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  1. skywake

    Overwatch or 2DS

    I'd say probably neither. I wouldn't get Overwatch on PS4 purely because it's really not the sort of game I'd bother with on consoles. I'm not much of a "PC Master Race" kind of guy but for not particularly graphically demanding but very fast competitive shooters I'd draw the line. If you have a laptop or any PC that's not a complete potato and a mouse of some kind you'd be better off getting it on PC. And with the 2DS and Mario Kart? As others have said the 3DS line is on its last legs and isn't a platform I'd buy into at this point. Sure you can get some amazing games at very low prices but that's also because it's a system on its last legs. Literally the only upcoming 3DS game I'm aware of is Kirby's Epic Yarn which comes out next month. There's new Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem coming out this year but they're all coming to Switch only. I got a 3DS in late 2011 and upgraded to a 3DS XL a couple of years after that. I was considering getting a 2DS because the hinge on my 3DS XL has seen better days but TBH? I haven't touched the thing for over a year. If you're on a budget I'd go for the 2DS I guess but.... with the kind of visuals it's capable of (or not capable of) and the complete lack of any upcoming titles? It's hard for me to say it's a "good value" in 2019. Honestly if I was you I'd buy something else on your PS4, anything else really. Well anything except competitive shooters which are garbage on consoles
  2. skywake

    Which consoles and handhelds do you own?

    Always been a Nintendo + PC person so in chronological order..... [not "my" console but my brother had a Master System] - SNES - Gameboy [again not mine but my brother got a Playstation around this time] - Gameboy Color [Built my first gaming PC around here so didn't see a reason to have a console] - DS Lite - Wii - 3DS - Wii U - 3DS XL - Switch
  3. skywake

    What game was bigger in it's prime: Call of Duty or Fornite?

    We're talking about the same thing and in both of the posts I've made here I directly mentioned the "bump" during the Wii era. That's litterally the point I'm making here. There's no rapid growth in the gaming market, it's not much bigger than it was 15 to 20 years ago and it's smaller than it was in 2009. The market growth during the Wii/DS Era? It didn't come back to "gaming", it left the gaming market. And I'm not talking specific people, I'm talking about demographics. I'm talking about the kind of person who would have brought a Wii in 2007/2008 but wasn't interested in PS2 or GC, that kind of person isn't buying into gaming in 2019. No. Read what I said. I'm saying that there is more content on today's platforms than there used to be. The PS2 had ~2500 games made for it and it is still the most successful console ever made. It completely dominated the market. The Switch has been on the market for less than two years, has 1/5th of the install base and already has ~1300 games. And the PS2 was the exception to the rule. If you were to rank consoles by number of games it would go: 1. PS2 2. PS1 3. PS3 4. 360 5. DS 6. PS4 7. XBOne 8. Wii 9. PSVita 10. 3DS 11. Switch 12. GBA 13. GB/GBC 14. XBox 15. MegaDrive/Genesis 16. PSP 17. SNES (excluding Japan only titles) 18. Wii U 19. NES 20. Gamecube 21. Dreamcast 22. Saturn 23. N64 24. Master System Notice how the newer platforms are in general higher on the list? So the audience hasn't increased but the amount of content available has. Which means there are if anything less users per game than there used to be. Average performance of a game 20 years ago? 20 years ago as long as stores were happy to keep your game on the shelf you were probably alright. Consumers didn't have many options anyways. Today there aren't anymore users and there's more competition for your attention, you're yesterday's news on the next refresh of the digital store front.
  4. skywake

    What game was bigger in it's prime: Call of Duty or Fornite?

    So you're trying to argue that I'm wrong to say there was a spike in 2008/2009 and that the market has come back to 2000-2005 levels? Well ok. Except that your source that apparently shows that I'm wrong stops in 2012 and shows literally the same thing I was saying: Also here's another stat, from VGChartz global software and hardware sales by year. I only went back as far as 2008 because they don't have any data for PS2/GC/XB making 2007, 2006 and especially 2005 total sales pretty useless. Even so you see the same trend here as you do in all of the other charts. Effectively there was a bubble created largely by Wii and DS carving out a new audience. Those people are no longer buying games in any traditional sense. The market has largely gone back to where it was between 2000 and 2005 in terms of size: So again, no. Today's gaming market is infact not "far larger" than it was in 2002/2003. It most definitely was at the peak of the Wii/DS but that audience has largely gone if it even existed for "core" titles. It's not at all true that a "mediocre" performing game today has as much of an impact than a hit did 10 or even 20 years ago. If anything the reverse is probably true because of how many more things are competing for our attention. I mean the Wii U is the most dramatic console failure since the Dreamcast but even it had a fair amount more games than the N64 and Gamecube, it's library was closer in terms of volume to the SNES & NES. Sure the PS2 is still the king on that measure but at the rate the Switch and PS4 are going it won't hold that crown for long.
  5. skywake

    What game was bigger in it's prime: Call of Duty or Fornite?

