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  1. GodAtum

    We got a $5,500 TAPE DRIVE!

    please tell me you will keep the tapes off-site in a secure location??
  2. GodAtum

    Why Can't They Fix This?

    yeah he should reset his phone to see if it makes any difference.
  3. GodAtum

    How does LTT livestrem?

    I hope they make a video on how they do it.
  4. GodAtum

    How does LTT livestrem?

    I guess they use a RED with SDI out into a capture card?
  5. GodAtum

    An Open Source CPU!?

    Where can I buy one?
  6. GodAtum

    Backing Up the Petabyte Server

    I do the same, you should have asked me for advice.
  7. not very redundant, if it breaks all your editors cant do any work!
  8. GodAtum

    6 displays, 1 CPU?

    Just wondering if this will actually work cause I know Linus had a lot of issues on his builds? Asus Z10PE-D8 WS x4 1GB Palit GT 610 (VGA cables to the 6 displays about 5m in length) Unraid with 4 Ubuntu VMs (1 GPU each) USB hubs for passthrough External sound card for passthrough
  9. GodAtum

    Never Get CAUGHT Watching Por...

    No, I use an ipad to watch movies on the plane.
  10. GodAtum

    Building a PC for Strange Parts in China!

    why didnt they build the PC in their hotel room? much better environment. also they should have brought Dennis along to translate!
  11. is Dennis the company secretary? Seriously, he doesn't seem very technical and lacks primary school knowledge.
  12. GodAtum

    HDMI Over...The HUMAN BODY?!

    why not HDMi over SDI?
  13. GodAtum

    56 Cores in ONE SYSTEM! - HOLY $H!T

    that motherboard has no 10GBpe port
  14. Yeah a PC wont get in her pants
  15. GodAtum

    Gaming on the iMac Pro - How bad can it be?

    where the hell did you get a 10Gbe NIC for $99????!!!