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  1. As other fellow forum users have said, there is a big improvement from 60hz to 144hz. Much less so from 144hz to anything beyond. Apparently, fighter jet pilots can sometimes distinguish individual frames in a 240hz image sequence, I can't and probably neither can you. 144hz is enough, even for competitive gaming. It's actualy not a subjective issue, vision has biological limits and the brain has cognitive ones. Another question you must deal with is: can your computer reach those frame rates anyway? Can it give you stable 240hz at playable settings?. And if so, in what measure is that experience worth it over a 144hz experience with much better settings, that you will definitely notice (contrary to the leap from 144hz to 240hz experience which you may not in a reasonable measure)? Another thing to consider is resolution, I imagine that your using or planing to buy a 1080p monitor for this type of frame rate. If this is the case, the true major improvement is not 144hz to 240hz, but 1080p to 1440p (at 144hz). And again, even for competitive gaming. So, in response to your questions: Will it make you a better gamer? Not really, no. Will you notice the difference on games like fortnite? No, you most probably won't. Hope it helps.
  2. I clean my with a wet paper towel first, and then finish it off with the microfiber one. Unplug your screen to be 100% safe.
  3. I don't think a 1080 is good value for 1080p resolution, not even at 144hz; your card would simply outpreform your monitor. A 1070 would do the job quite fine.
  4. I have a TX650 from corsair, do you think its causing my coil whine? I also have the 8 pin and 6 pin on the same cable conected to the GC...
  5. I recently bought a Asus gtx 1080, I've only been using it for a week but it seem fine apart from a bit of coil whine.
  6. Glad to help. The difference among the PG279Q and the PG279QZ is nothing apart from a marketing operation to sell an existing product at a lower price. They have the same specs and the same overall designe. I could not find any real difference whatsoever apart from the name, not even the comparison tool on the Asus web site shows any difference. Concerning your other question, I agree with Linus in that 4K gaming is just not woth it. For me, 1440p at 144hz is a more pleasing experience. You can check out his recent vid on the subject here:
  7. In my view, if you have a 1080ti, 1080p is just not woth it. You should consider buying a 1440p panel (at 144hz), paired with your GC you will obtain a fantastic experience. I have a Asus ROG PG279Q, it's a great monitor, colours are bright and vivid. I highly recomend this one. In any case, my sugestion is not to buy a 1080p panel, this resolution would prevent you from getting the preformance that the 1080ti is capable of giving you. Asus is selling an 'updated' version of the PG279Q that's called 'PG279QZ'. It's basicaly the same monitor with different marketing, the good new's is that it's cheaper! I must confess that that monitor you want to buy disgne wise looks incredible ?
  8. True, I wasn't aware of that. It's great to hear. Optimisation is very important, glad Blizzard is acting to better it.
  9. I have an i5-8600k paired with a strix gtx 1080 that I bought second hand, they work wonderfully together. The card has some coil whine, but a part from that it's great. In my experience it's a decent combo for 1440p 144hz (with g-sync). I did pay however 400 euro for the card, in Europe they are hard to find and not cheap.
  10. Thats a lot of information there. I have a PG279q, and quite frankly, It's a great monitor. Image quality, lighting and colors are fantastic. I haven't seen those other monitors that are supposedly better constructed, but this one is realy well build. When I took it out of the box I had the immediate impression that I had a quality product in my hands. I love the stand, it's designe and the wide range of adjustments it allows. I've read the problems regarding the bleed some of them have. When I was reaserching the issu, I remember finding a post on the official Asus support forums in which several people seemd to have had problems with monitors assembled in march 2017. Mine is from after that, and it's fine. So far I'm happy with it, and from my experience I would 100% recomend it to anyone who wants a 1440p, 144hz, ips,27'', g-sync monitor. In other words, anyone looking for a high preformance and quality monitor with pleasing aesthetics
  11. I have a gtx 1080, an i5-8600k and an Asus PG279q. Wow in high settings drops to 45-60 fps in Boralus. If you go to other zones like the desert in Vol'dun, you go up to 175-200 fps. In dungeons, bg's and raids, fps are around 130 to 155. Videos on youtube can be missleading because they will show you 175 fps in some zones, but they will not go to the others where preformance drops. Note that my settings are not in ultra. Wow may not be an AAA game as far as graphics go, but it sure is a demanding one if you want to play at 1440p 144hz on high settings in all zones and under any conditions. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the presequel in ultra never drop from 170 fps. In Hearthstone you will easily achieve 200 fps, not that it matters for this game...
  12. That video made me laugh, and it's incredible that it wasn't that long ago. I'm from 88.I remembre my dad having a huge computer that looked like a briefcase. Since this is my first build, I'm not sure what sounds the Pc is supposed to make. When I'm doing light tasks it's allmost silent, but in games the graphics card is a bit noisy, it makes an electric-like sound.
  13. Hello everyone, Very soon I'll be building my very first Pc Built! Back in september, after long weeks of consideration, I decided to sell my Macbook pro and invest in building a Pc, which strangely was, until now, one of my unrealised hobbies. I must confess that researching the components, selecting them, buying them at the best price possible and finaly recieving them one by one, has been a mighty encouraging and satisfying experience. For what its worth, I would like to share this story with the readers here. A huge advantage of pc building over any other hardware interaction is that it has taught me how a computer works, and by extention how any other computing device works too. I see now that they all have roughly the same parts, like a motherboard, or a source of power. In this sens, Pc building is more transparent than manufactured products (malus pumila), more transparent than having an impenetrable object that only contains mysteries. It has also given me a strong sens of accomplishement and self worth, I've build a much more powerfull system than my Macbook pro. You could suggest at this point that I didin't truly build the computer, that I just bought the parts and will assemble them soon. Yes, this is true, but nevertheless in doing so I have accomplished much more, in knowledge and understanding, than just buying a product that is ready tu use. I think this a fair claim. I'm still at work, more pictures to follow. I'm curious to know if anyone feels or felt a similar sensation after building their first Pc. Update* 10 dec. I haven't revieved my case yet. Protests in Paris have prevented this : ( I couldn't wait any longer so I built the system on top of the motherboard and it works fine, I'm startig to like it like this. I was worried that the graphics card wouldn't work, because I boought it second hand and had no means of testing it beforehand, but its fine apparently. It does make some electical-like sounds while in games, but im guessing it's normal.