    Not really, the high point of the market was ~2009. Hard to find a graph that's both comprehensive AND recent but here's one that goes upto ~2013 showing the size of the US game market. Add onto that some more recent data from vgchartz which has software sales at about 1/2 of 2009 levels for the 2017 calendar year. Note vgchartz also tracks pretty well with the period on this graph between 2007 and 2013. Overall that puts the game market today at a very, very similar size to what it was in the early 2000s. All of that growth during the Wii/360/PS3 era has evaporated. We're back to where we started. So all things considered @elderago is on the money here, Halo was probably as big in its day as Fortnight is today. I remember the days when Halo was at its peak, dragging a couple of CRTs together and hooking up two XBoxes for 8 player deathmatch wasn't just something the nerds did.
  6. skywake

    I find the console wars confusing.

    To put it another way, people will always want to try and convince themselves that the decision/platform they are invested in was the correct one. When you've spent thousands of dollars on a platform and have a collection of content that can only be played on that platform? You will inevitably keep telling yourself that the platform you picked was the right one. And the longer you stay with that platform the more you have to loose by swapping. It's the same thing with anything where there are multiple options and picking one means not picking the other. Not unlike how I'm knee deep in the Sonos ecosystem. When I'm looking at reviews of other "multi-room audio" solutions all I see are the things they don't do. Purely because for me there's a much higher bar those devices have to clear, buying into something that doesn't play nice with the ~$2000AU of Sonos gear I have would be stupid. Equally when I see a review of Sonos gear I see criticisms as either the reviewer not knowing something or a valid criticism I've had to learn to live with. Without me knowing I ignore the negatives of the thing I have and notice immediately the negatives of the alternatives.
  7. skywake

    THIS Piece of JUNK was my first phone!

    Yeah, it has kinda turned around again in the last couple of years. It used to be that buying an older model or a cheaper model meant you were missing out on a lot of features. These days even entry level phones have 720p 5" screens, wireless AC, 4G, 2GB RAM, ~8MP cameras. For what I use my phone for i.e. messenger, email, web browser, occasional photos, gps and music? That's enough for me.
  8. skywake

    THIS Piece of JUNK was my first phone!

    My first phone was a motorola c201 "coke phone", I believe I got it the same year @LinusTech got his. It was part of a promo with Coke here in Australia where you could get a phone on a Telstra Pre-Paid Contract for I believe $50 if you brought in a certain number of labels from bottles of Coke to a post office. I believe it had Snake, don't remember what the other games were.
  9. skywake

    Favorite game you played in 2018?

    Played Overwatch more than anything else again but probably my favourite game I played in 2018 was Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Honorable mention to Thumper:
  10. skywake

    Console choices for Home Entertainment

    @Stefan Payne Completely useless test given the ALDI TV was the best performer. As said multiple times, the only thing that you can't do with the built in functions of most TV is playback videos from optical media. For these purposes the XBOne is a class above the others and a reasonable addition to most setups purely for the inclusion of UHD BluRay playback. End of discussion.
  11. skywake

    Console choices for Home Entertainment

    Something worth adding here that was deleted when @SansVarnic cleaned the thread. It is worth pointing out that the XBOne S actively converts surround signals to Dolby Digital 5.1. This won't matter if you don't have a surround setup or if you have a "proper" surround setup but for some setups this is a pretty big deal. For example if you have something like a Sonos with two rears as I do you are limited to what can be pushed over HDMI ARC or optical. HDMI ARC only supports Stereo PCM or Dolby Digital 5.1, so DD 5.1 is the only option if you want surround. My other non-4K BluRay player did this, the new UHD player (Panasonic DP-UB420) I got instead of an XBOne S as a way to save a bit of money does not. It will only downmix Dolby signals to DD 5.1 and DTS-HD to DTS but also anything to Stereo PCM. So I'm in this interesting position where most BluRays, which have a DTS-HD track, don't work in surround for me but all DVDs do and a lot of newer UHD disks with Dolby Atmos do also. I still have my old player so I can get around this but still, as far as I'm concerned an XBox One is not only a good option for a 4K BluRay player but it's one of the better options.
  12. skywake

    What game was bigger in it's prime: Call of Duty or Fornite?

