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  1. well voltage should already be 1.35v but the timings will be important if you want your full speed but ye if xmp has a profile for your speed use that instead you manually will have to do it if doesn't
  2. disable xmp and set it to factory settings if its this kit all the information you need is there if its another kit just find it
  3. fully modded xbox 360 filled with almost entire library of game for each emulator, I saw a little screen in the front thought it would be some sort of temperature or rpm meter or something but it was a modchip
  4. "high fps" that frametime is normal for 60 FPS
  5. since the push for more cores has become the new trend game engines and developers will be making use of them its def the way to go for future proofing your rig for next 3-5 years
  6. possibly? at competitive settings 8gb ram is weak and so is the 960 for 144fps currently run a 8700k and 2080 and 144fps stable is perfect anytime after launching from the ship
  7. When apply thermal paste you want the thinnest possible layer of it hence why such a small amount is placed on the cpu and the force of the heat sink will spread it thin. Too much will in return circulate the heat acting as an insulator heating up the cpu more
  8. whatever speedtest or whatever website you use uploadspeed divided by 2 is roughly your upload so your 2mbps is really only 1 you need at least 4000 for 720p 30fps, so speed test must read 8000 or more Im unsure if your card supports nvenc but yes nvenc will make your system resource usage virtually 0 so you could stream using it
  9. both Streaming with x264 requires alot of resources that your quad core isn't capable of which is why most setups use a dual pc setup as those same resources are needed to drive the game and your upload speed is no where near for 720p 30 without being a pixelated mess so even if you get the setup to stream it won't look good
  10. the 1080ti alone is worth 500$ not really a great sale but a steal for the buyer, Id assume it would be worth even more used in Euros
  11. 1. no 2. no bc of 1 3. below 85 is best practice for gpu and 90 for cpu 4. no bc you won't be able to 5. prob 480p at 30fps
  12. day care where you could see the smoke from the window of the tower's
  13. incorrect ram doesn't get hot the "cooler" is just to make your ram distinguishable for your brand instead of just having a bare pcb