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  1. Using ntvdm you can still run dos programs even on windows 10
  2. You should be fine as long as it isn't a raid card because those don't work well with unraid, but if you are using sata drives get a sata card either one above should work fine.
  3. Google wifi is really good and easy to setup and has remote management auto update, only thing is that if you want to do more advanced things with it you will find it a bit limiting although you can root it and install linux on it.
  4. While the drive is most likely the same, the formatting is different, you can reformat the drive to work on pc but there is no guarantee that you will be able to reformat it back to xbox in the future.
  5. Wipe both disks unplug the one you don't want to use and then once you are done plug the second one back in and you can format it again as a regular drive.
  6. if get an actual rack server it is going to be very large and loud i would probably go with some sort of sff pc, you could pick up a dell optiplex for around $130 and a nic for another 50. This is a similar build to what wendell did over at level one techs. Hope this helps. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-OptiPlex-790-990-Intel-i5-Quad-SFF-or-DT-Windows-7-10-4GB-8GB-WiFi-PC/332719632837?hash=item4d77a2b1c5:rk:1:pf:0&var https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-OEM-I350-T4-PCI-Express-Four-RJ45-Gigabit-Ports-Server-Adapter-NIC/192554452742?epid=19019730820&hash=item2cd523c706:g:voQAAOSwXHxb0ox-:rk:2:pf:0
  7. Yes this is possible with storage spaces. It is similar in that it is essentially software raid. You can read more about it here. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/storage/storage-spaces/understand-the-cache
  8. Have you tried any other IP address's? Maybe it is just that specific one. It also wouldn't seem odd that a network under load would be slower than one that isn't although that is substantially slower. Try to do some more testing with other ip's
  9. Watchguard T-10 http://www.guardsite.com/Firebox-T10.asp?utm_term=&utm_campaign=WatchGuard+Shopping+Campaign+*185&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_tgt=pla-369342061661&hsa_grp=11711224021&hsa_src=g&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_mt=&hsa_ver=3&hsa_ad=40151203861&hsa_acc=9041622380&hsa_kw=&hsa_cam=163644301&gclid=Cj0KCQjwzK_bBRDDARIsAFQF7zOrLdwL8S9zviqiHUOE0rh7-BNbjD8soRoGeViJbIuj3pJYgkHJM4caAvR1EALw_wcB
  10. I would use a mesh system because multiple networks with the same ssid can cause issues. I have had a good experience with my google wifi system (3 Access Points) I have a cable connecting all of them for the backhaul and I fully get my 200 down everywhere I go in my house. The linksys system is also supposed to be pretty good but a little more expensive. Only thing about google wifi is that the advanced options are pretty limited so If you are into really customizing stuff eg: packet size, channel width, etc, I would choose something with more advanced features.
  11. Gwersebe

    WiFi booster

    Sorry but that is impossible you have to either use a wireless range extender or run a physical cable to the router. My recommendation would be to pick up a mesh type system instead of an extender because performance with extenders is not very good. I have had a good experience with my google wifi system and have heard good things about another system from linksys. Although these may not be options given that you said you didn't have access to the router.
  12. IMO go with the Asus TUF board they are really good boards and the io on them is nice.
  13. Linus did a cool build a while back i really liked the case he used. You can swap the board, cpu, and drives out for something a little less overkill.
  14. Yeah people will always be looking for a good deal. Your covered by eBay if you buy one.
  15. You never know what you will get they are all super old cards with the same cooler on them.