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  1. I'm up for that. I'm nowhere near as advanced as you but I'd be up for playing with you. I'm also in the UK so no time difference to worry about I'd love to run more CEO missions and maybe even do the heists. I don't play very often because, like you, I've found it difficult to find folks to play with. I have added you on steam and R* social club
  2. First you need to confirm what sort of VDSL speed your telephone line can manage. That can be done with the BT Wholesale DSL Checker. Enter your phone number and check the VDSL values. The range A high values are the best case scenarios and the range B low values are the worst case scenarios. I have FTTP here at home so below is an example for a property that's close to the cabinet. Once you've determined the maximum speed your line could achieve you need to ring BT and confirm you're on the 76Mbps package and what your "point of sale speed" is. Once you've got this information you then need to do some digging and find out what sort of hardware is in the cabinet you're connected to. Purchasing a VDSL router with the same chipset as your cabinet can help line stability and speed. Let us know the results of your investigations and I will talk you though finding out what cabinet equipment you've got (I promise this all worthwhile )
  3. That's awesome Zandor300. I whipped this one up to give people an idea of what's what here. Not shown are the wireless devices and I've omitted a few other things. The backup AP is to give laptop users who are going to be outside for a while a decent connection speed. I'd like to buy another one or two Unifi APs and a controller but seeing as it's a family residence we all paid towards the initial setup of this new network when our FTTH was installed. If I had the money I'd like to replace the cables at home with shielded Cat5e at the minimum and re-lay the existing runs but I don't and quite frankly I can't be bothered with actually doing it. It all works well enough for what we need even if I'd like to get maximum use of the internet speed over Wi-Fi.
  4. Thank you. I have been looking at the ERL and I think it's the better option. Already been looking at a UniFi AP just not sure which one to get. Will ultimately come down to price. On an off topic note I like your location mcraftax. Very accurate!
  5. Hi All, I will soon be one of the lucky few in the UK to have FTTH and along with the broadband upgrade I also intend on upgrading my home network. I am going to be getting a 300Mbps down and 20Mbps up service and a router I was looking at is listed as only having 120Mbps NAT throughput which from a quick internet search leads me to believe that it will not be up to the task. After a gigabit switch and wireless will not be required as I will be using a separate access point Can anyone offer any advice please? Currently of the opinion that if a third party box isn't up to it then the box supplied by my ISP certainly won't be. Cheers in advance Ryan
  6. What a superfarce. I live around two miles from my cabinet and I get, currently, around the 5Mbps mark and on a really good day lately I have been getting 6Mbps. However I am living in one of the very few areas where we are getting FTTP and have recently placed an order. Assuming the local landowner gives permission for it it is probably going to take six months to a year at the speed that BT Openreach move. For those of you not in the UK our phone and broadband infrastructure is, largely, owned and maintained by two companies. Virgin Media own and run the cable networks and BT Openreach own and run the telephone network that most ADSL and VDSL services run off. We have a peculiar situation here where BT Openreach is one of a group of three companies. You have Openreach, Wholesale and Retail. Openreach tell Wholesale what they can provide at X address and wholesale then tell the ISPs (BT, Sky, Talk Talk etc) what their customers can get at their address. However I digress. Some time ago it was decided by government that we would roll out 'superfast' broadband with the aim of 95% coverage by I believe 2020. There were two main bidders for the contracts. We had Fujitsu who were offering a FTTH deployment and we had the incumbent monopoly, BT Openreach offering VDSL/FTTC. Fujitsu pulled out citing problems with the bidding process and BT ended up getting the contracts and cash for FTTC. So thanks to BDUK and our Government we have now got an excuse for a national high speed broadband network which only really works if you are close enough to the cabinet. Assuming you can get a connection at all. Without going into a long rant about the various things Openreach have done or in many cases not done it is suffice to say that we have been royally shafted. We are trying to make, in many cases, 50+ year old copper cables provide a 21st service and while it may work fine for some people the problem is that it doesn't help anyone like the OP and myself who live in rural areas. I have had many a go at the current MP responsible on Twitter about the situation and I have been ignored or told to go away as I apparently don't know what I'm talking about. I apologise for the rant but the whole situation drives me insane. As and when Openreach sort out wayleaves I will be getting FTTP because I am of a very few who are getting rolled out as standard in my village. Even then because of the lunacy of it all only one half of the village can order it. The other half are stuck with VDSL. It really is madness! So yes while the OP's broadband improvement is just that if BDUK and gov't hadn't been had by the BT snake oil salesman he could be getting 1Gbps over fibre! Edit: I apologise this is probably off topic somewhat but as I say this makes me blood boil.
