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  1. Hi everyone, if put my laptop to hibernate all the time rather than sleep whenever I am not using it does that cause significant wear on the components such as SSD. Or is it negligible in that general use of the laptop actually puts more 'wear' on the laptop. Thanks
  2. Hello, for the past year or two I've had this issue with my ASUS Zenbook Flip 14 UX461UA where when I put it to sleep it can't wake up from it. Moving the mouse, pressing on the keyboard and pressing on the power button does nothing. I can only get to Windows if I do a force shutdown and then boot up the laptop. When it is in this "coma" state the backlight for my external keyboard turns on. I am certain that it is not because of a dead battery because it has happened even at 100% and putting the laptop to sleep while charging is actually one of the ways that leads the laptop b
  3. Hi everyone, I use a laptop which is connected to a monitor. I typically prefer my laptop lid to be closed whenever I am working However I have been noticing that after 30-60 minutes or so the backlight from my mechanical keyboard would light up for a period of time and then turn off even though I put my laptop to sleep. (I press alt f4 and then select sleep if anyone wants to know). What do you think is causing this and should I be concerned? My theory is that its just the laptop going into hibernation and for some reason that causes the mechanical keyboard to light up b
  4. One thing I am concerned about though is sometimes attackers might use methods that download and execute malicious things without me being aware but again I think Malwarebytes covers that.
  5. I scanned my computer using Trend Micro, Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner and nothing came up. Trend Micro also has real time protection and website protection and nothing cam up as well. Hopefully it is nothing and I'll be more careful with my PC next time.
  6. Hi, everyone today my little cousin decided to go on my PC laptop today tried to Google if there were anymore Overwatch giveaways from Overwatch teams because he missed the Dallas Fuel one. As I came back from my shower I noticed that he was on these websites http://dashboard.iot.clv.macnica.co.jp/fanart/how-to-get-free-overwatch-league-tokens.html dashboard.iot.clv.macnica.co.jp gag.picosaranchresort.com So like the title says should I be concerned about these websites giving me malware, viruses etc? Really paranoid right now and any help would be
  7. Hi everyone, right not I am having issues with my Microsoft Office specifically with "reactivating" it. From time to time the 2013 Microsoft Office on my mum's laptop would become unlicensed which wouldn't be a problem as I would use cscript ospp.vbs /act to reactivate it in CMD. However when I tried doing this again this morning an error came up (see image) I have a feeling it might have something to do with my connection blocking the ospp.vbs from working or an issue with ospp.vbs itself as the same error message appears when I type any other options after it (ospp.vbs /act, osp
  8. At what temperature do you think I should be like "hey I should probably open up my PC/Laptop and see if there is dust blocking the cooling"
  9. Has anyone had a bad experience with Galax? Here in Australia Galax graphics cards are always a bit cheaper than most well known brands and I'm considering purchasing a Galax card but I am a bit apprehensive.
  10. Hi everyone, so I've recently purchased a Moto G8 plus from an eBay business and I was wondering if there is a way to check where the country of origin the phone is from. Just like how on iPhone eg. an LL in the model code means it is US. This is because the business claimed that the phone is Australian stock however for the price I paid I feel like it might be a gray import. Before purchasing, I did all of the necessary checks on the seller and they seemed positive. I just wanted to check for peace of mind and hopefully if there is a way to check the country of origin and it is no
  11. Hi everyone, right now I want to replace the thermal pads on my GTX 1070 and the ssd in my laptop too and I was wondering whether I could use thermal pads from AliExpress / eBay. For the people who have experience using these pads are they crap, or are they good enough to transfer the heat. Lastly, if I buy thermal pads that are too thin will stacking pads affect the effectiveness of the pads? Example of what I want to buy. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32678568375.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.d2d27549qDDlzU&algo_pvid=a71af748-30fb-4e5b-9c0a-79
  12. Hi guys, so right now I’m doing a screen repair on a Nexus 5X and I’ve realized that there is a thermal pad on the phone’s screen assembly (see picture). I don’t think I can transfer this pad without breaking it so I was wondering which thermal pad should I buy. Is it fine to use pads that are for PCs eg. GPUS? Should I be buying 0.5mm thickness or 1mm thickness? Are AliExpress/eBay thermal pads fine. eg. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32716660768.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5dae7549Vth9VR&algo_pvid=461775fd-7b21-4468-9f29-58b4e0d4017a&algo_expid=4
  13. Thanks for the reply might actually use this method. Btw since this the laptop's windows license is registered to my Microsoft account could I "restore" the same license if I logged in.
  14. Also, this laptop is only used for light web browsing and the user is tech literate enough that he knows not to click on dodgy links or go on suspicious websites so is it still safe use Windows 10 1803 for the time being or is it too risky. (Like I said my last resort is to factory rest/reinstall Windows but I currently do not have time for it)