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  1. I would recommend Noctua, be quiet! or NB eloop fans if they are in your budget, and you don't care too much about colour scheming, but the Corsair fans aren't too bad. I would go with dual 140mm front and top because they would provide a better noise to airflow ratio. Front as intakes and top as exhaust and then run the Exhaust fans at a slower Rpm to make a slightly more positive air pressure.
  2. Yup, it's fine but with that heat sink you can probably get a small overclock on to it. You might as well since you got a K SKU cpu.
  3. The 6850k can't really overclock that well (stated in the posts above), but with benefits of having more lanes some reviewers have said it is binned a little better then the 6800k so you can hit the same clocks but with a lower voltage = lower heat output and power consumption. But you never know, the silicon lottery can smack you in the butt.
  4. Aren't the switches all made by cherry, so I don't know how Logitech could've failed in the QC that badly. I guess you can switch to a razer if you want, but I heard that their switches aren't as reliable because they are technically knock offs. (Unless you can find one that from 2013 or older) You'll probably better off getting a more reliable brand like corsair. But just saying most mechanical keyboard use cherry. Also, have you tried taking all the caps off to clean your keyboard?
  5. I use a 2013 edition, I tried the first version when they switch the switches and I didn't really like it. If I were to get a new keyboard right now I would probably get something Logitech or Corsair. They are both superior in both build and software imo.
  6. Mionix Sargas 900 XL? Almost the right dimensions (10cm too big), or maybe the razer Goliath extended, (12cm too big). Those are the 2 shortest long mouse mats I can think of off the top of my head.
  7. Those 2 are both pretty good monitors (LG usually make good monitors), but personally I would try to find 2 other monitors with almost no bezels like your 4k monitor just for the immersion, but that's just me being picky.
  8. They might have changed how the voltages are read in skylake and they just didn't update XTU.
  9. Just did a quick google search and it seems like other people with the skylake processors also have this problem. I don't think there is much we can do, I guess you have to use other programs for the voltage monitoring.
  10. I know you did, but just to check if the program is just being derpy or not. The slider should be at 1.35V if you set that in the bios.
  11. In the advance tuning tab, is the voltage slider reading 1.35? If it's not you can try sliding it over and setting it to see if it does anything or just crashes the program.
  12. That is very odd, your other values seem to be normal only the voltage seems to be off for some reason.
  13. Seems to be fine for me, you can try using CPUZ to see if your voltage is actually what you set.
  14. Just planing to buy a new phone to replace my LG G3, yes please! The specs are pretty good and with the 3250maH battery I might be able to keep using my phone for a whole day (vs my G3)
  15. It's called a UPS, you can probably get a decent one on amazon for a decent price. I use a 865W from APC LINK. Depending on your pc's peak pull on wattage, you also need headroom. The battery should to be replaced around every 3 years so you have full capacity and to keep it working. I really only use it to clean the power up and counter the dips from my AC/Heater. Side note: If my pc is on full load (eg.encoding, rendering or gaming) my UPS only last about 5-8mins.
  16. You've tried disabling Hardware acceleration right? That worked for my google chrome but not for my Vivaldi browser, as Vivaldi seems to lag on the lower refresh monitor regardless of what I do. If your using an Nvidia card you can also try setting multi-display/mixed display acceleration and see if that does anything (I have no idea what it really does). On my other setup with 2 R9 390 I couldn't find a work around for the lag so I just had to deal with it or just close the browser, maybe it's just how the way AMD handles multimonitor or maybe there is a setting and I just couldn't find it.
  17. Sometimes matte monitors could have a graininess look to them compare to glossy monitors.That being said, the fact that matte monitors don't reflect everything like a mirror makes them superior to glossy monitors. Like Apple's. Edit: Wrote matte instead of glossy, Rip
  18. LINK Shouldve shorten the link, Rip\ Edit: ^Done
  19. The build is not bad, but I would try to scout out a better priced GTX 1070, you can probably get one closer to the ~570 range unless you have a brand preference. You get more features for your board, and the M5 isn't that much more expensive.
  20. Ye, I use to have problem with my clocks due to brown outs to because of my AC or when my wife turns on her pc, but I fixed the problem with an UPS to counter the dips. And games and encoding/rendering things are definitely the best way to test stability.
  21. I usually do 10 passes on Intel Burn Test (if your using an intel chip) on the highest settings, and then a 12hr test Intel extreme tuning utility. I have to make sure that my pc is pretty much rock solid because if my pc bluescreen on me while I do projects I would be so screwed.
  22. The Logitech G900 is pretty good for claw, but the price tag might be a turn off.
  23. Your ambient temps are pretty hot, so ye, that's normal. If your ambient was 25C with those cpu temps then that's a little hot. Also I'm curious what voltages are you putting for your vcore?
  24. Pretty sure that the edition 10 is the same size (ATX) but just a little thicker, so it still should fit.
  25. The E5-2620 v4 and the 6800k are priced similarly where I live. So personally I would choose the 6800k in this situation because your using this machine for dual applications you need the single thread performance in games while having the multi-threaded performance for programs that would take advantage of that.