tried different configs in ram i tried with my gpu in and out Motherboard is a asus M2N-sli Deluxe it has a AMD Phenom X4 9850 BE
  2. AMD seems to produce better deeper blacks and better depth of color imo
  3. Upgrading cpu soon,hopefully i can find a good price


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    2. Lowbuget


      I just updated my Parts lol,haven't been on for a good bit

    3. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      then there is no need for a new mobo! you can get 1st gen ryzen 5's for like 60 bucks.

    4. Lowbuget


      Yeah i was planing to find some r5 cpu cus my current one is not cutting it for star citizen

  4. Me and My Friend are currently developing a fivem roleplay server,anyone can spawn in custom cars and anyone can be a cop(For now it may change in the future depending) Discord link https://discord.gg/Rv6aXA Hey admins If this doesn't adhere to the rules please tell me and i will get rid of the post
  5. yeah im only going to have my freinds on it so yeah
  6. Can my laptop run a minecraft server? it would run jurrasic craft 2 specs are, AMD a8 7410 8 gigs of ddr3 ram i can give more info if you need to know.
  7. I recently got a 2 gig stick of ram for my pc(Was running just a single channel of 4) and before i was able to play Gta sa with no problems and now i will click play on steam and it will say game running then a few seconds later it will stop running,any fix for this? P.s on on windows 7