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  1. To be fair the point of RFID card blockers is security not "blocking the 5Gs" and they do a semi-reasonable job of it. Although the best protection against people reading your cards is probably just to stack them ontop of each other which is basically what you do in any wallet. LPL did a good video on RFID lock hacking
  2. Definitely what I was commenting on which should've been pretty damn obvious. But hey, case and point I guess. Seems pretty fair that someone takes issue after skim reading my post about me pointing out that the title did a good job at showing that people take issue with a skim reading of a post. I've never really had much of an issue with the clickbaity LTT video titles/thumbnails because I'm subscribed and enjoy the content itself. That kind of stuff only impacts people who aren't subscribed. On the second point, I don't think they really need to do that kind of A/B testing with
  3. I wasn't a fan of the title, then I read some of the comments under the twitter post pushing the video. The number of people who live under the illusion that Linus is somehow "anti-apple" and are having a go at him for his "biased reviews". I mean it's always been clear that these people are full of it as a long time watcher of LTT (he's actually pretty Pro Apple if anything) but this makes that abundantly clear. So for me, as misleading as the title is and as much as I don't like that it's a thing, it makes for a damn good social experiment in how little people actually engage wit
  4. True, but as I said it depends on what level of success we're talking about. I think it's fair to say that everyone who's at the absolute peak of anything has worked very hard. But if success is a sum of hard work and luck then, almost by definition, the people at the absolute peak were also incredibly lucky. And by that same logic if you come down from the elite levels of success you'll start to see people who didn't quite work as hard but were just more lucky. And also you'll see people who worked harder than the people at the top but just didn't catch the same breaks (eg being born near a l
  5. True, but to be pedantic it also depends on your thresholds for hard work and success. Anyways, this video does a better job explaining the maths I'm on about:
  6. @Master Disaster Don't get me wrong, I wasn't suggesting otherwise. And frankly being able to do that kind of video is precisely where I think financial independence for a media organisation matters most. I was just saying that for say..... "RTX 3090 8K Gaming - First in the WORLD!!111"? It doesn't really bother me as much. Actually, turns out that video was sponsored by NVidia and I don't even remember it being sponsored. Couldn't care less because, frankly, I expect a channel into tech to geek out about bleeding edge tech. @Maury Sells Wigs I mean, that's true. But as s
  7. Marketing or not having two drivers, two amps and basically a small ARM based controller is quite a bit more engineering than pretty much all of the Subs in the same price range. That and the cabinet itself which is far from a simple box. My point was more that while Subs are relatively simple in general Sonos' is far from simple compared to the majority of other subs. I'm not really that surprised it costs more than, say, the Yamaha NS-SW200 I mean, define "one" speaker. I mean we're comparing apples and oranges here anyways, I wouldn't expect a Sub to "cost a little more" than
  8. TBH I only care to the extent that, as the video implied, LTT being financially independent makes it harder for them to be brought. I mean I also don't really care that much how "biased" they might or might not be because for most of LTT's content the video is just a "here's a tech thing, isn't that neat". And often it's not even something particular to a specific product. Absolute worst case there I'm being advertised to rather than being given an independent point of view. Which is kinda gross but far from the end of the world for a channel that when I started watching it was literally just
  9. Two quick points in what is largely a dead thread otherwise. Firstly I'm not saying that Sonos speakers aren't expensive, they most certainly are, all I'm saying is that the Sub isn't outrageously priced in comparison to the other speakers in its lineup and other decent subs. A decent Sub, which the Sonos Sub most definitely is, will be the most expensive single speaker in a setup by quite a margin. Some of that's the higher power delivery, the larger driver but I'm sure a fair chunk of that it making space for it on the shelf and physically shipping it around Excuse Australian pri
  10. Great review. Though as someone who's clearly into Sonos' gear for me the ~$1400AU for a soundbar which lacks any kind of HDMI passthrough it's a bit of a tough sell. If I'm spending that much all at once on a piece of tech I don't really want major compromises. Especially once you add the cost surrounds and a Sub which, lets face it, you're going to end up doing with Sonos gear given how great it sounds. I think the bigger question is whether or not the Arc with Atmos is better sounding than their cheaper Beam (~$600AU) paired with two Ones (2x ~$250AU, less if you get some Play1s
  11. 100% and this is true of a lot of applications not just gaming. When I moved from a 5400RPM IDE drive to a 7200RPM SATA drive in the early 2000s that was a noticeable jump in performance, when I was a fairly early adopter of SSDs around I want to say 2010? That was another big jump in performance. But SATA to NVMe? .... on paper sure but was it a game changer? Not so much. Of for like media distribution. Was BluRay a jump up from DVD? Hells yes, massive. BluRay to UHD BluRay? As someone who has a collection I must admit.... not so much. Hell, technically BluRay is often a step down
  12. Depends on how many games you intend to get. I have a 128GB SD card that I got probably a couple of years back for the Switch. It's not quite full but is I'd say probably 3-5 major releases away from me needing a larger card. I buy most of my games digitally but not all of them so what I have downloaded is slightly skewed towards smaller titles. For example I downloaded Animal Crossing, Smash Bros and Mario Maker but I have Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart and Odyssey on cartridge. Even so I have 46 games downloaded on my Switch and 11 additional games on Cartridge with save data/pat
  13. Fair call. I think after New SMB, New SMB Wii, New SMB 2 and New SMB/SL U they all kinda started to blend together in my head a bit. I definitely got the least out of the Wii U release but by that point I think they'd well and truly milked the style. Personally I think SMB U and Super Mario Maker 2 is more than enough New SMB on Switch. If they were to remake/remaster/port any 2D Mario game to Switch I'd rather they went with the Super Mario Land titles. Even then, there's plenty more in their catalogue I think would make sense before that.
  14. I haven't got into it myself but even without digging into it there are definitely limits. At some point the lower resolution fonts, textures and UI elements are the things that stand out. At which point I would assume you get into texture packs and so on. Kinda like how this is also a legit portable version of Super Mario Galaxy, there are definitely ways to do that also and if people are into that then more power to them. But personally ....... I'd rather just pay the extra to Nintendo and save the time/patience of the other methods. As a long time Nintendo fan I get we're all at
  15. Good to see this getting some positive attention. As one of the many Nintendo fanboys on the internet I've been singing the praises of gyro-assisted aim since the Wii. It's kinda maddening that the gaming community brought into the "waggle" dismissal of any motion control to the extent that it did. Especially given that Nintendo, the only company who continued to bet big on it, doesn't make many games that require precision aim. Outside of Metroid Prime it's what.... Splatoon, barely, and maybe the arrow sections of Zelda games. That's it. Analogue sticks are great for fast, non-pr