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  1. lol that's the second time you've taken a cheap shot over vinyl. Whichever way you try to butter it up this is quite possibly the worst case ever made. No seriously, you are the only person I've met who actually likes it. If you don't believe me look for the original thread on Bit-tech. Then go look at the post from Overfiend on MLG and you will see him politely saying what I did. You seem to have taken offence to me stating the absolute obvious - don't. Personally dude I wouldn't have dirtied my hands with it as it will only make you look bad. It doesn't matter how good your modding skills are there's just no getting away from it.
  2. Quite clearly the most honking monstrosity of a case I have ever seen. When Bit-tech ran their competition to win one to mod my immediate thought was "Run the ugly bastard under a bus, that'll fix it". Sorry, but she's a dog. I know that Mythbusters can polish turds but this thing belongs in a landfill with ten tons of crap holding it down.
  3. I hate to be "that dude" but you've missed a bit. The Geforce logos have black areas left in them.
  4. Update. So I have now finished all of the braiding. 24 pin, 8 pin EPS, 8 pin PCIE, 6 pin PCIE, front panel header cables, USB cables and so on. There isn't a single cable left that will be visible that hasn't been braided. I've also covered the pump with satin black vinyl. Here is a better shot of the floor panel, showing the cable routing holes. And my lady's Titan Black with a Corsair H55 on it and some anti kink coils. I did this because of the way the hoses bend, I don't want them kinking. Just waiting on SATA cables now.
  5. I moved from the UK to the USA in 1999. I married an American.. Any way, between '99 and 2008 I was out in the USA and I was broke. Like, all of the time. In the end I just gave up. Certain parts of the USA have been destroyed by the recession.. Any way, during that time I used to work at a Best Buy in NJ and used to sell the very early versions in the Chieftec Dragon chassis. From that moment on it was a love affair lol. So, once I ditched my wife and moved back to the UK I could get on with more fun things. My ex wife was incredibly insecure and controlling, which was why we ended up splitting up. She wouldn't let me buy anything and in the end I just snapped.. So yeah, basically between 2008 and 2014 I used nothing but Alienware. The only one of them that I bought built was the green one and I paid £270 for that delivered. Basically there was this recycling company out in Ireland getting their hands on all of the returned orders. So they were fully built PCs but could not be resold as new due to consumer laws. Believe it or not up until 2007 Dell was basically sending them to landfills. Literally burying them. Then new laws came along about waste and being green etc and that's when they started to sell off returns, slightly damaged cases, unused cases.. And that's when I started basically camping out on Ebay waiting for them to come along What I regret is selling them. Obviously in an ideal world I would still have all of them I really, really miss the green one. What I would loved to have done there is take the ALX parts and panels and make a green ALX. That would really have been something.....
  6. They're quite rare. At one point Dell was selling off the old cases to recyclers in Ireland (near Shannon where they're made) so they were quite plentiful but nowadays they're hard to find, especially in what could be considered to be good condition. They're an absolute asshole to have to move around and I finally decided that the easiest way to move the thing was to remove the left side panel and carry it from inside. Because of this you will find plenty of pretty badly damaged examples on Ebay.. The last time this particular case was up on Ebay it would easily fetch £500. That was like the base line price. I was so lucky, because I managed to pick it up for £200 shipped with a BDR and DVDRW as well as the 1200w PSU. That never happened again, and believe me when I say I used to stalk Ebay day in day out looking for one. As built systems complete with the original X58 get up they still command £1000 or so. They don't usually sell, but people will not let them go for cheaper. This particular ALX (will explain that in a moment) cost around £2700 minimum to build. When I ran the service code once (before it faded off) I looked up the spec and this guy who bought this one spent around £6000. He had dual 5970s and RAID 0 SSDs which back in 2009 cost a small fortune.. ALX. Well first of all it's where I get my username. Secondly, ALX is something the real, original Alienware started in around 2006. ALX models carry chrome plated everything, and in some cases the case itself is completely different. The original ALX came with a flared top and inside it was a water cooling unit with a temp gauge etc. Not only that, but you got a specialised customer service team who were open 24 hours a day. Since then there was a Predator ALX (Predator rev 2.1) which came with a aluminium internal chassis and the silver parts outside were all plated with chrome instead of being sprayed flat silver. Not quite the same as the original which differed hugely but was still far more luxurious. This particular ALX comes with full chrome plating and a motorised front door (as you see in the vid) the basic regular versions don't have that function. No extra customer service and what not but still the ridiculous price tag. I've owned every ALX model since the original (hence my username).. I'll post some pics at the bottom of this post Honestly it's amazing. The build quality is just staggering. I don't know how many of you guys have ever tried to lift a Dell Poweredge server but trust me when I say this thing is built every bit as good as one of those. Yeah the silver insides are a little disappointing but once I get the case closed that will vanish. OK pics of some of the units I've owned over the past several years. At one point I only used Alienware chassis. My black ALX predator 2.1 My silver ALX predator 2.1 My black predator 2.0 non ALX. You should see the difference now My lunar shadow Aurora. A 2.0 non ALX panel and a 2.1 ALX sound deadened panel. The bogey, my green 2.0 My MJ12 Aurora ALX Black Aurora Twins. My black and silver 2.0s So it's fair to say I've earned my username
  7. This is the second pink Caselabs build I have seen. Surprised that I'm saying that but I do like a bit of pink and black. All of my cars in the first two NFSU games were pink and black I think it's a fantastic combo. But. You have to do something about that badge and the audio boost writing dude. I recommend a silhouette plotter and get cutting some custom graphics Subbed.
