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    Does this still work? I forget. -Me, a very long time ago
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    I'm pretty cool. I'm a fricken ninja.
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    MSI Gaming 5 Z97
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    16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz
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    MSI GTX 970 OC'd
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    NZXT S340 Black
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    1x WD Caviar Blue 1TB 7200RPM, 1x Crucial MX100 256GB
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    EVGA 750w G2 PSU
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    Some cheap Acer
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    Kraken X31 (Hoping to mod my S340/make custom loop)
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  1. If gas was any cheaper we wouldn't be able to fix our roads! Oh, wait, we're unable to anyway. We need to start smoking more weed to pay for these roads.
  2. theninja35

    Do you use a music streaming service?

    I used to use free Spotify and then they started using broken ads that wouldn't load or play. I would have to completely restart Spotify if I wanted to keep listening to my music. So I switched to Apple Music (paid) and it's okay. I only use Spotify for Release Radar and Discover Weekly.
  3. theninja35

    10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER

    Me. It's really disappointing that there's so much of a cult around Windows that the little kids disliking the video and making stupid comments can't even comprehend that Apple and Mac has benefits. Microsoft good Apple bad.
  4. theninja35

    Is LMG actually working on a Minecraft Server?

    I would enjoy a Towny server. I've always liked those, and I think it would be relatively easy to control since everyone has to have their own plot of land anyway.
  5. I don't understand how this works, but I don't know anything about biology or identification...especially through the heart...but what if I start working out and my heart starts beating differently? Or if I start eating so much fat and sugar and let myself go and it goes way up? Will that affect identification? I hope this starts a new trend of wearing winter coats absolutely everywhere and in every temperature.
  6. theninja35

    What film/show is this screenshot from? (SOLVED)

    It's okay, lol. At first I wasn't sure if you were joking or not so I wasn't sure if I was making the right decision by replying. I'm glad I could help, though.
  7. theninja35

    What film/show is this screenshot from? (SOLVED)

    Well...it's from Avengers Endgame.
  8. Well, they are. I love cars just as much as the next guy, but to deny that at least semi-autonomous cars is the future would be delusional. They'll solve traffic problems, have great accident avoidance, and will allow the *passenger* to do whatever he/she wishes while in the car. Especially to an average consumer, to have that much time freed up is nothing but a dream right now. We're in the testing phases right now, but I bet in 5 or 10 years the technology will really start to grow and will become mainstream. Then they can be integrated with roads, signals and other cars and then it'll be smooth sailing from there. The weather is certainly an issue, as is road condition. But I have no doubt that that problem can be solved. There are already stability control systems, so modifying those and turning them up to 11 could work. "These go to 11."
  9. I've heard the falling point twice now and I just don't understand it. I've had and used metal straws for 8 months now and not once have I been in the position where if I fell, it would be lodged in my mouth. I guess that happens if you walk around a lot while drinking, but how often is that? Even after using plastic straws for almost my whole life, I don't think I've once fallen and managed to keep the cup anywhere near my mouth. It tends to find its way to the floor on its own and its contents get everywhere. I think the only real alternative is to get rid of straws completely and just switch to the tops with holes to drink from, or use reusable bottles like you said. To me, it would be a smart idea to have people purchase a sturdy reusable bottle and then just offer free or cheap refills anywhere. Maybe a scannable code or card could be attached to the bottle and then could be used to enable the soda machines.
  10. Okay, well moving on... I don't know how far you can extend from just the paper straws, OP, but in the survey I provided a few ideas that might be acceptable alternatives to either plastic or paper straws.
  11. They're straws made of cardboard/harder paper as opposed to the plastic ones that they currently use. There are some benefits and some negatives. I recommend you do your own research on it so I don't influence your opinion with mine. Metal straws are superior to anything.
  12. I think it's unfair to say that. Apple charges the prices that people are willing to pay, and people pay them. They are running with the ideal business model. The phones aren't bad at all, and the iPad and Pencil are a breeze to draw with. I love Apple TV and the HomePod. If Apple wasn't around then Samsung would be charging just as much as Apple is now...somewhere around the $900-$1300 price range...
  13. theninja35

    Does this Space X video show the first real evidence of aliens?

    Don't get me wrong, though: I still think that there's something somewhere in the universe that we would call an "alien". Even if it's not a lifeform like ours, I think it's unreasonable to think that we're the only "beings" in the universe. I just think that we've never met, and in this situation it's more than likely just a close encounter with something else that's been flying around our planet for a while.
  14. theninja35

    Does this Space X video show the first real evidence of aliens?

    Why couldn't it be one of the thousands of other satellites and pieces of space debris flying around Earth?