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  1. Using a tempered glass on my switch right now, can confirm it will fit fine. Also once you get it you can slide it in glass first to prevent scratching of the back side of the console.
  2. I'm pretty sure they just use G 1/4 threads so I think most fittings should fit. So the EK would fit.
  3. Logitech g710? http://gaming.logitech.com/en-ca/product/g710-mechanical-gaming-keyboard
  4. I blew my vrms up when I had my 990xa build with a fx 8320. I was testing the system through the night with prime95 and the board couldn't handle the amount of voltage I was putting through and it exploded. Room smelled like burnt fiberglass for a week. AMD upgraded the chip to a 8350 when I rma'd it though which was nice.
  5. The screws that hold the pump down is tightened down to the tightest it would let me. The screws themselves have springs on them to prevent over torquing the screws.
  6. Its just the EVGA hybrid conversion kit that uses a AIO to cool the gpu. http://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=400-HY-5188-B1 The voltage is left at stock.
  7. So I have a gtx 1080 FE that is converted in to a gtx 1080 hybrid for my sister's rig. I've been noticing that the gpu runs relatively hot compare to almost every benchmark that I have read. I've done all the basic troubleshooting such as replacing the thermal paste and making sure the pump is working. I've also tried running the fans (noctua NF -f12s) at 100% and it lower the temps by about 2-5C but the noise is pretty bad. So just for note the card is overclocked with a offset of 202 mhz on the core 500mhz on the mem. The gpu is hitting 60C with an ambient of 22.5C which is pretty hot when I see other reviews getting delta Ts of 20C or lower (I'm getting about 37.5C here). The case is a Phantek Enthoo Evolv matx and the rad is mounted to the front as an intake. Tried mounting it to the back and top as an exhaust it made it worse (Hitting 70C). I know performance wise as long as the gpu is not hitting the thermal limit its okay. But when your gpu is getting 10C+ more then everyone else out there you start to wonder what the problem is.
  8. Might be time to replace the thermal paste if you haven't done so yet.
  9. Ah okay. Personally I've never heard of this issue before. So It works fine when you disable SLI right?
  10. I googled up the error and it might be a driver error. So try rolling back drivers or fresh install windows?
  11. If you mean the i5 7600k, it should work. But you might need to do a bios update for the motherboard. Check the download's pages change log to see if it mentions anything about adding kabylake support for the motherboard. EDIT: I did it for you, you will need a bios update (to version F20) to support kabylake.
  12. Still have a PC that I use with Windows XP (service pack 3 to, fancy) on it. Bought it around 2008, still never formatted mwahaha.
  13. Well, the only way to be 100% sure is send a ticket in and see what they say.
  14. Dang, those frametimes for the Fury looks horrendous. The new AMD cards seems to be fine though, so I'm assuming drivers?
  15. Well, with a battery in it I think it's pretty freaking light. At least relative to other wireless mice that I have used in the past The lightest mice I've ever used was the SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro, it's about 77 grams. Not a great mouse, but at least it's light.
  16. I dunno where you live but a nice IPS display where I live is about the same price as a high refresh rate TN. So if you look around you can probably get a decent brand IPS for a decent price. ( I tend to avoid the no name chinese and korean ones, but you a couple of gems here or there.)
  17. I totally agree. The one of the best things about the g900 is how freaking light the thing is. Which is good for reducing wrist and hand fatigue, which is the problems I have with heavier mice like the MX Master (Not a gaming mouse) when I game on the go. But the the amount of macros on the Roccat would make it quite good for MMOs where fatigue would play a lesser part (I'm assuming).
  18. Take into consideration that other people may have higher cache and ram speeds. And also any background programs will lower your score. What temps are you getting when you actually run the benchmark?
  19. Can I pick both? I need a shower to wake up in the morning (I'm not a morning person) and I like to not stink at night when I come home from work.
  20. That's normal, that just means power is still being sent through the USBs so it can charge things even when your PC is off (I remember Asus called it off/On charge or something like that). Try plugging your phone in to see if it charges when you PC is off.
  21. I also hope that you have a decent motherboard because that chip can actually blow vrms and mosfets up on the lower end stuff. But if you can return it and get a fx 8xxx series chip that might be better. Easier to run and cool.
  22. Use isopropyl alcohol and a Q tip or something that doesn't get stuff stuck on the cpu. (Tissue paper is a big no-no, paper towels are okay). So I googled and this was the first video that came up, I watched it and it seems straight forward enough and easy to understand. (I forgot that you can use coffee filters to).
  23. I dunno if you can vinyl wrap earcups (Maybe you can? I don't know any services that does), and spray paint when it dries gets all clumpy and hard. Maybe fabric/leather dye?