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    Papa Franku - Dennis - Decoration - My Cat "
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    I'm a pretty normal guy. not. Didn't go to school from Grade 1 to Grade 4, so pardon my retardation.
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    Internet loser - Training to become artist.


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    Asus Rampage V Extreme
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    G.Skill Trident Z 16Gb
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    GTX 980 ti Classified ACX 2.0
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    NZXT H440 (⌐□_□)
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    WD Caviar Black 4Tb
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    Seasonic X-850
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    H110i V2
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    K70 RGB
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    G100s and Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
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    HyperX Cloud Core (possibly getting the II version)
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    W10 Pro

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  1. So the problem is......i can't get into my ipad - forgot my appleID which linked to set up my ipad. 2nd problem is...i forgot my passcode. Don't say i stole this ipad since it all started when my ipad charging port decided to die on me, i sent this ipad to one of the apple store near me to fix it. when they gave it back my appleID is all messed up. and i forgot my passcode and the ID. out of luck. if i decided to send it to apple itself. will cost me $100+ which i obviously can't do. poor af. My grammar is also poor. sorry for that.
  2. The price range is like $40. i noticed that XB270HU is 144hz and the XB271HU is 165hz. Also is there a difference between 4ms and 1ms? Small question: 3DS or Vita?
  3. I got a 1440p monitor and a 980 ti classified. and i haven't downloaded anything and want to test my card against a hard game to run since my internet is shit, i can only download 1 game per day. hardest game to run anyone?
  4. Just. what is the best X99 motherboard there is with Red and Black theme or Black. no msi, since msi doesn't provide support in my area. Thinking about Rampage V. 2 Expensive 4 me
  5. Hey. you don't know caveman mkay. I don't particularly understand shield. and i use my computer 24/7 i can't waste my time for my brother. if that's what i think the shield does. R9 380 and 960 is expensive as fk here. 271$. so it all point's to PS4?
  6. Ignore the title. Since i got my Computer, my brother's been begging me to put some kind of console on the tv and since i've never hold a controller or console in my life, except PS1 and PS2. I've had very hard time choosing to get Xbone or PS4 or even Wii U. Before you say "Just buy a new computer for your brother" i'm broke AF. i bought my pc and redecorate my room which cost me around 7000$. Also quick question PS Vita or 3ds XL?
  7. I ordered my "NEW" EVGA SC 980 ti last week and it came up 2 days ago and.....broken, crap. I send it back and got my money back and i'm planning to pick another 980 ti rather than the SC. Thinking of picking Hybrid or The G1 or any quiet and cool 980 ti i need answer ples.
  8. As the title says I'm a little worried about the PG278Q cause i heard some bad review about it the XB271hu however is completely new to me and i heard some good review about it. help me please?
  9. Oh crap i forgot its not compatible Changing to 5820k also do you reckin i should wait for Pascal before doing the 980ti sli?
  10. Recording Rig as in Cover not Youtube/Guest Rig GTX Titan X (didn't see that coming did ya?) never doing sli on this rig since TX is enough. I7 5960x-W10 X99 Deluxe GSkill Trident Z 4x16GB Corsair H100i Seasonic X-650 H440 (I'm smart and loyal) Samsung 850 Evo 250gb 1TB Blue Peripherals K70 Normal Asus PG278Q Logitech 402 Same headphone Yes i earned this money.
  11. Personal GRig Gtx 980 ti SLI : Suggest me some good 980ti? waiting on Pascal I7 5820k - W10 Asus Rampage V Extreme GSkill Trident Z 4x16GB Corsair H100i or NZXT Kraken X61? Please suggest PSU NZXT H440 (i already made a pledge to stay by the H440 side forever) Samsung 850 Evo 500gb or 250gb in a raid 0 4TB WD Black Peripherals Asus PG278Q x2 Corsair K70 RGB Logitech 502 HyperX Cloud Core 2
  12. So no 6600k? hmmm i don't has the xeon 1231v3 in my area so go for the 6600? or should i search for that cpu?=
  13. Malaysia and the budget i don't particularly care since i just want to pick the price as 6600k other is fine
  14. Umm The 6600k is 262$ meanwhile the 6600 is 233$ and since this area that i'm at don't have Xeon 1231v3 i'm fked D: should i go for the 6600?