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  1. Building the ULTIMATE Twitch Streaming PC!

    whats the RAM in this??
  2. I'd rather get a caselabs case for 2 pcs.
  3. what pools would people recommend then? thinking of using cgminer for litecoin
  4. so how much money was generated??
  5. so they had 8 GPUs and earning $20 a month??
  6. people are saying dont use nicenash. what other easy to sue GUI tools are there?
  7. We Designed the ULTIMATE Gaming TV

    so whats the difference between a tv and a monitor??

    how about a 4k or 8k film??
  9. How Our Videos are Made

    ah ok! trello is great, i know a number of people who use it
  10. How Our Videos are Made

    why the hell are you using excel to track projects?! theres loads of better tools out there
  11. Compensator 2.0

    I'm sorry to say to everyone you where duped, its not a ABSOLUTELY No Compromises build. the motherboard is not the best money can buy, that would be the ASRock X99 WS-E/10G at £700.
  12. LG Signature 65G6P TV Review

    errr so how do you hang it on a wall???
  13. AMD Radeon RX 480

    very interesting to see it with a 1080 and if it comes close.
  14. Synergy (Software)

    i use multiplicity, not sure if its better? I can do wake-on-lan with it.
  15. iPhone SE Review

    I for one am very happy Apple made this. I am stuck with a 5S because I dont want to have a bigger phone.