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  1. oh ok. but its abit hard to find. and i feel like i cant find the same info in ur guide. this thread might be alittle old. but people still search for this stuff.
  2. How to control a Corsair Fan's light from ARGB(Aura,Mystic) (this is not for the QL Fans) when you know the pinout of the fans, just change the connector and easy! ( Corsair Fans RGB pinout ) The "Order Cable" is how corsair know what order ur fans is in. for this ARGB mod. Ignore it. hard? this is even more easy! Connect the middle wire from ur ARGB setup to the middle wire/pin from this and the controller follows ur motherboard. there is one downside tho, only channel 1-4 will work
  3. yes true.. kinda wanna know why it failed so hard.. buut... the pins .. it was them the buttom ones, not the top (like i did)
  4. leaving the bios battery out while eating dinner (30m+) did it! thanks guys! im now wondering what happend : i used adaptive mode with negative offset in this menu: (1.229turbo vcore - 0.31v offset) in this menu i had all volts at auto and 45-46 on the cores i ran prime 95 with negative avx 2 and 3 when it crashed any1 know where i fakked up? thanks again!
  5. i shorted out the 2 top pins in the pic, no difference ..
  6. is it the little round silver thingy right? (have to take gpus out and shit .. damn) that puts bios back to default? .. im like.. 1.229v with minus 30 cant kill a cpu... maybe my mistake was leaving the core volt auto iin the by specific core meny...?? even i had put the adaptiv ting to 1.229 in the other meny?? could that have fried it? killed it...?
  7. Hello guys, i did some overclocking last night with my 7940x on a Strix x299 gaming e this was my OC settings: - adaptive volt 1.229v with negativ offset: -0.32v - loadline call lvl 2 - OC by each core - 2 cores: 4,6ghz -12 cores: 4,5ghz - all the volts in the "each core menu on auto" ran prime 95, after 6 min the pc turned off (no bluescreen) i did not see any cores over 85c now the pc turns on for 2 sec and back off, HELP plz (power cord has been out for 10hours, no change) MB has no reset bios button on the back
  8. 360 rad up to 50mm thick will fit here it looks like. Not only will the noctua work, its recommended. the only thing i can think about to fix ur problem without spending money is to attached the GPU rads to the front fans i have 2x AIO cooled GPUs aswell
  9. riiight, my bad ok here is my plan: splicing together a ML360R with 2x EVGA hybrid 120Rad and adding another 120Rad. but im considering buying new all copper rads (to keep it "all copper" and maybe better temps)
  10. all of this is very true Lets take your example of H150 and EK Phoenix and the 8% better cooling Would you say maybe 3 or 4% alone is becouse of the copper rad? and then 2% pump? 2% coldplate/Block ?
  11. have not given higher quality cpu block any thought hmm. Do u think the AIOs "cold plate" is 2-3c "worse" tho? planing to use EK anti corrosive mix