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  1. variation between card manufactures doesn't really affect performance as long as it has good cooling. evga and msi are both very good brands and its really up to personal preference and price. ive seen the 750 ti as low as $85 so make sure to watch out for sales.
  2. MOD NOTE, quoted from http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/432470-off-topic-or-not-off-topic-the-ltt-debate/?p=5798409 it seems like every time i try to make a thread in off topic i get harassed by the fun police that it is "not productive" or "tech related". in my opinion, there shouldnt be a thread labeled "off topic" if you aren't willing to have some "non productive" posts. In fact, it even states "Non-Tech related content only please!" right under it. yet, the " posting guidelines " state "3 - The Off-Topic section IS for productive threads that may not fall into one of the already laid out sections of the forum. At all times though, this is a tech centered and focused forum." where is the truth? my off topic posts seem to always get complained about just because they aren't about graphics cards or whatever. yet, they all follower the actual rules stated here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/95599-linus-tech-tips-forum-code-of-conduct/ which were made by an actual forum admin, cough cough ill get to that later. so, in my opinion, you should either remove the off topic thread option all together, or fix the so called "off topic guidelines" to adhere to a more fair set of guidelines because it is a vital part of the forum and it keeps the forum interesting when you dont want to talk about graphics cards 24 hours a day. i also find it important to point out that the self-nicknamed fun police (people who have alot of posts, yet no recognition by the staff, who think they can boss people around as if they are staff) need to stop parading every post looking for a reason to flag people down, and let the admins and moderators do their job. certain individuals on this site seem to think they have a title that lets them control peoples posting habits, even if they follow all official guidelines. as a member of this forum, we are not obligated to take orders from other members, as long as we are following all the rules put in place by admins. <removed some personal attacks>
  3. i have my first day at a new school in a few days. which should i wear? *do not complain about me making an off topic post, its clearly labeled "off topic" and you willingly clicked on this post- move along. OR
  4. thats the most confusing and un-intuitive website i have ever used. thanks.
  5. you will be in my prayers. were there any security cameras or anything in the area?
  6. its only $3 on g2a and ive heard its a really good game. im only running it on a laptop though. it can run csgo at 40fps on 720p, is that good enough for half life?
  7. literally you and atyex need to shut up about being good on csgo
  8. usually every few weeks. i have it set to email me when it restocks.
  9. hmm.. is it something i can just plug in and go? i cant really make any changes to the wiring to my house.. im 15.
  10. evga b stock. i intend to buy when it comes in stock every few days.
  11. good point.. the blue really got my attention though