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  1. You can't build up characters like that in 2 and a half hours only to kill them in 2 and a half hours. Anyone who makes that point is really just trying to come up with reasons to hate the movie. It would be pointless to have separate movies anyway since they have no importance other than finding the plans.
  2. is this like your homework or
  3. What's your price range? Are you willing to buy used?
  4. The graphics card does matter if you're playing on high or higher, despite what people say about Arma being CPU intensive yadda yadda all that crap. I can't give you an ideal price tonight, but tomorrow I can help you out if you have that time to wait.
  5. Is it Tanoa? If it's Tanoa I don't know how even your buddy with the 4790k is running 40FPS and higher all the time. If it's another map then you can try, but you'll probably be in the 20-30 FPS range.
  6. Exile and DayZ? So zombies and missions? How many people does the server you're going to play on average?
  7. If you're talking about Arma 3 and multiplayer, I don't think very well. If you're talking Arma 3 and singleplayer with few AI, I think it could maybe reach 60 FPS. Arma 3 is a very poorly optimized game, especially when there is hundreds of objects, vehicles, and AI running around the map. Once you get to multiplayer, it gets even worse because every player takes away a little bit of performance on top of AI, objects, scripts, etc. You could buy A3 and try it out, and if it doesn't run well you can always refund it as long as you purchase it from Steam.
  8. I can't recommend a camera, but I will say that a picture is not always good because it was taken by a great camera and a great picture will not always be good because of the camera that took it. I've used my iPhone to get some amazing shots, it's all about composition and how you take the picture.
  9. I can't say I'm too fond of sharing the game with other people after reading that...I'm sure it's only that particular developer, but his actions still discourage me from promoting Assetto Corsa.
  10. That's just the radiator though, for all we know he could be cooling it off with milk.
  11. I could see the gauge was not at zero, I just wasn't sure if you had set it to not be at zero or not. It's pretty cool that it works!
  12. It is absolutely amazing! The amount of detail and how well it all fits together makes it such a gorgeous build. My favorite part is the water pressure (does it actually work?) and the res and power button. Great work, neSSa!
  13. I wouldn't buy them cases, especially if they already have a case. As cool as those battery cases are, they're absolutely monstrous in size and don't feel very comfortable.
  14. What was wrong with the old base? You said you sold the T500RS and then got another T500RS, but that doesn't make sense to me.
  15. If you're building on carpet, though, make sure you touch metal on your case or your PSU every so often just in-case you have a small charge built up.