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  1. I think you should take the mesh off the front and top panels and paint them blue to match the lighting inside the case, that would look so awesome, but awesome build!
  2. I love this case, im glad to see a build in it!
  3. The attention to detail is phenomenal!! Its in my top 10 favorite builds so far!
  4. I'll give you one million dollars for this!!!!!
  5. I want a hover board so bad! I think if anything is going to get smaller we might need to find a new one soon
  6. I was watching back to the future and the scene where "Doc" set the time to go into the future was 2015 i was astonished how much people in 1989 thought technology would evolve and i guess that is what put a thought in my head. I was thinking when does technology reach the Law of Diminishing Returns? I mean today we have some pretty damn fast technology and its astonishing how much it has evolved in such a short time, but will it ever get so fast that we wont really notice the difference? I encourage your feedback on this topic and feel free to ask me any questions you may have! -Adler
  7. Anonymous is a group of people that started as a group of "trollers" on 4chan, but lately they are supposedly hacking into government websites and passing out information. They claim to be a non-lethal group that is helping raise awareness for the people of America and countries around the world. I watched a couple videos and read some articles on this group and at first glance to an average person the seem like terrorists and that is usually how the media presents this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZKEXK4ueFY They seem to know what they are doing, and my opinion of this group is positive. Nobody is standing up to our horrible government which is getting away with murder and doing nothing to help american citizens. I encourage you to watch the video above and post your comments below. I welcome any feedback on this topic and thank you for your time. - Adler P.
  8. Check out " Cold heat" Its a battery operated soldering kit that takes a couple double A batteries and ive used mine for about 2 years and it works perfectly! Hope this helps man!:)
  9. Ive never seen that kind graphics card, but it looks pretty awesome!:) nice build mate!
  10. You are awesome man, i hope your bro like his new computer and appreciates the work you did!:)
  11. That is a very sleek build man! Great job!
  12. Nice build!! I like how you added fan grills to the fans, it kind of matches the video cards.