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    Does this still work? I forget. -Me, a very long time ago
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    MSI Gaming 5 Z97
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    16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz
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    MSI GTX 970 OC'd
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    NZXT S340 Black
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    1x WD Caviar Blue 1TB 7200RPM, 1x Crucial MX100 256GB
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    EVGA 750w G2 PSU
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    Some cheap Acer
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    Kraken X31 (Hoping to mod my S340/make custom loop)
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    I'm pretty cool. I'm a fricken ninja.
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  1. Animals love warm places

    I never once thought I'd be looking at dead squirrels on LTT.
  2. murica's internet officially getting fast lanes.

    And higher costs. Currently, the local internet provider offers 100Mb/s for somewhere around $70/month. With net neutrality removed, not only will I be unable to access certain websites, I'll also be required to pay for more packages and I will receive either the same speed or slower speed for a higher cost. I'll likely be unable to access websites like LTT, LCPDFR, or my beloved GTA modding websites because they'll be too slow. Say goodbye Max, because once it's in place we probably won't be talking to each other again.
  3. Code PR-GRC gets 3 months for $5 for new members. Well worth it if you ask me, especially if you end up liking it.
  4. Dear Toyota, Why Did You Make This Car a Camry?

    They don't want it to be thought of as a boring car. They've got you into the exact mindset they want you in.
  5. Need hulu/netflix shows to watch

    Stranger Things, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Seinfeld are my favorites.
  6. Community Standards

    I appreciate the clarification, but what if someone had an issue with you or colonel_mortis? I think that's what the original user tried to ask, if there was an issue between a user and an administrator, who should it be reported to?
  7. Michiganders!

    I love being a troll. We have schools and actual towns and pizza and stuff. Oh and we also get warm weather. I forgot we even had this thread. Are we still the only state to have one?
  8. WAN-Show on Spotify

    I don't see a reason not to, really, or why anyone would vote no. A lot of popular podcasts are on Spotify now, and I feel more inclined to listen to it on Spotify than watch it on Youtube. The WAN audio on Youtube is too quiet, anyway.
  9. Scott Speed got banned from iRacing and went into catastrophic mode.
  10. CyberpowerPC Hydrofluxe alloy?

    I have no experience with custom watercooling or CyberPowerPC, but from what I've read CyberPowerPC isn't a very good company. Third party review websites and comments have very negative things to say about them, but on their website I couldn't find a single 3-star or lower review. That's a little sketchy if you ask me.
  11. Around 40 feet of LED Light strips?

    Instead of just plain LED, do something like this dude:
  12. What gets you wet?

    Any liquid.
  13. 2nd hand GPU price craze, dumb Idea to sell my 1080 Ti?

    I would say sell it for as high as you can, and if it's lower than MSRP don't sell it. Then you can probably wait until new cards are released and buy one of those while still having extra money. But only do it if you can actually wait however long until there are more available or a new generation.
  14. Hello there....

    Welcome Tom. Your initiation sequence has begun.
  15. Asus Bezel-free Kit Announced CES

    I haven't seen it in person, so I can't backup my opinion, but I can't imagine it would be that noticeable. Maybe if you're just browsing LTT or Reddit you'll notice it, but if you're actually playing the game I doubt it will be something you would always see. I'm also sure it would take some getting used to, though.