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  1. Something that's true for any tech really, there's always something else that's potentially better just around the corner. A good way to save money I guess but while you're waiting for the next thing everyone else is enjoying the current thing. Especially given that there is no actual announcement of a revision yet so it's at least a year away. And in any case, is it even worth holding out for a revision? What could they add to a Switch revision that would make the current SKU entirely worthless? If/when it gets a revision it'll probably just be a CPU/GPU bump, more internal storage and maybe a revised dock that supports HDR etc. But it's still going to be portable, it's still going to be underpowered. It's not going to be a pocketable 2080 or even a PS4 Pro competitor. If you were buying one then by all means, get the newer revision.... but I wouldn't wait for it and as someone who has a Switch I wouldn't be rushing out to upgrade. Also on Pokemon, 2019
  2. It's an angry stick person with a feathered cap setting things on fire..... Anyways, he didn't have the feathered cap in previous games either. I think this story is yet another case of people being outraged about someone supposedly being outraged by something. Who cares if he doesn't have a feathered cap. Did the feathered cap really matter to you that much? I don't think so. The game isn't even out yet and I bet none of us would have even noticed either way if there wasn't an article about this whining about "political correctness gone mad"
  3. skywake

    Why releasing classic consoles is wrong.

    I don't think you understand what these products are about and I also don't follow your logic. These products are designed to be low hassle, low cost impulse nostalgia purchases. If they were to release a physically large enough console that could physically play the old games? All of sudden the price goes up and the end user has to think about physically purchasing games for these machines AND making space for cartridges/discs. You'd effectively make the product loose all of its current appeal. And in terms of environment? I don't see how making and selling a larger and harder to manufacture piece of hardware would be better. Especially when you'd also have to physically re-print the games and accessories in order to allow the new people in something to play on these things. What they're selling currently is essentially a proprietary Raspberry Pi style device with an emulator, bunch of roms, controllers and a retro-style skin. You really can't get much more low impact than that.
  4. Probably not something worth doing considering that: 1. In order to get this you need to have paid for a subscription 2. This app literally needs to check in once a week to keep working Doing this seems like an easy way to pay Nintendo money to have your account banned
  5. skywake

    Favorite Nintendo Franchise

    I like that I posted this list last week.... At the time only Animal Crossing and a 2D Mario were missing on the Switch either as a thing or on the horizon. Then today they go and announce both. They've just gone down the list of their best selling franchises haven't they....
  6. skywake

    Favorite Nintendo Franchise

    I'm basing this purely on sales on previous consoles. New SMB Wii outsold Galaxy about 3:1, New SMB 2 despite being the least interesting entry IMO matched the sales of 3D Land. Then on Wii U the incredibly unimpressive New SMB U outsold 3D World. There is quite a bit of precedent there. Though with that said, if you were to rank all the "3D" mario games by sales it'd be: 1. Super Mario 64 (11.9mill) 2. Super Mario Galaxy (11.4mill) 3. Super Mario 3D Land (11.3mill) 4. Super Mario Odyssey (11.2mill) 5. Super Mario 64 DS (10.3mill) 6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (7.6mill) 7. Super Mario Sunshine (6.3mill) 8. Super Mario 3D World (5mill) It's going to be the best selling 3D Mario, easily. So you're probably right
  7. skywake

    Favorite Nintendo Franchise

    It's a bit tricky to figure out which games are their biggest currently. In the previous generation there were some franchises only on 3DS or Wii U like Splatoon or Animal Crossing and other games like Metriod which were pretty much absent entirely. And with the Switch obviously it hasn't been around for long enough to have all the franchises. But Pokemon is definitely #1 and as a best guess I'd say the franchises rank something like this in terms of "sales potential": 1. Pokemon 2. Mario Kart 3. 2D Mario 4. 3D Mario 5. Animal Crossing 6. Smash Bros 7. Zelda 8. Splatoon 9. Donkey Kong Country 10. Metroid
  8. skywake

    Cheap Pokemon game for newbies

    To put it simply: Red/Blue -> Original releases (technically the "originals" were Red/Green in Japan. Our Red/Blue are closer to Japan's "Blue") Yellow -> A revision on Red/Blue that revised the story to tie in better with the Anime (your starter is Pikachu and Jessie/James are part of the story) Gold/Silver -> The second generation of games. New Pokemon, significant graphical improvements. Not a bad way to jump into the GB Pokemons Crystal -> Basically an enhanced version of Gold/Silver. Which basically amounts to a more in-depth story and animated sprites (it was a GBC only title) My suggestion? Red/Blue are good versions to start with purely because that's what everything else was built on. But, putting nostalgia aside, the Gen 2 games are clearly better titles. I'd recommend Crystal as the animated sprites when you first start a battle do add to the game.
  9. skywake

