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    Does this still work? I forget. -Me, a very long time ago
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    I'm pretty cool. I'm a fricken ninja.
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  1. If I didn't have my CSL already I would have totally jumped on it. Sorry about that.
  2. If you know you're 100% interested, the T300 GT RS is on sale right now:
  3. What do you mean? I took a few minutes to look and that was your answer. Maybe it's not in your manual, but it's in the online manual.
  4. "Racing wheels, fight sticks, flight sticks, bluetooth adapters, microphone and headphones, are not natively supported on the Steam Link, but can be enabled using VirtualHere." So if you buy that program you can use it through the USB port.
  5. I have it at 2000 right now but I started at 1600 and am thinking about 2400. I've also been considering pushing it really high, though. Edit: Actually I just tried 4000. No thanks.
  6. It feels great, it does feel a little heavy at first though. I think that once you get used to it it's not bad. I'm doing much better with the G502 than I was with my old G100s. (In FPS)
  7. In Michigan we can get our permits at 15 and drive under supervision. Also, apparently Lingenfelter can do upgrades on a G8 over 800hp. If his parents trust him enough or they're just incredibly not-smart then it's viable that he could be getting a Camaro.
  8. And what car would that be?
  9. Are you sure it's not just a body-motion kind of thing? It doesn't look like he's doing anything in particular, and his movement is fluid with his other hand. Sometimes when I talk my hands go all willy-nilly.
  10. My snowboard instructor told us that Skiing was easier for beginners and I've heard it from a few other people. Snowboarding is a lot of fun but if you are a beginner you're definitely going to crash into someone who is going to get angry and then you're glad you crashed into them. (I hate that guy, I'm pretty sure we went to the same school, too.)
  11. Well that's not quite what I meant. But there is this:
  12. I really wish Dodge, Maserati and Alfa Romeo got into some more games.
  13. I don't know if anyone responded to you, but with every DLC they also release a free update that provides new features for everyone. In this case, they added new road tools for both free users and DLC purchasers, while the ones who bought the DLC got extra stuff like monorails, blimps, and ferries.
  14. The only mods you can use now are Script Hook mods...which include the mods used to cheat in Online (of course, it also includes many awesome mods like Emergency Lighting System, which you can't cheat with). With OpenIV gone, you can no longer replace any of the files. You'll have to use stock cars, stock textures, stock characters, stock anything. If you don't have OpenIV already, you can't download it. Because of that, I wouldn't buy GTA if I was looking to mod, unfortunately.
  15. The deals kinda suck.