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  1. Legendary Eagle Skyrim?
  2. I got MG2 on my 14th win on CSGO after have a win streak of 2 and dominating enemies top fragging with lot's of MVP's... then lost 2 games to smurfs and a suspected cheater, then top fragged my next game and got MG2... And don't believe the BS about GN4's matching MG's... well at least not MG2+ anyway.. my first MM match ever was vs GN4's and i top fragged 42-15.. i carried my entire shit team to victory on T side, though looking at it i did not play amazingly well... i prefired some spots and got lucky. Although soon i will be MGE... because even at MG2 i hold my own, i was ra
  3. You are just a negative person, all that has to be said.
  4. Anyway i ranked up... apparently you can rank up without a win streak... so the game deemed me good enough for MG2 lol.
  5. Will carry you as far as GN4/MG1 if you buy me Resident Evil HD remake on Steam
  6. NEMESlS


    I use it in BF3 with my AMD PC as it stutters like a cunt... Zero input lag at all as i cap the game engine to 59FPS and i use a 1000hz polling mouse so input latency is very low.
  7. CnC 3 Kanes Wrath CnC Red Alert 2... was awesome! Warhammer 40 DOW 2.... epic Supreme Commander 1/2 both good Total Annihilation... old game but damn good... got the CD rom
  8. NEMESlS

    I WON!

    Looks like an expensive black sex toy.
  9. I like the game, but it seems my skill level is stuck... if i won that 3rd match i most definitely would have got MG2 as my 14th MM win, i did rank to MG2 at 10 wins but had some bad games after so got MG1.