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    Does this still work? I forget. -Me, a very long time ago
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    I'm pretty cool. I'm a fricken ninja.
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    MSI Gaming 5 Z97
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    1x WD Caviar Blue 1TB 7200RPM, 1x Crucial MX100 256GB
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    Some cheap Acer
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    Kraken X31 (Hoping to mod my S340/make custom loop)
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  1. New Member TheMountain28

    People ask me if I'm 35 when they try to attack me in a game. Like, do you think I've been 35 for 6 years? Well, you're right.

    Yes, Arma 3 is incredible and Apex is the icing on the cake. Arma 2 is okay but most players have switched to Arma 3. Multiplayer is fun and gets even better with mods. The modding community for both games is incredible, and A3 features Workshop integration and a user-friendly launcher. Most mods are on the Workshop, but some big ones are not. Exile is one of my favorite mods (but not on the Workshop), along with ACE (for 10x more realism), Task Force Radio (realistic radios), and ALiVE.

    For $20 you get Apex plus all of the other items, right? That is one wicked deal. Arma 3 Apex edition by itself is $70. The Marksmen/Helicopters/Karts DLCs together are $25.
  4. Which Car Looks Better (Poll)

    What is the argument that you're trying to win? I chose the Infiniti, anyway. Although I think the newer ones are much prettier, I prefer the design of the G37 over the Impreza. I'm not a huge fan of the skirt and front bumper though.
  5. Is this what Langley,BC is like?

    This just in: crazy stuff happens in every country. More on this hot topic at 11.
  6. Should you correct strangers who think something of you that isn't true?

    That's Ashes for you. If they say something and I wasn't supposed to hear it then I won't engage. If they look at me or say, "What did you say to me," then I would apologize. I'll probably never see them again anyway, unless we were in a tiny town.
  7. Giveaway Idea

    This sounds cool to me. There are probably reasons why they couldn't do it, or they just want to keep the parts, but I think this would be cool. The problem arises when the parts start getting out to people who can easily afford them, though. It might be best just to donate them to Goodwill/Salvation Army/a shelter to assure that people who need them and can't afford them get to use the parts (even if someone could swoop in to get them at Goodwill).
  8. My main problems with gaming and entertainment

    Okay, then change. Start reading books about thermodynamics. Start looking at maps of your area and locate hospitals, fire departments, and police stations. Forget all the fun stuff, because what will really get you through life is worrying about having fun and instead filling your mind with boring stuff like math. How old are you, anyway? If you're still a teen you probably shouldn't worry about it, but if you're getting older then maybe, if you're truly worried about it, you should tidy up. But don't let go of all of the fun things, those are still necessary. I'm pretty sure he's saying it's "his" problem with gaming and entertainment, not "the" problem with gaming and entertainment.
  9. Should i start a designing company??

    You really shouldn't start a business but designing by yourself is okay. The problem with being so young is that you can't really receive payment under your own name, it will probably have to go through with your parents' approval. Don't feel discouraged about not being able to start a business, though, because even if you wait a few years but practice on your own until then, you'll have built up your skills and will probably be further along than your peers. The best part about art and design is that you can do almost anything by yourself as long as you have supplies or access to software.
  10. EK FG Pre Built PC

    I would not have considered that a "custom" loop, because I've always thought of them as being "custom", or being unique from other builds. But my main point was that it's definitely not worth $600 of labor, because, while I guess you could consider it "custom", it's really just a kit that anyone can buy and put together by following the tutorials.
  11. EK FG Pre Built PC

    what lol. Do you just like saying that? It's one sentence and it's literally the only subject of the post I quoted.
  12. EK FG Pre Built PC

    It's not custom, anyone can buy the kit and EK provides installation tutorials on Youtube. There's no way that's $600 worth of labor. https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-kit-a240g
  13. EK FG Pre Built PC

    They're charging some wicked high prices for that, especially the highest end computer. I guess the consumer won't have to have any watercooling knowledge, but even then, it seems a little high.
  14. Burnout Paradise: Remastered has DLC just like the original, but doesn't have "microtransactions". The Sims 4 also has DLC packs, but not microtransactions. I don't think the most recent Mirror's Edge had microtransactions, but maybe I'm wrong. Their business model is obviously not ideal for the consumer, but I think it's been blown way out of proportion. I can definitely still enjoy an EA game without making more purchases.
  15. Buy any color case and put mirrors in all of the empty spaces.