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    Intel Core i5-4460
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    ASRock H97M Anniversary
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    Kingston HyperX 1600MHz 8GB (2x4GB)
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 750Ti
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    Corsair Air 240 White
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    Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB
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    Corsair CX500
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    CM Storm Quickfire Rapid (Cherry MX Blue)
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    SteelSeries Kinzu V2
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    Windows 8.1N

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  1. Another builder that just looks at a number and thinks great is better...
  2. Could be a number of things, such as ambient temperatures or dust buildup. Wouldn't worry about it too much unless temps start going beyond the thermal limits of the chip.
  3. Just bump on up to a core i3. The Pentium is only likely to cause MORE problems down the line rather than less.
  4. An i3 would be a better fit with an R9 270. The experience of overclocking with the Pentium G3258 may be fun and interesting to an enthusiast, but for gaming there is no reason why one would want to purchase the Pentium over the i3. The i3-4160 should be perfectly fine for playing both CS:GO and War Thunder at 1080p60 at high settings when paired with the R9 270 (although I'm not entirely sure that you'd necessarily want to be running CS:GO at 60FPS for Source Engine reasons). Getting an i5-4460 WOULD be nice, but at $600 for all the parts, it'd be very hard to stretch for that much in AU without some majorly unnecessary sacrifices in other computer components that would end up affecting your games performance such as GPU. If you did plan on upgrading parts to the future, it may be nice to invest in a really nice part, but in many cases where you're rather strapped for cash, upgrades will seldom happen or even be needed if you assemble a well-rounded machine.
  5. I think people misread it, thinking that he said that he knows that AMD IS better than Intel, as opposed to him knowing more about AMD products than he does about Intel products.
  6. I always end up using Linus's analogy of comparing specs across different architectures to be as reasonable as comparing engine RPM's across different vehicle classes such as a Prius to a semi-truck. Meaningless metrics that don't really reveal any real comparisons. A friend is trying to tell you that an FX-6300 is better than an i5-4460? If he wasn't talking about better as in, it heats up your room better due to more heat output, then you no longer have a friend. No reputable reviewer would ever put out information stating such, and so I must believe that whomever you are talking is misguided, completely uninformed about computer hardware, and should not be trusted with anything regarding technology. Like seriously, any minimal amount of research should show that these two products aren't anywhere near comparable.
  7. I'd imagine it would vary greatly from motherboard to motherboard. Why not just invest in a Molex to 4-pin splitter with PWM support? You can draw power straight from the PSU while still maintaining PWM support for RPM readings and fan controls.
  8. What's more important to you, performance or overclocking? What you're demanding out of your budget just isn't quite within the range of high-end overclocking hardware. It's easy to want EVERYTHING as a first time builder, but you have to learn to realize limitations such as budget and proper performance/dollar considerations. You have to remain realistic of what your goals and intentions are. Is building this computer and fiddling with it going to be your toy? The whole "I'm going to be editing videos" also shouldn't hold HUGE weight in determining CPU choice. If you have something good like an i5, it'll work; it won't work the best or encode/decode the FASTEST, but it will WORK. Content-creation is bottlenecked more by lack of vision and direction, not strictly hardware. You don't need professional equipment to make good content. It's just like all those amateur photographers buying DSLR's thinking that it'll produce quality photos.
  9. It's not unreasonable that someone using an FX processor can realize it's shortcomings. In fact, it should be even more readily apparent to them as they are the one who have used it.
  10. What cooler are you using? What are all of your overclock settings? It's either that you're using an inferior cooler, you overclocked incorrectly, or you've got too little/much thermal paste between your cooler/CPU.
  11. I think it's just the wrong tool for a lot of high-end computers. They're relatively cheap power supplies that should suffice for most low-end/budget builds; but people should honestly expect to shell out a bit more money to power their high-end equipment, instead of just cheaping out on the power supply component of their build. I think the biggest takeaway is to review the product, not the brand.
  12. Why did you purchase a dual-core processor when the primary purpose of the computer was media production? And honestly, clearer information documenting your problem would be helpful, including some screencaps/recordings; as well as performance/temperatures/etc. metrics during WHICH programs. There can be a TON of reasons as to why the Pentium G3258 may seem to bottleneck; it's not old architecture, do some research before spouting that claim. I would honestly look to do some thorough testing with better documentation; triage your computer, don't just slice and dice in a new CPU. Things like incorrect chipset drivers, faulty motherboard, malware/bloatware, can all affect your computer and send CPU usage skyrocketing, and just swapping in a new CPU won't solve the problem. If you think Windows is truly at fault, run a live version of Linux from a USB drive and see if that solves anything. Also, did you just mark your own post as best answer?
  13. 3 GPU's? Sounds like you're just wanting to throw money away at this point.
  14. Here's an image that I've seen floating around before. https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fhugelolcdn.com%2Fi700%2F344492.jpg&f=1 I'm not actually sure who made it; if anyone knows, please let me know so I can properly accredit their work.