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    PCs, game design, overclocking, electronics and mountain biking.


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    ASRock 970M Pro3
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    32GB (4x8) Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600MHz (@1333)
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    GTX 980 Ti Classified, GTX 950
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    Corsair Obsidion 350D
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    Razer Lycosa
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  1. Monero benefits WAY more from CPU threads now. After it switched algos back in November, it seems like it's mostly a CPU-based coin now. From my poking around, it looks like it wasn't a "small" comeback. Each thread on my 8370 is able to match or exceed the hashrate of my 980 Ti.
  2. So I just now found out that my machine was somehow "stolen" by another team and has been submitting work units for the team "STUDIO Mia" despite me specifically selecting the LinusTechTips team. And I'm pissed.
  3. Sorry, what do we do for the WCG Profile field? The provided example link for your profile returns an error, and I'm seeing there are issues with BOINC stats reporting with stats sites. Edit: Nevermind, did two minutes of reading and found out that you need to go into your profile settings on the WCG website, and enable data sharing or your stats will not be visible on the WCG site OR boincstats. I think this will solve the problem for people earlier in the thread having trouble with boincstats. https://boincstats.com/en/forum/8/12112
  4. It's looking like we were both right, Dario. When my server didn't freeze while testing my Dominators, it passed with no errors. My FX-8370 tested my server's 4x2GB sticks of ram and ended up with 4 errors after one run. I then swapped my FX-8370 out for my old Phenom II x6 1045t, and it did four passes of memtest on my server's RAM with no errors. I've now put my whole kit of Dominators back into my rig (lowering speed and timings to stay within the Phenom's even lower capabilities). The Phenom has so far not had any errors, whereas the FX chip would instantly
  5. Things have just gotten weirder. I've been experimenting with memtest86 and memtest86+ on both my machine and my server. I've been testing two sticks at a time in my server with the version of memtest86 that comes with unRAID (5.01 I believe). I have a dedicated memtest USB drive with version 4 and a version 7 (I think) that runs in UEFI mode. I've experimented with the core options; setting memtest to use all cores, round robin, sequential, and single-core modes. Setting memtest to use all cores on the server eventually causes it to freeze. Sequential, round robi
  6. The kit of RAM worked well initially; I'm pretty sure I tested it in both my rig and the server (known good for memory) using memtest and a few other tools. Neither my server or my main rig can run the ram at 1600MHz, but everything from my old OC settings of ~1400MHz and below turned up no errors. I don't understand how the motherboard traces or memory controller could become damaged so suddenly like this. The motherboard is likely out of warranty, but should I try talking to ASRock anyway, seeing as this board always seemed iffy? Or should I suspect the CPU and talk with AMD?
  7. Now that you mention it, you could be right, but I was completely certain that FX chips had their northbridge (and memory controller) on the CPU? https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/ddr3memoryfrequencyguide.aspx#controller
  8. It seems like there's always something critically wrong with my system, no matter how I run it. Last year it was a faulty kit of RAM. A few months ago I was dealing with a dying H100i, which I sent in for RMA. Now, as of a few days ago, my computer has gotten much less stable. I keep waking up to find my computer at the desktop, having restarted on its own not long after I went to bed. I come home from work to find it restarted on its own right around the time I walked in the door. What is happening is the computer is not just "restarting" on its own; it is
  9. Alright, so I've noticed some odd behavior with my PC over the past few months... Long story short, I've got an FX 8370 which seems to need extremely high voltage to sustain an (apparently almost) stable 4.5GHz. The CPU thermal throttles when under heavy load, which I considered pretty normal because I have to have almost 1.5v set in the UEFI to (almost) properly sustain 4.5GHz on all cores. But, after having another system lock up, I was just messing around with the system and booted it up at 1.35v (+50mV offset, really 1.4v), at 4.2GHz (NB and NB-voltage still at OC levels).
  10. I like, big, butts and I cannot lie. (I like bulky high-end laptops like this, just as long as they don't look too much like a brick)
  11. Remember HighLANder? I would happily trek up a mountain with a fully decked out version of this machine if it meant I could own it.
  12. I'd definitely want the new Blade (the first laptop). I'd have no interest in the second laptop whatsoever, because the only games I play DO NOT handle scaling well at all. Not only that, but did I hear that the second laptop (the artist's machine) didn't have dedicated graphics at all? Which means you're using the Intel integrated "graphics" chip? I used Intel graphics once before. Never again.
  13. Yeah sorry for the wall of text. As I said in my long post; I had been planning on getting a good PSU for a while now. It's just that my whole system has gone to hell at the moment.
  14. Hello LTT forum. Today I am faced with a particularly frustrating issue. Recently (about a week ago) I replaced my motherboard and CPU. Before the upgrade, I was using an ASUS M24N68-AM SE2, with a Phenom X4 9500 overclocked to 2.5GHz, with 4GB of DDR RAM. I have upgraded to an MSI H77MA-G43 with a Xeon E3-1225, with four 2GB sticks of DDR3. Since the upgrade, I have been considering a power supply upgrade, as I am running a CX430M to support my system, and my graphocs card was recently upgraded to a GTX 950. Knowing that I was pushing my PSU to the edge with my last few
  15. You won't have a Local Area Connection in your Network and Sharing Center if you're not using a wired connection. If you're using a wireless connection, it will say something different. The spot that you click on will still be the same, though. I believe it just says "Wireless Network Connection" if you are connected wirelessly. I've blurred some things out in my screenshots. Again, I'm not an expert with networking, and the stuff that I've blurred out isn't really too sensitive; I just preferred to keep my computer name and some other things specific to my computer, to myself.