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  1. Hmm it just hit 110.3% haha so confused. Another idea I have is to flash the ROM from the top level card as its same GM204 board, although looking at it the power limit is still the same just higher factory clocks Attached that BIOS below as well Zotac.GTX970.Extreme.rom
  2. Yeah it hits past it tbh seen it hit 108.7% which I don't get how does that if max is 106% But thinking about sticking water cooler on it for fun to see if I can get but more life out it before I upgrade my PC
  3. I'm trying to raise the power limit % on my GTX 970 but cant seem to make sense of what values to change, thought it would be obvious My card is locked to 106% but I want to up that to 112% and possibly try even more like 120% if 112% works fine, can anyone make this clearer for me? I have attached my BIOS. Zotac.GTX970.Core.rom
  4. Pretty sure i do as i used it for 2fa
  5. When i try join discord sever i click accept invite then it takes me back to my discord and hasn't added the LTT Server, Tried multiple times on multiple devices, whats the issue? My account is linked to my discord on the forum
  6. I need to upgrade my router due to needing gig ports as current router is Fast Ethernet max and not Gig Ethernet. Current setup: Virgin Media Modem to ASUS RT-AC51U to Gig Switch I'm happy with ASUS software and want to stick with ASUS. The two options I'm looking at are. https://www.very.co.uk/asus-dsl-ac56u-ac1200-wireless-dual-band-vdsladsl-2-gigabit-modem-router/1600080239.prd https://www.very.co.uk/asus-wireless-ac1200-dual-band-router/1600182770.prd The first one h
  7. It crashed in mass effect as well. is mass effect DX12?
  8. Power limit is at 106% but voltage is stock nah I dont need it just nice as its un used power didnt need to overclock my cpu but I could lol
  9. no idea I havnt played another game for a while let me turn my over clock back on and ill play some mass effect and I will update you. But that would be intresting if so as I think fifa18 is the only DX12 game I have
  10. So everytime I try to overclock my cpu it crashes in games no matter what I do, my specs in my footer. I even tried using zotacs preset that crashes my game. My recent overclock that crashes is. +70 on core clock and +35 on memory clock and it crashes when play FIFA18 like the least demanding title I own. its really anoying as Im running 4.2ghz on my cpu with no issues.
  11. Right so i was given a UPS by my boss at work as he was cleanign out siome old gear he had at home. I brought some new batterys and installed them, But before I went to plug it in I got a anxioty attack worring about fire risk and so on. is there a risk? is so what risk are there with UPS's and how can i prevent or see them coming. MY UPS is a APC Smart-UPS 750VA. Cheers for any advise. and yes Im aware I'm worrying possibly to much, but I have a dog who stays home why me and the wife are at work and stuff in my house I cant repl
  12. ye not all apps can be backed up tho due to the need a certain api code that was implemented with marshmellow so if app developers havnt implemented that api it wont back up
  13. I want to back up my phone and appdata on my android but I do not want to root my phone or use a pc like helium does. Any one know anything?
  14. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/gelid-solutions-icy-vision-vga-cooler-for-ati-amd?gclid=Cj0KCQjwqvvLBRDIARIsAMYuvBFpu8PMFkknhZmd3zlOmyYddDyMgFtuATUoSgHQDo2ueeS4LYQkxk0aAqoBEALw_wcB Just buy a aftermarket cooler if it works out to be a good deal including the added extra cash for aftermarket cooler