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  1. So just custom install use windows disc to format drive and reinstall all good? Just dont defrag and no harm?
  2. Hey everyone im running into some software issues and im gonna be doing a reboot of my PC complete format. I have a windows 10 disc that i will be using, i use a Samsung SSD evo and are these the same as regular harddrives? Can i just boot to the disc and use the custom installation settings to format the SSD and reinstall it that way or are SSDs formatted differently? I dont want to cause any harm to my SSD which is why i ask first.
  3. Hey everyone so i need some help. Im looking to make a virtual machine, im running windows 10, but im curious is it possible that i can pretty much just copy my exact windows to a virtual machine or will i need to install an OS to the VM first? Also can anyone help me with what software i can use?
  4. Yea i have no issues, GPU still runs flawlessly. Just the GPU driver crashing sometimes from sleep, no other issues what so ever. I guess its just a windows 10 issue then. Glad to know im not the only one lol.
  5. Hey everyone, just curious as if this is only happening to me. Im on a brand new rig, and everything works perfectly have a solid OC on the CPU as well. Only issue is sometimes not all the time maybe once every 15 sleeps when waking my PC up once i get to the lock screen to type my pin ill get a crash report saying my GPU driver has crashed and recovered. Anyone else having this issue? Im on a GTX 970, newest drivers are installed. O and im on windows 10 thinking this may be the problem.
  6. Thats the problem, i have tried plugging in my router into the WAN and it still doesnt pick up any signal. From doing research apparently Verizon does not use Ethernet they use coax which disables the ethernet and id have to call verizon to get it changed but i wanted to ask you guys if there was any work around.
  7. Hey everyone, i really need some help, and i know you guys are much more knowledgeable than i am about networking. I have verizon fios, i have the white box thing in my basement that they installed, i currently have TV, phone, and internet. I own a very good router, an asus router that i want to use, but apparently my setup from verizon is "coax" not ethernet at least that is what i was told. I am forced atm to use the verizon modem/router combo that they gave me when i got the service, and it does not allow me to connect my router to it, it will not receive a connection at all when it is plug
  8. Thank you! Wasnt sure, was getting worried thought i may have been ruining my cpu.
  9. So its perfectly ok to have it like this? My CPUZ always is showing 4.2 just the voltages fluctuate.
  10. Alright guys so i just noticed something. I have been reading on some stuff and it seems that its normal but i just want to verify it with you all. I have my i5 4690K overclocked to 4.2 at a voltage of 1.150. Now, in CPUZ the voltage seems to fluctuate a lot, it stays very low, and when i do a stress test it goes all the way up to 1.152 and the highest it stays at is 1.160. Is this normal? Also is this damaging my CPU that the voltages are constantly fluctuating up and down? My temps do not reach above 66 degrees under load, and i am completely stable at this overclock just worried about why t
  11. Alright sounds good then i am perfect at 1.150 at 4.2 then. Im happy with this, now i need to see how i can get the ram up a alittle, made the mistake of buying 1600 ram.
  12. Evo 212 only with push setup atm. Planning to put another fan to make it a push/pull setup, ive been reading that can lower temps a few degrees.
  13. Alright guys so I have been messing with some overclocks with this cpu and I want to know what is the temp that I should be staying under load? I currently have a 4.2 ghz stable overclock and at load it's staying under 66 degrees but I wanna try to get it to around 4.4ish ghz. Also is there any issue or degrading to the chip with an overclock like this? With the 4.2 oc I am at 1.150 volts and stable.