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  1. Good Morning (right now it's almost 9AM in germany), I'm right now in a project building a home server, components are not necessary to list except for ONE: The ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS The board has a header for the ASMB6-iKVM Remote Management Tool and I really need one (tbh...). The little circuit is EOL (End of Life) and therefore not anymore sold except on marketplaces like ebay. The problem on the ebay auctions is that everyone who sells these ASMB6s, says: "IT DOES NOT WORK WITH THE Z9PE-D8 WS - ONLY WITH THE Z9PE-D16". I looked up why it can be like this when the KVM should be unrelative to mainboards, my conclusion? The firmware (1.91 is the latest firmware and is ONLY for the Z9PE-D16)... There is not one single listing of the module with firmware 1.21 or lower. Leaves me the question, buy one referred for the Z9PE-D16, attach it on my "D8 WS" and make a firmware downgrade! Is that possible? :) Wish you a nice day. - Jul │ xSOU1
  2. xSou1kingx

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    I saw this projector in a video from a german YouTuber, so I have already some informations about it Thx YouTube and also Thx LMG for giving away 2 of these projectors <3
  3. xSou1kingx

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    My Vessel Accountname: xSou1kingx My first favourite video: https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl My second favourite video: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf