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  1. Till the 29th. Keys are still available from the Nvidia site. DL it now at 14MB/s whoot! won't take long. B)
  2. This is most likely the issue. Usually happens when a server gets hit with a lot of DL requests. Just try it again later in the day.
  3. Damnit! That would suck. I started out with one bad LED, I turned off almost all of them with the onboard customization. Turned all of them back on recently just to see that more have failed. I'm a sad panda... As much as I want to keep giving Corsair my money, they need to step up their QC. I have had one Corsair Vengeance 2000 headset crack, one failed K90 keyboard with a failed LED light and messed up C key, and the only thing that kept me from jumping to another brand was their excellent customer service. They happily replaced them with the newer products since I was still in warranty. I
  4. While I would agree that SMS are more expensive show headphones like Beats, they do make good on ear headphones. Although Linus's review was not enthusiastic, the on ear style Streets have received positive feedback regarding sound and overall build quality from various sources. I have a pair, and they do sound rather good when playing music from my Zune players (yes Zune 120GB rocks). They even sound nice from an iPhone. Nice tight bass and decent highs and mid range. Hardly audiophile grade but not terrible either IMO. I found a good deal way below retail and gave them a chance. While I like
  5. I don't buy a lot of Steam games on day one....but this will be mine. Insert take my money meme here----------
  6. Still waiting for these to come into stock. No rush but it would be nice to replace my K95...which just blew a few LED's a couple weeks back. If I recall correctly, these new RGB LED's are suppose to be better quality?
  7. To be the first to play? HA! I won't even consider playing till it hits $9.99 or less on Steam! I can wait....
  8. Server IP has changed in case anyone was connecting to the old server IP. net.connect
  9. No the 2ds screen is the same size as the original 3ds. The battery is decent given that there is no 3D to sip more battery. And no you can't connect this or any DS to your TV. OP, I picked up the 2DS recently because I wanted to play Mario 3D land and New Super Bros 2. I was pretty much hooked and have been picking up a few DS and 3DS games over the last few months. I picked up a 2DS because I thought I didn't want or care about 3D. Well, I ended up buying 2 3DS XL's shortly after testing them out at Target. The 3D is pretty cool and I keep it on all the time. The 2DS is still a good buy
  10. When I was a child, I was into Transformers. My cousins had a lot of them and I would play with them whenever I visited them. Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money, so my Transformers collection consisted of just a few Mini Bots. Back then, I never did get any of the most popular ones like Optimus Prime, Soundwave, or Grimlock. Everytime I went to Kmart (they were super popular back in the day) I would browse the toy selection and wished I could have them. Now jump into my adult years, I make a nice living and can afford to buy what I want. About ten years ago I got back into collectin
  11. I play pretty much every day. My bro and I rent a server and have a good time with the regulars. We run mods and have a decent following for the Arena we built for team death matches. There are a lot of people playing, but many are spread out over a ton of servers. It can get repetitive, however there are a lot of modded servers out there and there is always something cool to check out.
  12. As a Systems Administrator, I find this post amusing,..I hope you don't plan on playing Dota within your school's network.
  13. I don't mind. I still need to finish the second one. Now if I could only get to it at some point. Rust is taking 100 percent of my time.
  14. Maybe check the Windows Logs>Applications to see if there is any errors being reported for SS. Launch SS, and then check the logs since it should be at the top of the list.