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  1. What are the news about ddr5? when will it be coming?
  2. any cpu will work as longg as it is in the sandy bridge architecture. your choice are v1 xeons (like the one I used) if you want cheap cpu for an i7 performace
  3. considering that you have overclocked it for a year now, higher chances that its just a coincidence. as we all know overclocking cuts the tail end of the product's life. if I were you, ima leave it on stock since its just a mild OC
  4. I am running a xeon e3-1270 on an oem samsung b75s1 motherboard. your xeon is a v2 meaning it is on ivy bridge architecture. you need a compatible 3rd gen motherboard for it to work your chipset might be an H61 which only supports 2nd gen xeons do remember that these xeons dont have iGPU what board are you using?
  5. Budget (including currency): 150-200$ Country: Philippines Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: mostly esport games, probably some triple a games. all targeting 1080p Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): my rx 570 just died. and I really want to play right now. But I want to make most of my money. shoud I wait for 6600 xt/3050ti and buy some cheap ass used card for now or should I go for 1650 super?
  6. Going back to this, yes I had money for troubleshooting. I took it to the shop, bought another cpu,gpu. Just had bad luck. You just have to understand that not all people have deep pockets.
  7. It is not by means destroying my life. its just not relying on your parents for shit you want. You earn it from your own savings as a broke student. Am sorry as I am not privileged enough to be in your shoes.
  8. Tried it, still same results. Thanks for your insights! Appreciate it.
  9. Yes, got your point. But remember, not all comes from a good country where income is good and not all comes from a rich family. Some just have enough for the bare pc
  10. Just to let everyone know, the reason behind my used parts choices is because of the budget builds the youtubers put out. And yes, I have done a lot of researxh about used parts and know the risks of it. But yea, this is my 3rd pc build. The past 2 builts I have done from used parts were a success. Even earning some money flipping it around. I have also researched a LOT, like all the threads relating to my problem. As for the eletrical fault in my house, testing it in my grandma's place gives the same result. As for the psu, when I got the pc w
  11. System specs: Corsair vs450 (gray unit/label) 1 year old samsung b75s1 mobo xeon e3-1270 rx 570 2x4 kingston ddr3 ram Okay so one night my pc's display turned off and even if the display is turned off, the system is still running so what I did was restart the system, but after restarting, it no longer posts I resetted the cmos and got it to boot and it worked. ran all the tests I need and it did not show any problems. I did ram test,gpu,cpu stress tests, no error or what so ever. But right after I turned off the pc, it wont boot again. and up until today, it still does not work.
  12. yes, tried different outlets like more than 5 of it. removing the gpu and putting the g530 to boot using iGPU solves the power cycle that the computer does when the rx 570 is plugged in. as for the pc working at the shop, I just thought that it may just be a lucky hit or the last remnant of the computer working as it did not ever again after that. I tried all the troubleshooting that I can possibly do. and it narrowed into videocard and videocard slot. I have posted my problem in the GPU section (no replies). I can put it here if you want for the full details of the problem