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  1. this is disgusting. thats worse than one plus' cable....
  2. usb c vs chrome book? did you mean the standards compliance app that was made?
  3. anyone know if any product charges like this?
  4. http://www.simplywholesale.com.au/clearance/usb-to-35mm-audio-jack.html?utm_source=Simply+Wholesale+Newsletter&utm_campaign=d4c1174e2e-Simply_Wholesale_Newsletter_24_Feb_16_PM&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_71771ae868-d4c1174e2e-75572217&ct=t(Simply_Wholesale_Newsletter_24_Feb_16_PM)&mc_cid=d4c1174e2e&mc_eid=6641fb05a7 its a usb to 3.5 mil adaptor. it appears to have no DAC and i have heard of no-one putting analog audio over a big usb plug. and it appears to be vaguely standardised. Any ideas how one actually uses this?
  5. Have fun. I'd like to see how long it lasts
  6. Windows 10 mandatory updates and crashes happen.. And in the real world crashes happen no matter how good it is... You trust home Windows reliability too much... Also potential hardware failures are going to be really painful due to the number layers of software. Fixing Windows, storage server/pfsense takes everything down with it... You do not know the hell you could unleash...
  7. Put four people at different parts of the map and it might start chugging. Otherwise let us see...
  8. I have in a fifty grand fell server(base specs price)
  9. As guy above said CPU benchmarks are the least of your concerns but..this will become a painful headache. Especially if Windows reboots, power failure, etc... At which point you will give up change the system to an easier to maintain one
  10. What is your full internet speed? and normal lag? what is your tested lag and speed when your brother is active?
  11. that wouldn't be that bad. If you took good care of it.
  12. can i point something out...he said under 400 dollars and it will probably get higher above that again.
  13. thats also a roll of the dice that he is is very low on cash he can't afford to lose...
  14. Umm the AMD fx may have something to do with it. I have heard that random pausing is a issue with gaming on fxes even on good builds.