  8. When it comes to PC parts and cooling nothing is ever big enough.
  9. Well it goes to show what a wonderfully diverse world we live in I like air brushing. I've seen how hard it is and how much work goes into it, plus I'm a fat old fart so I like DB's mods as they have that old skool charm about them
  10. So you don't like it but it's the best because she spent the most money on it? what sort of a mentality is that? Oh sorry, forgot, that's the mentality of the entire modding scene. How stupid of me to forget.
  11. Oh I see. Sorry mate, good old context and the internet again
  12. Good thing I don't care what you think then really. I'm allowed my opinion, same as those lining up to stick their tongue between his cheeks. I don't like it, deal with it.
  13. I really don't like this. It looks tacky, kinda like a Persian apartment. Sorry man but B Negs has got you on this one.
  14. Looks like a D Frame some fat chick sat on.
  15. OK guys, more work done First up the ram coolers arrived today. So I removed the orange coolers with my heat gun. And duly fitted them. They look stunning. I absolutely love these, just as pretty and intimidating as any ram IMO.
  16. Nice. Is that being painted silver?
  17. So tonight I have done more work. Basically nothing much to see, as it's all wiring tidying. I had my torch out (flash light to you sceptic tanks) and was digging through the IO wiring and found a plug that wasn't plugged in. Looked at the label on it and it said "Bluetooth"... Hmm... Followed the wire and sure enough, hidden in the front of the case is a bluetooth module. I've had the case for three years and it's always been disconnected lol. That will come in handy ! So other stuff. Well first up let me remind you that the colour scheme is black, white and red. Most of the stuff will be black and white and the wiring is all black and red braided.. OK so here is the board I will be using (WITHOUT the Apple logos and cooler) it's a Gigabyte X79 UD3. Again, a reminder that it's just the board, no cooler, no apple logos. So in my initial post I said that ram was TBC. Well it turns out I will be using a set of quite expensive ram I bought for DFI but never used. 2333mhz tight timings. Only issue is, well, look at it. It's bloody orange So, what to do.. Well, those of you who know me and have read some of my logs may remember I did a build called N-Fenix. I was tight on funds so I had some crappy unbranded ram, but I brought it to life using these. Yes, it really is as big as it looks. They're absolutely enormous
  18. The postman came with gifts. So here is the 120mm intake I made. And that lovely MNPCtech grill And in it goes with a new 3.5" blank plate. The yellow Patriot convoy looked bad against the white. The HDD bays in the right panel are wired to SATA connectors. Sadly I can't route the SATA connectors the way I want to (they look like poo stock) so I have ordered six of these. Flowers not included obs. These will allow me to run the cables through the holes I want to which will make them much cleaner. I also made up a very long molex-molex which will power up a 6 port 3 pin fan hub and a molex to floppy for the sound card (Asus Xonar). The only issue I have now is that the SATA cables are coming from Hong Kong, where they cost £1 each. In the UK they cost £4.99 each and I'm buggered if I was going to hand over £30 for SATA wires. That means there could be a two week wait but I'm starting to realise that waiting isn't bad. I want it right
  19. Thanks Andre! As I tidy it more and more and hide more and more of the cabling I must say the silver is growing on me. I almost painted the white upright trunking silver lol..
  20. Cheers Whilst it won't get black paint inside that doesn't mean I'm going to neglect it any. Every cable on show will be braided (you can see the front panel header ones there, those will be braided tonight).
  21. More done. All three USB cables have been braided in black and I've made a white floor pan with a Phobya grill in it and a 120mm Gelid slim fan. This will feed air down to the power supply, because the fan in the PSU is about 10mm from the bottom of the case (you can't mount it upside down in here). Oh yeah and I trunked those nasty orange wires that were running from bottom to top for the front panel.
  22. /waits for that "zomg 750 WOT" PSU to go bang.
  23. Don't sweat it man Seriously though this guy spent nearly a thousand dollars on the inside of this case. In the last photo in his build log he showed the machine powered up with multi coloured lights and the vents open with the side panel back on. A total waste of money, just for his OCD. The thing is Alienwares are all designed with the outside as the main focal point of the case. I made the mistake of cutting a window into it and it's costing me £120 just to put it back to stock because they look fucking dumb with windows cut in them. I had no choice but cut it at the time because I was running two 670s with open coolers and they were overheating really badly. If I could go back I would have just changed graphics cards or something but hey, I've managed to find a replacement panel so that's all cool. In all my years I have only ever seen one Alienware with a window cut into it that looked good and that was the original predator case that MNPCtech did. And that wasn't primarily because they did it and charged hundreds of dollars it was because that case looked OK with a window in because it had far less going on than the later models. I just want it to look stock and I did point that out more than once. This isn't going to be a "watch me paint the inside of my Alienware" log it was more electronics based and could I get it running on a stock power supply
  24. If only you guys realised just how much work that involved. I saw a guy do it once and when he was finished he put the side back on and guess what? You don't see the insides. This is a build for my lady. All liquid cooled and some really nice hardware. Once it's built it'll be staying built unless it ever needs repair.
  25. A Pentium? hehe not worth the bother really. So today I started making the front intake. First I cut a piece of acrylic and cut a fan hole into it. There will be a white LED fan in there. I chose this because it was pretty cheap and looked nice. And then for a nice finishing touch I let my lady take her pick from MNPCtech's acrylic grill range. They're not terribly expensive but just the cabling alone on this machine has set me back a bit and then of course there's the Titan Black, 8 core Xeon etc. Any way, in my head I thought "honeycomb" as there are lots on the design of the case.. She picked honeycomb great minds ! This will bring in lots of air for the upper part of the machine. So mobo fets, rads in the roof and so on Once this is done I need to make a false floor for the machine which will have a 92mm fan in it to feed air down for the power supply.