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  1. I found the Buzzfeed video, and wow people are assholes. The comments are terrible, they're complete jerks to the guys who are drifting.
  2. It makes me so angry when he says they can't have fire or a lot of damage because of the "manufacturer" and their restrictions. iRacing has fire, broken axles, completely destructible cars and they are always adding new cars. It's BS that they can't do that for Project Cars 2.
  3. Oh boy, you know it's serious when the recommended card is $600. Goodluck with that...
  4. If this isn't all propaganda from the developers (it better not be), then this is going to take a hell of a computer to run.
  5. Will the championships disappear after a certain amount of time? I can't imagine the servers will stay up for half a year for people to continue their championships online.
  6. It was removed earlier today I think, and reposted for $1650. He added a picture of the trunk (which strangely I was going to ask for) and a picture of the sunroof. It's really strange he brought the price down, and I'm not sure why the original listing was removed.
  7. Hey, what do you guys think about this Saab? It's really cheap, but other than that (and the elbow mark on the console) it doesn't seem to be too sketchy.
  8. They have the ND as a part of the Japanese pack, but I mistook the RSR for the R.
  9. Don't we already have the Miata, 991, and the R8? I'm sure the R8 will be the new one, but we have it regardless. I hope the TT RS is the racing edition, too, and not just the standard version. I'm not really excited about them, though, because Assetto Corsa doesn't have much of a multiplayer base. If this was iRacing, I would be so excited to spend my money on that R18 or something like that. But without the multiplayer I'm just no longer inclined to purchase any DLC.
  10. I unintentionally practice off the ideal line all the time...
  11. It's as close as you're going to get to a real car with $200. It has stopped me from locking up because you learn not to mash the break down and you can really feel when you do. I'm sure with a heavier load cell you would feel that even more.
  12. I have had pedals without a load cell. The load cell took some getting used to, but it feels really worth it. It requires a little bit more effort to push than a non-load cell (I have the kit at the lowest level, but after building a mount I think I'll move it to 55kg), but the "feedback" you get from it feels really nice, I've become very consistent with it, although I'm not any faster than with a non-load cell brake pedal. I'm sure I will improve after more practice, though.
  13. How soon after you post a video are you viewing it? It can take several hours to be viewed at full quality. Also, when you view it, make sure that the quality is not set to "Auto".
  14. They run GT3 cars in real life on Lime Rock. I think one of the Bentleys crashed there last year.