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  1. Never Get CAUGHT Watching Por...

    No, I use an ipad to watch movies on the plane.
  2. Building a PC for Strange Parts in China!

    why didnt they build the PC in their hotel room? much better environment. also they should have brought Dennis along to translate!
  3. is Dennis the company secretary? Seriously, he doesn't seem very technical and lacks primary school knowledge.
  4. HDMI Over...The HUMAN BODY?!

    why not HDMi over SDI?
  5. 56 Cores in ONE SYSTEM! - HOLY $H!T

    that motherboard has no 10GBpe port
  6. Yeah a PC wont get in her pants
  7. Gaming on the iMac Pro - How bad can it be?

    where the hell did you get a 10Gbe NIC for $99????!!!
  8. I really like the idea but they need a laptop version which would be much more suitable.
  9. Building the ULTIMATE Twitch Streaming PC!

    whats the RAM in this??
  10. I'd rather get a caselabs case for 2 pcs.
  11. what pools would people recommend then? thinking of using cgminer for litecoin
  12. so how much money was generated??
  13. so they had 8 GPUs and earning $20 a month??
  14. people are saying dont use nicenash. what other easy to sue GUI tools are there?
  15. We Designed the ULTIMATE Gaming TV

    so whats the difference between a tv and a monitor??