  7. Here is a rough layout of the network here. Not exactly fancy and no redundancy to speak of but it works. The Modem/Access point and the second access point are both Asus DSL-N55U models usind WDS to provide a 2.4GHz network which covers the whole house. It is far from perfect but it does what it needs to do. I Haven't the money to go investing in dedicated APs as much as I would like to. The main AP/Modem is in the hall and the other is in the conserveratory come greenhouse come lean to come I don't know what. It is wired from the switch in my bedroom for the time being. Even though network transfers rarely happen I went gigabit a while ago as I was told to expect FTTH availability and although that was some time ago it does make using the NAS a lot easier. On the wireless network we have the usual iDevices and a smart TV in the lounge. I didn't model the wireless devices as it would get silly. The MacBook Air in my room is wired in as it rarely moves from it's table and the wireless speed up here isn't much to shout about. It varies from device to device but the 360 itself can barely hold the wireless signal hence everything in my room being wired. Anyway if anyone has any questions let me know..
  8. Generally speaking they're ok if you they send stuff via Royal Mail. I have found Amazon Logistics who they seem to use thesedays for parcels aren't brillant. I know I don't live on an ordinary street but they often fail to deliver because 'nobody is in' despite the fact someone is always here because we can't leave our dogs. But in general I find them ok. Just don't rely on getting your packages on time.
  9. I have before used an old router with Tomato firmware installed to act as a wireless bridge. With the external antennas I found the wireless signal strength was better and I was able to share that over ethernet with the other devices in my room. Since then I have run an ethernet cable up here and I'm now fully wired into my network. If you want to stick to wireless methods you could try a range extender but ideally for maximum bandwidth you'd be best trying to use ethernet if you can. I'd also advise against powerline networking technology. It is known to cause intereference on shortwave and VHF radio frequency bands. If you live near an airport you could potentially be interfereing with ATC and whilst I can't speak for other countries OFCOM here in the UK would take a very dim view of that. I have seen evidence of powerline networking equipment functioning whilst not actually connected to the same ring main. In one example one plug was running off a generator and another off the mains. I would be very careful if you intend on going down the powerline route. Perhaps it might just be me but there is no substitute for an ethernet cable!
  10. Doing rather well this evening. Usually sits around 5Mbps. Not bad for a 5km line. Not bad at all. Issues with upload at the moment though as getting a lot of errors on my line! Soon this won't be an issue. Getting FTTP at 330Mbps down and around 20Mbps up...if BT actually deliver
  11. It's small and packs a punch. It wouldn't look out of place on a TV unit either. But after just watching the videos on building a PFsense router I can't help but think it's the right size and with built in Wifi it would go where my current Asus router is and wouldn't stand out. Not exactly a great use for a GTX 960 but still. It would also be small enough to fit under my TV unit in the man cave for fiddling about and doing some stuff with Eve Online boosting toons. There I said it! All round though looks a great piece of kit and if I was limited for space it would be sort of thing I'd consider
  12. After the 4770k. Want to be able to overclock. Looking more towards the GTX 780 at the moment. The 295X2 is just bonkers
  13. Been fiddling around and figured If I'm going to the job do it well. Had a corsair RM850 to start with for the PSU but now gone for an RM1000. Not sure if the 850 has the right connectors for the 295X2 and enough power for overclocking. So here is what I have: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/C6vc7P
  14. That FTTC or FTTP? FTTC sucks unless you have a good line and aren't that far from the cab otherwise it's pants. The whole superfast thing is a superfarce but that's just my opinion IMO. Getting FTTP in my half of the village by the end of the year if BT Openreach and their contractors pull their fingers out. This was done just now. One of the best I've seen for a while. Given we're supposed to be 'up to' 4Mbps the year's worth of being grumpy with BT about a fault and an Asus DSL-N55U has done wonders. Before the last callout we were getting 6Mbps plus but said visit rectified the fault. Not bad. If I have my way it'll be nearer 330 down and 30 up come Autumn
  15. One hour short of 25 days here.