    Nintendo switch

    It's actually a pretty good game that really plays to one of the Switch's most unique features. We have had powerful portable consoles before, we've had home consoles with motion controls before. Touch screen gaming is also a thing and has been for a while. But there really hasn't been another gaming device before the Switch where you can sit a screen on a table and share a controller with a second player. Simple 2D fighting games in particular shine on this system. For me I've found that games like "Keep talking and Nobody Explodes" and the Jackbox party Pack games have been the biggest surprise. They've basically replaced Cards Against Humanity as the games night staple for me. I'm also kinda interested in the idea of Mario Party for the first time in a long time for the same reason.
  10. A very niche market. If you have enough money for a Switch and games you have enough money for a phone or tablet. This isn't 2005 when the DS launched and having a web browser on a portable device was surprising.
  11. True. Either way I find it hard to care. Every other device in your house already does everything so having one device that only does one thing isn't the end of the world. The idea that consoles must also be media-hubs belongs back in 2000-2010. Back when the Playstation was a Trojan horse for new disc formats and the 360 was the cheapest way to get HD content on your TV. These days you have a phone in your pocket, a chromecast in your TV and a BluRay player under it. Don't get me wrong, the Switch would make a nice little device for watching Netflix. It's just that for me and probably most people it's only valuable in the same way that the "take a photo" mode on a car dashcam is valuable. If for some reason it's the only device you have with you at that point that does it? Then sure, it becomes useful. But most of the time you're going to have access to something else that does a better job.
  12. When these third parties release apps. NicoNico already has an app so the idea that Nintendo are blocking these is a bit illinformed....
  13. skywake

    Future Nintendo Direct?

    @Wolf_Lbh Not reading that whole thing but as someone who has followed Nintendo closely for more than a decade? I wouldn't expect too much from the next direct. E3 for Nintendo where they build interest into the holiday period. They'll focus heavily on one or two games that they think will drive sales for the holidays. The typical yearly cycle is something along the lines of this: First Direct of the year: A broad outline of what the year will have. Often announcements for stuff they'll cover in more detail at E3 Pre-E3 Direct: Cleaning up loose ends. Eg the Direct from a few months ago which had a lot of 3DS games, notice no 3DS at E3? E3 Direct: It used to have to cover everything, now it doesn't. Even so E3 is still almost purely about building hype going into the end of the year Post-E3 Directs: Often very specifically focused on one thing which is immediately relevant The way Nintendo usually manages things? I'd expect 2-4 Directs for the rest of this year. I'd expect they'd cover very specific and immediately relevant topics. Expect more on Smash Bros, expect more on their online services. Beyond that I wouldn't be surprised if there was some time spent on indies, third parties and the 3DS. Pokemon will probably also get something just before the release of the new game. I don't see what the Wii U has to do with this. Of all the things Nintendo did wrong with the Wii U I don't think their E3/Direct strategy was one of them. The way they handle things now is significantly improved over what we used to get during the Wii/DS era. Most of that was developed while the Wii U was tanking on shelves.
  14. skywake

    how portable is the nintendo switch?

    Not saying it's bad but it's still one of the least ergonomic controllers I can think of. So if you're fine with the 3DS the Switch won't be an issue for you. Except that it's bad for the opposite reason. Nintendo are basically putting all of the information into the name itself.... New -> The revised internal hardware with improved CPU/RAM 2DS -> Without the 3D screen XL -> The larger screen variant Now if Intel did the same thing Nintendo is doing and called for example the i5 8500 a "8 3G 6C6T"? That'd be a mouthful and bad for the same reason "New 2DS XL" is a bit average. But at least you'd be able to see the name and know exactly what it is.
  15. skywake

    how portable is the nintendo switch?

    The fact that neither of us remembered this and @ono seemed to misunderstand your point when you corrected us should tell you how big of an issue it is. I'd note that every portable that has had analogue sticks has had this "issue". The 3DS is arguably the worst in this regard. Personally I don't even consider it to be a negative when playing in portable mode at all. If the Switch was a home console only? Then sure. I'd be complaining about how average the JoyCon are as a controller option compared to the Pro Controller. They are a little bit small and the placement of the sticks isn't ideal. If it was just a home controller I would have been wondering why they didn't instead just release a v3 of the WiiMote or something. Not saying that they're horrible but they're definitely not a step forward. But as a portable? I don't think there has been a portable that has had controllers as good as this.