    You know what I meant. It's no Tetris or Candy Crush
  13. skywake

    What game was bigger in it's prime: Call of Duty or Fornite?

    Hard to measure it's impact given it was free but there's a list of best selling games on Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games Excluding sequels and games from the same series: 1. Tetris - 170mill 2. Minecraft - 154mill 3. GTA 5 -100mill 4. Wii Sports - 83mill 5. PUBG - 50mill 6. Pokemon (Gen 1) - 45mill 7. Super Mario Bros - 40mill 8. Skyrim - 30mill 9. Diablo 3 - 30mill 10. Duck Hunt - 28mill 11. Call of Duty - 26mill Fortnight has supposedly reached 200mill accounts which would put it up the top but it's a free to play game. Hard to know how many of those accounts where like mine where I downloaded it to see what the deal was, played one round and then uninstalled. Another stat that they released said that they had about 70mill active players. Either stat would put it well and truly higher than Call of Duty, even being super conservative on the number who just downloaded to "try it out" I'd put it in the same league as Minecraft. With that said, there are other games which dwarf all of these titles. Consider mobile games for a second. Candy Crush sat at ~200mill active users for years with ~500mill total downloads. It was the most played game in the world until Pokemon Go launched. In terms of the size of the install base Pokemon Go as of early 2018 was at 800mill downloads across iOS and Android with 150mill active users. At its peak near launch it was rivalling Google Maps and Facebook in terms of the most used apps on Android. Fortnight is probably the biggest FPS ever but it's not the biggest game by any measure.
  14. skywake

    Console choices for Home Entertainment

    These threads asking for advice on what to purchase are generally a waste of time as the OP is just wanting people to agree with what they've already decided. But for what it's worth I'm highlighting these two points that you made. Yes, as a home console playing multiplatform games the Switch isn't very impressive. If you don't care for specific titles you can dismiss it as something that you could emulate on PC if you really wanted to. Equally as a portable console you could dismiss it entirely because you already have a phone with mobile games and emulators. What I think you missed here is the way that the Switch exists in the gaps between other solutions. I don't care how good your phone is I doubt you're playing games like Breath of the Wild or Doom on it. You're probably not even coming close to games like Rocket League on it graphically. And as good as a high end PC might be for games living on the bleeding edge you don't really need that horsepower for a game like Smash Bros, Mario Kart or Jackbox Party Pack. Most of the value of a home console is for local multiplayer titles along those lines where, by their very nature, you need it hooked upto your TV. The Switch is a magnet for that kind of content ATM. Again, you'll get what you want anyways as you've made up your mind. All I'm saying is that given you have a PC already and you don't really have a huge interest in physical media anymore? The Switch fills more holes in your current setup than any of the other consoles.
  15. skywake

    Console choices for Home Entertainment

    The only reason to get any of these consoles for "home entertainment" other than games is the BluRay player. The UHD one in the XBox One in particular given it's a pretty decent value if you are also wanting to play some of the games. The rest of the "media features" of these consoles have basically zero value because, as you said, all of this stuff is built into modern TVs anyways. I got a new 4K TV and a UHD BluRay player recently upgraded from a ~7 year old TV. I've have been going through a few movies in various formats over the last day. TBH Netflix does a good enough job that if you've already stopped buying BluRays you're not going to start buying UHD BluRays. If I wasn't someone who already has a collection of BluRays and likes collecting physical media? I wouldn't have any media devices at all attached to my TV. But I am so... the XBOne S made a lot of sense until I saw a UHD BluRay player for $100AU less. Take this with a grain of salt coming from the dude who has Super Mario Kart as their forum avatar if you want. From the way you've described what you want I think you'd almost be better off getting a Nintendo Switch. The media functions on the PS4 and XBOne have zero value to someone who's not watching movies on discs. You already have a decent PC so you don't really need another box for multi-platform games. What you lack in your setup is a party game machine with games along the lines of Smash Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart. What you also lack is a portable console for when you're not at your TV. So if you're to get a console at all get a Switch.