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    Intel 7600 K
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    Z170-HD3 from Gigabyte
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    8GB DDR4
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    GTX 1080
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    Fractal Design Define S
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    1TB HDD, 250GB HDD, 250GB SSD
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  1. You can get lots of awesome stats for the team here (it also tracks personal stats just keep in mind they only update the stats once every 3 hours) https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=223518
  2. True. I just get board staring at the summery page between updates so I jump through all the different pages between most of the 3hr gaps
  3. Yep usually use the team summery or the overtake list when looking at production. Was just showing the current rank positions.
  4. I was wondering where those stats were located. Thanks (Page had been down the other day when I was looking for it)
  5. Folding@EVGA still has us beat points wise be we are catching up quick
  6. @SansVarnic Wikipedia lied to me (not surprising lol) BUT in that case we are for sure beating out the top super computer with just this community. That is insane!!!
  7. Folding at 100% power, 50% of the time (the other 50% is waiting on WU lol) I should be higher up in the comp based on my theoretical PPD 800K-1Mish (1080, 750TI, I5 7600K at 4.8Ghz) just need the work servers to catch up to the current demand so I can get the extra 500Kish PPD i'm missing
  8. Yes I recall hearing they passed an exoflop for the full network. Will have to do some math to see if the LTT team is generating enough power to top any of those supercomputers. (I heard we make up about 20%-25% of the network at the moment According to @GOTSpectrum's blog post today) so est 250Pflops (I think) from the LTT community, and Summit (The fastest super computer) had a peak of just over 200Pflops. So that means theoretically we are producing more than the worlds fastest computer as a team right now
  9. Just woke up and edited the Title. We are now producing more than the default team as well. That is an insane amount of computing power (Kinda want to know if the LTT team alone is producing enough to beat out one of the top super computers) amazing work everyone. Keep those points flowing and we will be moving up again in no time.
  10. @SansVarnic @TVwazhere Should I update this post when we reach 4th or make a new one? Don't want to be that guy that spams rank update posts but want to keep ppl updated as I know not everyone checks the stats every couple hours like I do
  11. Just got back from work (considered essential but shutting down as of tonight due to a lack of work). We should be at rank 4 within the next 6-8 hours (give or take depending on how much time there is between reaching the right number of points and extreme overclocking updating the points)
  12. Like the Title says we have moved up again. Great work everyone Next up is passing folding at EVGA for rank 3 https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_overtake.php?s=&t=223518
  13. between the lack of WU and missing points I'm sitting at about 100K PPD instead of the 800K - 1M PPD I normally get. team ponts should keep going up as the F@H back end improves.
  14. Passed it before the last folding event started. Just didn't remembered to update it until I started folding again. Just means less work for the mods