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  1. Have been watching your videos for several years now, and i must say they are getting better and better Thank you for learning me about computer hardware, i would probably not be as interested in computers as i am now if i didn't watch your videos. smiles
  2. I really like that the screen is an ips 1080p screen
  3. I do love the tap lock thingie, also the slim bezels turn me on
  4. 103it

    350d, 4770k & 780

    Thank you! Eeeh, but, but,eeh haa,hoo, no. I never thought about that
  5. So i finally got myself to make a "build log". It's really just pictures of my finished build , but maybe i will do some updates to in the future. I have an EK backplate for my 780, but finding the right screws is a challange. I built this computer when the 4770k launched. My specs are: Case: Corsair 350d MB: Asus Maximus VI gene CPU: Intel i7 4770k (overclocked at 4,3GHz) RAM: Corsair Vengeance pro 16gb 1600MHz (overclocked at 1866MHz) GPU: MSI stock GTX 780 (+155MHz on the core and + 205MHz on the memory) PSU: Corsair AX760i with sleeved cables (i did not have a plan with the pattern :lol:) CPU cooler: Corsair H100i (with noctua nf-f12) HDD: WD green 1tb SSD: Samsung 840PRO 256gb Picture time!!:
  6. I have cyanogenmod on my note 2 and i would like to install the stock samsung firmware again but i wasn't smart enough to take a backup. I have an unlocked 3g version. What do i do?