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  1. I bought the sandisk ultra ii instead of Kingston hyper x fury or uv400. Skipped the Intel 540s too due to poor reviews.
  2. I've successfully done it! Everything went smoothly. The mac boots up in 30 secs and shuts down in 2. I guess that's a good sign eh? Planning to dual boot tomorrow thanks again!
  3. Thanks so much! Was worried that I can't install OS X after putting in a new SSD. Thanks again!
  4. What do you mean by internet 'recovery'? Does that mean I don't even need a USB or DVD to reinstall OS X?
  5. Thank you for the detailed reply! I recently found out something. My MacBook Pro 13 inch (Late 2011) can only boot from the superdrive. It slipped my mind because I previously dual booted this Mac and found out that I had to install windows using the CD/DVD. I have two questions : 1. Can I boot from the DVD at startup and choose the SSD as a bootdrive later? 2. How do I burn the ISO on a DVD? Or should I just get a sata to USB cable and just install the OS X to skip all this trouble?
  6. I'm planning to switch the mechanical HDD to an SSD. I have a few questions : 1. Should I get a Sandisk Plus (RM300) or Sandisk Ultra 2 (RM350)? 2. Can I install the SSD straight into the MacBook and do a clean install from a bootable USB instead of cloning the ssd first? I'm not interested in the contents of my hard drive. 3. This will be my first time opening up a laptop. Any tips (static electricity, etc.)? Thank you!
  7. Are ultrabooks soldered ram upgradable though?
  8. Would you get that or the Acer S13 with 8gb of ram then?
  9. Thanks, but specs released by the company themselves are good for reference, but I'm sure real life experience is much more reliable.
  10. Wondering whether it's worth to upgrade to 8gb of ram but end up not needing it.
  11. P/s I had a chat with Lenovo Malaysia on Facebook. They said it's currently still not in Malaysia. Any chance that the price will be any different from what the laptop is listed on lazada (RM3299)?
  12. I guess I could go till 3500. If it's really worth it tho.
  13. The ram is soldered, and the 4gb version is already over budget a little I'll wait and see when it officially comes to Malaysia. In the meantime, any other suggestions?
  14. The 710s is RM3299 in Malaysia. That's RM500 difference. Is it worth?